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Found 10 results

  1. Hi, I am from India and want to pursue a Masters in Computer Science. I want to specialise in Systems and Softwares with some breadth in AI/ML. I would like to know if there is a difference in quality at Purdue Fort Wayne and Purdue West Lafayette and which one is better. I get the professors will be different, but is there too much of a difference and how is it viewed in the industry?
  2. Hi. I am an international student and just got accepted by PhD program in Biological Sciences at Purdue University and PhD program in Immunology at University of Alabama, Birmingham (UAB). They are really great program and both programs have the faculty who I would like to work with. I've never been to West Lafayette nor the Alabama. It would be really great if someone studying or living there could tell me more about the living quality (public transportation, dorms, house rent, etc), funding and working opportunities, school supportive system, research intensity or the general reputation of both schools? Any thoughts or ideas are welcome! Please leave any comment you can think of and help me decide=) Thanks!
  3. Hello! I've got an interview invite from Purdue (Lafayette) Counseling PhD, their interview day is Jan 15 and I am very hopeful to go for this program, it fits very well with what I want. So I'm quite nervous. Any tips and tricks from someone who's been through the interview process (now and/or before)?
  4. Are interviews primarily for PHD applicants, or generally done for MS as well? Thank you in advance for any insights.
  5. Hello everyone! I am applying for Masters in Construction Management for Fall 2020. I am an International Student with a Bachelor's degree in Architecture. I am looking into applying at: 1. Purdue University 2. Arizona State University 3. University of Washington 4. Georgia Institute of Technology Can someone who knows about any of the courses please tell me the following: a. What is the overall course experience like? (if you have/are enrolled in it) b. What are the internship opportunities like? c. Are campus placements available? What companies do Graduates aim for after program completion? What is the average base salary? d. What is the batch size? Roughly how many people who have an education in architecture a part of your batch? I know I have asked too many questions. But if you have ANY information on any of the questions, please answer.
  6. People who have given a skype interview for PhD chemistry program, how was it? Was it too technical? Since most of the top institutes of India such as IITs conduct interview for PhD just like a viva voce.
  7. Hi, I am an Indian student. I have been accepted into two great programs- MRes Cancer Informatics at Imperial College London and PhD in Biomedical Engineering at Purdue. I would very much prefer to settle down in Europe in the future, so I am confused as to what I should choose! The main factors for each of them are- Imperial- I have been awarded a prestigious British Council scholarship covering 100% tuition fees to study the program at Imperial. The program offers the opportunity to do a six-month project at CRUK Cambridge, Francis Crick Institute, Institute of Cancer Research or GSK. It is a one-year program, so I can shift to a better institute for a higher paid PhD (Marie Curie position, Cambridge or International PhD programs in Switzerland) paying >3K GBP per month for 3 years. But, I have to cover my costs of living for the year which are a LOT! I would have to take a loan of around 12K GBP for this. But again, Imperial is very prestigious and renowned and it is in London which opens many doors. Also, the alumni recommend it very much. Purdue- It is a fully funded PhD with 27,000 USD (20K GBP) stipend for 4-5 years. The PhD topic is in systems pharmacology- possibly cancer based. My supervisor is a young professor who is pretty smart and helpful. The students have excellent opinions about her and the program. West Lafayette is cheap for rent and living with free transportation. I can easily rent a nice one-bedroom apartment for 600 USD. And I can still save after all expenses. Also, if I choose to take up TA duties I get paid extra per hour according to the norms. Purdue, afaik, is very well known for engineering and is highly regarded by employers. But, I am not sure of its repute in Europe etc. Basically, I get a degree from a good uni with no loans. But, I will earn MUCH less than what I would in a European PhD. All in all, I am extremely confused and I would be grateful if you guys could give some inputs as to what I should choose and put forth your thoughts on this! Regards, AbbyGail
  8. Has anyone received an admit or response from the tagged universities? By when do they generally declare the admission decision for Spring applicants?
  9. Has anyone received a reply from the tagged universities? By when do they generally declare the results for Spring applicants?
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