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Found 34 results

  1. Madhattress

    Purdue PULSe interview

    So I would be doing a 20 minute Skype interview for the PULSe program at Purdue University. As this is an interview with a panel and not with a specific POI, I am curious about the questions that may be asked and how exactly should I be prepared for it! Is it also just to confirm my verbal capabilities as an international student or should I panic more about it? Does anyone also know about the acceptance rate post-interview? Thank you in advance
  2. Hi! Is anyone else applying for masters programs in marketing? I barely see any updates for this on the front page
  3. Hi, I am an international student. I have been accepted from these 3 universities mentioned in the title. However, I really cannot choose since there are too many parameters involved. Boston: Insanely good money(fellowship) , really good location, decent teachers Purdue: Insanely good teaching(?), High prestige(?), very bad location, decent money Maryland: Very good money(fellowship), RA position with a good advisor, good location Since I am an international, I really would like to know your thoughts about the prestige of these schools and also your experiences about these schools. How are they known by U.S citizens? Which school has a better research output? (Even though I looked at THE Rankings, I believe it is better if I get more info. about these schools)
  4. Shreyansh

    CMU ETIM vs Purdue MEM

    Hi everyone! I've been accepted to the Dual Master's Program in Mechanical Engineering and Engineering & Technology Innovation Management at CMU and the Master's in Engineering Management Program at Purdue. I'm having a hard time deciding between the two. I'm a mechanical engineering undergrad with no work experience, and my short-term aim is to find a job in the industry after graduation. CMU Pros: (i) An MS in Mechanical Engineering means I have the option of choosing a core engineering sector job after graduation. The E&TIM MS would open up sectors like product management, technical consultancy, operations and supply chain management etc. for me. (ii) The brand name, plus the inherent emphasis on technology that comes with any program at CMU. (iii) Small batch size. Cons: (i) Expensive. Costs twice as much as Purdue. (ii) Has a 3-month internship component, compared to a 12 month long co-op program at Purdue. Since my primary aim is to work in the industry after graduation, I suppose a longer US-based work experience will give me an edge, in addition to better networking opportunities. (iii) The mechanical engineering department at CMU is not as good as that at Purdue. Purdue Pros: (i) Relatively cheaper. Which means I have the option to go back to my home country and pay back my education loans from there, in the worst case scenario where I don't like the US work culture at all (can't do this with CMU since the loan is much larger). (ii) As stated earlier, a 12-month long co-op internship gives me a better chance of securing employment after gradation. Plus there's an opportunity to convert that internship into a job. This co-op is the biggest plus in my opinion. (iii) Small batch size. Cons: (i) Most of the alumni here go into core engineering jobs initially, before moving on to engineering or product management profiles. This makes me doubtful as to how this degree is different from a traditional Mechanical Engineering MS degree. (ii) The school's overall reputation is a bit lower than CMU (?) Any ideas you guys might have on my dilemma?
  5. In Results, many of the Purdue IE Ph.D candidates are receiving no-funding offers. Is there anyone who got an offer with funding? The admin said I could negotiate with my advisor...Would that work? Thanks a lot for discussing..
  6. Hi guys! I'm having a really hard time deciding between Purdue, GWU, and Penn State. If there are any graduate students who are in these programs or simply if you have any insight I would greatly appreciate it! Purdue and Penn State are ranked super well but I'm mainly worried about the surrounding areas being too rural and then GWU sounds great but is definitely the most expensive option. Please help me decide, thanks!!
  7. I recently received admission offers from U of Michigan's MS in Biostatistics program and Purdue's Statistics program, and I'm having trouble deciding between the two! I plan to pursue a Ph.D. after graduation. Both programs have pros and cons, and it is tough to reach a decision. For example, the U of Michigan's Ph.D. in Biostatistics highly prefer their own MS students and has a higher ranking. While Purdue allows MS students, who wish to transfer to the Ph.D. program take the qualifying exams. I don't have a clear research interest yet. Will an MS or Ph.D. in Biostatistics narrow my choice in the future? I'm leaning towards Purdue since I am more interested in working in IT industry. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
  8. Hi, Just creating a forum topic so we can discuss among ourselves any questions/concerns/plans we may have. I am creating this specifically for accepted electrical engineering students but other engineers and majors are welcome too.
  9. abdullahtopraksoy

    Purdue Linguistics PhD 2017 Fall

    Hi everyone ! I, and many other applicants, have been waiting for the admission results for Purdue Linguistics PhD for Fall 2017. Are there anybody who got any genuine news about this department ? Is there any blog, or place (apart from the application website itself) to check or follow any news regarding this department's admission results?
  10. Hellblazer

    ChemE MS Descision

    UPenn vs Texas A&M vs CMU vs Purdue I have received acceptances from these 4 schools till now. I am mostly interested in pursuing a job after my Masters (with an inclination for environmental and sustainability related work). Not much interested in continuing the program to pursue a PhD. How would you compare the curriculum and the career services available in these four schools? Also to be taken into consideration is the high tuition at UPenn and CMU. But then, there's the Ivy School tag that comes with UPenn and the low tuition at Texas A&M. It would also be great if you could discuss the assistantship scenarios in these schools. I am awaiting results from UCLA, UT Austin (MS in Environmental and Water Resources engineering). It would be great if you could bring these into consideration as well. Let me know what you all think!
  11. So I am deciding between UCSD and Purdue for my graduate study (ECE). Here are some of my own analysis: UCSD Better internship/job opportunities Better location. In CA near Silicon Valley Sunshine beaches seals!!! Better overall reputation Purdue Better chance to receive funding Easier to transfer to PhD program (Slightly) better ranking in ECE Cheaper living expenses I'm positive to continue pursuing a PhD after MS study, so if just considering chance of admission to PhD program I'd vote for Purdue since I was told by UCSD admission office that chance of transfering to PhD program is rare. However, I visited SD in March and I LOVEEEE that city! I already spent four years in midwest and I'm not so much a fan of it. If I ended up finishing my MS and hopefully PhD in Purdue, that's gonna be six years, and I honestly don't know if I can handle another six-year cold and snowy weather. Neither promised me with funding but seems that chance of receiving funding is better in Purdue. Open to all ideas/comments/suggestions. --------------------------Some Add-ons---------------------- UCSD track: Robotics, Intelligence and Control Purdue track: Signal Processing UCSD has limitations on course registrations outside my track while Purdue does not.
  12. Hi all, I'm looking to pursue masters in the area of operations research and optimization. Pretty keen on doing research and will mostly move into academia (or a research-based job at the least). I've been accepted into the following schools: 1. Purdue MSIE (Thesis track) 2. Columbia MSOR 3. NCSU MOR 4. UIUC MSIE Waiting to hear from UC Berkeley (MS Program) and UMich (MS) I'm extremely confused about which to pick. I've more or less narrowed it down to Purdue and Columbia from my current admits. Purdue seems to have a clear research orientation (but not in optimization), while Columbia has a very heavy focus on quant/applied math (research focus seems lower). The other aspects to consider are the location and cost. In summary, 1. OR / Optimization - Columbia 2. Research - Purdue 3. Location - Columbia 4. Cost - Purdue I'd be grateful for any inputs you can provide! Do I accept Columbia ($4000 tuition deposit) and wait for Berkeley and UMich to make a decision? Oh, and FYI, I need to confirm my decision with Columbia by this Friday! Thanks!
  13. georginazhou

    Purdue PhD Applied Linguistics

    Anyone applied to purdue phd applied linguistics heard back from them?
  14. malloc88

    Purdue PhD Applicants

    Hi. Creating a thread for ppl to discuss on Purdue Ph.D. application Status. I applied for CS department on December 19th, done with the interview and waiting for results.
  15. hansu.tony

    Purdue CS PhD Status

    Hi, all! I noticed some lucky guys received the offers (CS Ph.D.) from Purdue. Does anyone know whether they will continue to send the offer or not? I was interviewed at the end of January, but there is still no further notifications. Feeling nervous about that. If there is no email this week, will it be a silent rejection.....?
  16. This is a tad premature seeing as I have not been accepted to Maryland yet, but I am curious if I am missing something here. My research over the last couple of years has focused on developing components for integrated plasmonic devices. I hope to stay in this field or closely related fields in graduate school (integrated photonics/quantum optics). I am fortunate enough to have been accepted to Purdue (fellowship) and UIUC (RA). I am seriously considering only one other school - the University of Maryland. So here's my question - UIUC unquestionably has a better reputation than the other schools in general, but it seems like a really weak choice for my interests. Aside from Kwait at UIUC, no one else seems to have a group churning out research on the level (as measured by the imperfect Google Scholar h-index) of Shalaev/Boltasseva/Bermel/Weiner/Qi or Waks/Hafezi/Munday/Murphy. Plus, Purdue comes with all the resources behind its Purdue Quantum Center and Maryland has the Joint Quantum Institute. I am open to an academic career but I am by no means gunning for it. UIUC is the odd man out, right? It sounds stupid when I say it out loud, but I think this is right. This is obviously a different calculation if I was biased toward electronic devices/semiconductors. Any advice will be appreciated. - Entangled
  17. engineer23

    Purdue Online Engineering Program

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone else on here has applied to one of the online engineering graduate programs at Purdue. I'd like to get some insight on what other students think about it and how long you had to wait for a decision. Thanks!
  18. If i want to pursue masters in cs with specialization in computer graphics at purdue . Which one would be a better choice between masters in Computer science and a masters in computer graphics technology. What would be my research and career prospects after either ?. Is it true that the CGT degree is more professionally than research oriented?.
  19. I want to do a PhD in CS. Which one do you recommend and why? Personally speaking, I feel Oxford has better reputation. Its ranking is 3rd-4th in CS for several years.
  20. I have PhD admits from Purdue and UIUC for their programs in Physics and Biophysics respectively. I am having a tough time making a decision and with the 15th of April approaching I am having a tough time making a decision. I have a background in Physics and one year of research experience in Biophysics. Here are a few points: 1. The program at UIUC (Biophysics and Quantitative Biology) is ranked one of the best in the world with really well recognised faculties. Purdue's Physics department is not so highly ranked. 2. I have a feeling that UIUC's program strongly focuses on Molecular Biophysics about which I haven't had a lot of exposure. They have an excellent course structure that places all students on equal footing irrespective of their backgrounds but I'm a little nervous about going for it because of my lack of familiarity with it so far 3. Although I like Biophysics, I also want to study Physics since I feel that I'm weak in a few topics from my undergraduate course and lack confidence in the subject (Not all of the courses are relevant to Biophysics but I still want to understand those courses well for my sake). Purdue's program (offered by the Physics department) provides that opportunity whereas the course structure at UIUC is highly oriented towards Molecular Biophysics and doesn't look like the regular course structure. 4. I'm not even sure if I am ready to specialise in Biophysics or give myself a chance to explore for a year (which is possible at Purdue). This may be because I'm nervous about stepping into UIUC's program for reasons mentioned above. 5. I've spoken to professors that I would like to work with at both places and I've had positive responses from either side. Both schools are located at similar kinds of places. So even that's out of question. I know the program at UIUC is a really good one. But I'm very confused. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  21. christian_JS

    Purdue, Fall 2016

    Let me get this started ... I'm starting in the Fall 2016 semester for a direct Ph.D. program in Mechanical Engineering. I'm not sure if I made the visitation funding list, but I know the dates are 3-6 Mar 2016. ... Of course I have the usual questions about housing in the area, and so I'm sure will many others. I'm looking forward to hearing from my future classmates! Cheers, Christian
  22. MsCsAspirant5688

    Purdue vs ASU vs UTD

    Hello,I am seeking some advise for help in choosing between universities. I have got MS CS admit from Purdue, ASU and UTD. I am interested in pursuing Machine Learning, AI, Data Mining track and pursue a job later.1) Can some experienced folks please help me understand the job and interrnship scenario in all the 3? I would like to get internship and job in same field2) for AI, ML, how is the faculty at these 3 univs?3) for AI, ML, how is the coursework at these 3 univs?Thanking in advance
  23. MsCsAspirant5688

    Help Needed with deciding univs

    Hello,I am seeking some advise for help in choosing between universities. I have got MS CS admit from Purdue, ASU and UTD. I am interested in pursuing Machine Learning, AI, Data Mining track and pursue a job later.1) Can some experienced folks please help me understand the job and interrnship scenario in all the 3? I would like to get internship and job in same field2) for AI, ML, how is the faculty at these 3 univs?3) for AI, ML, how is the coursework at these 3 univs?Thanking in advance
  24. Hello, I have Direct-PhD offer in Mechanical Engineering at Purdue University, UCSB and an MS offer at Mechanical Engineering at Stanford University. I am interested in the field of CFD. Which offer is the right one to choose? I want to go into academia after my PhD. Thanks in advance.
  25. Hello, I got a decision letter to Purdue's Graduate School. I applied for the PhD program at Purdue, but my decision letter states that my degree objective is MS in Aeronautics & Astronautics (MSAA). Does that mean I was rejected for the PhD program?

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