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Found 7 results

  1. Like most of you, I'm here because of uncertainties regarding some aspect of the grad school application process. I've read every credible article I could find about crafting the perfect Statement of Purpose. I've read through a dozen examples of what is considered a great statement. My problem is this: I'm not sure if a lot of the suggestions for writing style are applicable to the kind of program I want to study. Of all the statements I read, my favorites are the ones that are conversational and descriptive. They're the ones that read like a story. But is that style suitable for every major? My favorite statements were written for history and English degrees, but I want to go to grad school for International Relations (IR). The general style of IR publications is anything but vivid. It's careful, clear, and concise. It eliminates adjectives and adverbs, replaces gut-punching verbs with their emotionless equivalents, and speaks in the stilted manner of a indifference. Neutrality is key. So, at last, my question. Should my statement of purpose be written in the style of IR--because that's the degree I want to pursue--or should it be written to captivate the reader--because I want to grab their attention and be memorable? Note: I also have to include a writing sample on an IR topic. I wrote three complete versions of my statement (1,000 words each): #1 is written like a story #2 is written more like an article in IR #3 is a combination page one is my "story"/background, and it's written like #1 page two is my reason for choosing that school and that program, what I would like to learn, from which professors, and what I want to do after graduation. It's written like #2. _________________________ #1 - colorful My bleary eyes snapped open at the flash of the overhead fluorescent lights. Seconds later, my retinas drank in the scene and clarified the unusual predicament I had awoken in. I was surrounded by strangers. Surrounded, in fact, by 10,000 miles of them. I puzzled over the shifting words slithering across the LED displays and clung to my bag. I stretched my tired legs and crept out of the narrow tunnel into my new life. My 17 hour flight to Chongqing had arrived. To understand why I was in Chongqing--and why I am applying your prestigious university--it is instructive to know the experiences that shaped me.Before Chongqing, there was Tokyo. I grew up tending to the delicate leaves of my bonsai tree and reconstructing the gnarled lines found in my calligraphy book. At 13, my hazy lifelong interest in Asia took shape in the form of an academic interest: Japanese. I was drawn to the curvy loops of Hiragana, the jagged edges of Katakana, and the serious pictography of Kanji. I promised myself, “When I’m in college, I’ll study Japanese. I’ll even go to Sophia University!” I dreamed of the day I could move to Tokyo, that bustling city lit by the grotesque light of a million flickering billboards and crammed with overworked businessmen, young fashionistas, and everything in between. On the first day of registration, I took my first step and signed up for Japanese. From that day forward, I grabbed every chance I could to immerse myself in the language. Then, seven years after I picked Sophia, Sophia picked me. _________________________ #2 - IR version My interest in Asia originates from my childhood experiences. At that time, being exposed to Asia primarily meant taking care of a bonsai tree and trying to replicate the character strokes in my calligraphy book. Today, my interest is more academic in nature. By the time I was 13, I had already decided that I would learn Japanese. I even decided that I would study abroad at Sophia University in Tokyo. Once in university, I joined Elementary Japanese, Japanese Club, and the Language Exchange Program. Seven years later, I was the sole candidate selected from my university to attend Sophia. _________________________ Thanks in advance for your help!
  2. Hello everyone, I will start applying to PhD programs this month but I am not confident that my SOP is good enough. As an international student, I have little knowledge on this since writing SOP for graduate schools is not common my country (if existent). Can someone review my SOP and tell me what could be changed to improve it? Any advice is welcome ps.: I have ommited the university and faculty members names for an ethical reason. Thanks Raul L. L. Carmo I am writing on behalf of my application for the Doctoral program in Chemistry at X University. I have earned a Bachelor's degree in Chemistry from the Federal University of Viçosa (Brazil) in 2015 and the strong research on catalysis and new synthetic methodologies conducted in your institution made me very interested in pursuing graduate studies at your department. Since sophomore year in college, I have been involved in research projects in the interface between organic and inorganic chemistry, studying new ways to transform abundant and cheap substances into valuable compounds using less toxic reagents and generating less waste. In my senior thesis I managed to transform compounds extracted from pine trees into biologically-active amines in a one-pot procedure using ethanol instead of toluene as a solvent, a greener approach to the synthesis of amines that led to higher yields and selectivities than the traditional systems already used. In addition, I had the opportunity to take graduate-level courses at the Federal University of Minas Gerais (Brazil) about group theory, advanced mass spectrometry and experimental nuclear magnetic resonance which contributed to my understanding of important concepts of my research area. I have also spent the 2012-2013 academic year in the U.S studying chemistry at Allegheny College and University of California Davis as a recipient of the Science Without Borders scholarship. Studying abroad has introduced me to state-of-the-art science and allowed me to operate new instruments and learn new techniques not available in my home institution. In 2016, the American Chemical Society awarded me with a scholarship to travel to Panama, where I received intensive training on scientific outreach and communication. This opportunity has impacted the way I think chemistry can serve our society and made me realize I can do more for my country than I ever expected through science. Brazil has numerous economic and social inequality problems,and I think one of the most powerful ways to overcome them is through international scientific cooperation and knowledge exchange. Research experience combined with extensive theoretical and practical training received during the baccalaureate and graduate-level courses encouraged me to take a step further in my career as a scientist. My professional goal is to become highly qualified in the field of catalysis and teach at an institution committed to social, economic, environmental and scientific development in my country. The PhD program in Chemistry at X University is a very good fit for me since it has a structure with all the resources I need to advance in my research, with Dr. Y and Dr. Z groups being very active and relevant to my field. It is also a medium-sized program in a small city, in that way I would feel more at home than I would in a big city where I would only be seen as a number. I am confident that the aforementioned characteristics make me a viable candidate for this graduate program. I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss my candidacy with the department faculty and provide further information. Thank you for your time and consideration.
  3. Hey everyone. I'm applying for the H-CI and Design masters program at the University of Washington. Can you please check out my essay for critique, improvements, and general feedback? Will review yours in exchange! Thanks! https://docs.google.com/document/d/109kOJMamb5MqLpidmGLr-RP1wl0ogsZHAI1pldR06Qc/edit?usp=sharing
  4. Hey guys, I am a new grad student and today i went to talk to my adviser and i was crashed hard by what he said. We will talking about possible topics of my interest and he ask me questions like what is your independent and dependent variables, types of research. I couldnt answer because i have not touch any of those courses yet. So he was surprise that i have no background. Am i the only on thinking i was this bad ? or was he just pushing me hard ? Also is there anyone that can help me with my purpose statement ? i have ideas but it just dont look right when i put them together . ( and figuring what is DV and IV) Really appreciate it
  5. Is a bibliography or a works cited page needed for the statement of purpose? I was planning on using one or two quotations from external sources and discuss my theoretical approaches, including theorists' names and texts.
  6. I have just finished the 2nd draft of my SOP and I'd love some feedback! I'd also be happy to exchange statements with others. If interested, PM me with your email address and I will forward you my draft. A little bit about my SOP for those interested: It's thematic (my first draft was chronological but it seemed dull) I've been working on it with my university writing center over the summer so hopefully reading it won't make your eyes bleed I'm having trouble with the introduction Thanks!
  7. The title says it all. Lot of other applicants have the same question. Is it worth paying almost $100 to an essay review site like essayedge.com? Especially, if you used such a site, was it helpful at all? I am an engineering student hoping to start graduate school in fall 2012. Thank you!
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