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Found 2 results

  1. Hello everyone, You were all very helpful on my other thread, so I decided to post here again. I wish to know how good (or bad) of an applicant I am so that I know what schools to apply to. Other than what is in the title, I have the following: 3 Great letters of recommendation (2 academic, 1 from an unrelated business profession). A master's thesis (in progress, I am counting it as my 3rd paper for the time being lol) . A good (or at least decent) fit in all programs I am applying to. MS GPA of 3.93 BA GPA of 3.00 I am applying to the following schools (with acceptance rates included): Auburn University (5.38%) University at Albany/State Uni. of New York (3.56%) Clark University (2.94%) Long Island University (6.25%) Hofstra University (6.02%) U. Minnesota (5.47%) Pacific University (11.03%) University of Oregon (5.36%) Rowan University (9.60%) St. John's University (3.29%) Suffolk University (1.47%) Duquesne University (4.70%) Thank you!
  2. Hi, I was wondering if anybody could tell me whether I might be a good candidate for a Canadian law school and maybe give me some advice on how to improve my chances of getting accepted. I was planning on doing a PhD in History after my MA and becoming a professor, but considering how difficult it is to both find and keep a job in that field, I'd like to become a lawyer or some kind of law academic. My percentage GPA right now is about 81%, which I think roughly equals an A- or 3.7 but feel free to correct me. As for the LSAT, I haven't begun studying yet but I'm thinking about ten to twelve months worth of studying might be good enough, since I'd like to enter law school in Fall 2013 if accepted. My BA will be a Joint Honours in History and English this spring. I can speak German, Latin, and some Italian, but I doubt that will have much effect on my application. I've also had a paper published in an undergraduate journal and won an award for another paper. My GPA is all that concerns me, since I think most who are accepted to law school in Canada hold a 3.9 GPA or above. I have a 3.9 if only my history and rhetoric courses are counted, especially in the last two years of of my BA, but I've heard that most law schools just look at your cumulative GPA. By the way, I know many people with BA's assume that law school is some kind of career "safety net", and that this is not necessarily the case, and that even if accepted law school itself is incredibly tough and competitive. I can handle the academic demands of law school since I do well in history and rhetoric, digesting large amounts of information and applying it in articulate and complex arguments in both written and spoken form. My point is that although there are plenty of unemployed law graduates, there are even more unemployed history graduates. Anyways, I was thinking York or UofT might be good schools to start looking into.
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