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Found 10 results

  1. Hi, I wanted to know if anyone had their interview for the school psychology program at Queens College. How did it go? What types of questions were asked? Thank you in advance.
  2. Hello grad cafe! I've narrowed down my acceptance decisions to these 3 programs: CUNY Queens College, Hofstra University, and Molloy College. I really LOVED Molloy's clinic and how involved they are with their students. Their instrumentation emphasis is a major attraction for me since I would like to work in a medical setting and with swallowing disorders. I also know that Hofstra has affiliations with Northwell and Lenox hospitals on the island. I am overly ecstatic about my acceptance to QC, but I believe that they are more school-based than the other programs. I will be meeting with my advisors to talk this over with, but I was wondering if anyone here has any advice on any or all of these programs. Maybe there are others here who have similar concerns. As of now, my gut is telling me to go with QC-- the student outcomes are amazing, and the cohort is so small. I just want to know how many of those students find work in a hospital setting. I will be updating this thread with more information as the days go by. Good luck, everyone!!
  3. Hi! I’ve heard Queens College conducts group interviews, although the woman I spoke to didn’t mention anything about it being in a group setting. Does anyone know if they are conducting group interviews this year? I’m extremely nervous as this is my top choice and first interview, does anyone have any preparation tips/insight on what I can expect?! Any advice is greatly appreciated
  4. Portland State University: MFA, Art and Social Practice: interview 1/23 NYU: MA, Performance Studies: applied Bard: MFA, Sculpture: applied Queens College: MFA, Social Practice: application due 3/1 Queens College: MA, Media Studies: application due 3/15
  5. I was wondering if anyone had advice (pros and cons) on the following Speech Language Pathology programs. I am trying to make my decision between the following programs: SUNY New Paltz, Queens College and LIU Post
  6. It's impossible to find any information about how QC's interviews are and I recently saw somebody post that they were notified that their interview will be a group interview. Does anybody know if they did this in the past? I have mine this upcoming week & I'm very nervous. Thanks for any information in advance!
  7. Hey all, I got invited for a group interview at Queens College for the MSed TESOL program and I was wondering if anyone who has done this before had any suggestions, or even suggestions for a group interview in general. Thanks!
  8. I'm currently an undergrad student (JUNIOR) and starting my process of applying to schools in New York and have a few questions: 1. I'm taking my GRE in June for the first time and can someone tell me how the score sending works - - When I receive the scores, will there be a set time of when I'm able to send the results by (like, do the scores disappear/expire after some time?) - Is it possible to send scores to school like how sending scores for SATs work - meaning, sending the best scores for each section if I take the GRE more than once? 2. I currently have a 3.55 cum.GPA and 3.68 GPA for the major so far with two major classes remaining. 3. I don't have any work experience - just volunteering to help take care of children/ undergraduate clinical observations. 4. I'm thinking about applying to CUNY Hunter but you need to have at least a B in all pre-req. classes and I only have one B- in one class- did anyone have this problem and still get in? - Can you tell me any of your experiences, whether accepted/rejected from schools in relation with your GPA, GRE, and resume/CV? I'm planning to apply to Queens College, Hofstra, Adelphi, LIU Post, St.Johns, Molloy and still deciding on other NY schools. Any suggestions, experiences, advice would be extremely helpful for this girl who is getting ready to swim in a pool of her tears. THANKS SO MUCH!
  9. I'd been waiting to reach out to the program director at Queens College with all of my questions until I knew for sure I'd been accepted. Everyone tells me that QC has a great reputation (at least within New York). I'm wondering, however, whether that reputation extends outside of New York and also how many graduates end up working in the medical setting. When I search LinkedIn (I don't have premium access right now, so my searches are curtailed), I am really not seeing many people working in hospitals or rehab clinics. Does anyone have any feedback on these two questions? I'd rather poll the outside world first to see if it jives with what the program tells me.
  10. Hey! I am a Brooklyn resident thinking about getting a Library Science degree. I've worked in various libraries for about 3 years now and while I think I eventually want to go back to school for a PhD, in the short term I'd like to continue working in libraries, and I'd have more opportunities with an ML(I)S (hopefully). I don't want to go into debt for this, and I don't want to leave New York City. I had some good conversations with people at Queens College CUNY and St. John's University- both ALA accredited programs- and with my undergrad GPA and in-state status, I would be able to afford the degree, and continue to work while I went to school. But these aren't exactly prestigious schools, and I'm wondering if that will make a difference? I've heard that job experience trumps where you got your MLS degree- and I have experience working for several major public institutions. Any thoughts on either school or on my plan in general? Thanks!!!
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