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Found 5 results

  1. Hi guys, Long time reader, first time poster. I will be graduating with a BS in psychology next spring (May 2022), and I've decided I will definitely be furthering my education. Depending on my GRE scores and GPA, I will be applying for either a masters program or PsyD program in clinical psychology. I am leaning towards an MA program because I feel that I would benefit from the extra 2 years of graduate school (plus, I'm unsure if my future GPA/GRE scores will be good enough for a PsyD program). I have been pouring over forums and articles about graduate school and I understand that experience in the intended area of study is as important or can at least help applicants with lower than OR average grades/scores. The question: will my current job as an RBT (registered behavior technician) count as clinical hours or at least boost my application over those with no psychology related experience? Just a quick overview, as an RBT I work in a clinic that provides therapy to autistic children (although our oldest client is 21). I implement treatment plans that my supervising BCBA creates. I use psychology every second of my work shift. Does this job qualify as the type of experience clinical psychology programs look for? I've heard that they only care about experience in a hospital setting or experience where one would shadow some type of doctor (MD, PhD, PsyD). Thanks!
  2. Hello everyone, First of all, I want to apologize if this has been asked before. I am looking for some advice to help my good friend. She is an RBT for a year now and has experience for over 6 months. My question is that no matter how much she is trying there is not enough on her paycheck. She loves this field but how good is the profession when you can't pay the bills. I don't have much knowledge in this line so that's why I am posting this here. I want to know how can you earn more if you like what you do. Yes, I understand experience is one. What about any advance certification that can give her bit of edge. I have been told that RBT Certificates are flooding the market, causing the avg salary to go down. more supply than demand scenario in sort of speak, is this true? Any information would be helpful as I can see she is really passionate about her work but the earning factor is frustrating. Thank you
  3. Hi there, Last year I graduated and received a BA in Speech-Language Pathology and I also minored in Child and Adolescent Development. Unfortunately, I have a GPA lower than 2.5, mainly due to serious illnesses I experienced during my time at and also housing was an issue. Now looking back I should've taken the time off to get well properly but I just had that mentality that I could. As many of us in this field know that my GPA is unexceptional for most Grad programs so I was thinking of doing an SLPA program. I am curious if there is anybody out there who has a similar experience or knows someone. Since I've graduated I've been working currently, I am an RBT/ Lead BI at my job, and also completed an Assistive Technology program. Now getting better from an accident (another added to the list), I feel ready to endeavor again. So I am reaching out to anybody who has gotten to an SLPA program, Grad school and did it with a low GPA. Thank you for reading this
  4. Hello! This is my first post here and I'm looking for some feedback, advice, and your experience in the fields of behavior analysis and psychotherapy. I have a career dilemma. Long time ago I got a BS in Animal Bio, then became interested in Psych and behavior. Now I have been working as an RBT (registered behavior technician) for 4 years with children on autism spectrum, and provide in-home services related to problem behaviors, and debating whether I should get a masters in applied behavior analysis (ABA) or get a masters/PsyD and practice as a therapist. ABA is a fast growing and changing field right now, and supposed to pay better than an MFT/MSW for example. I am extremely conflict avoidant, and don't enjoy crisis situations, although I have become more or less accustomed to them, working with kids with autism and at a group home with troubled youth. While I understand all jobs have ups and downs, to be blunt, I want an "easy" job. I like the job of the LPC I see at the daycare who walks around and establishes rapport with kids, and counsels them on as needed basis. She does not do crisis intervention, or discipline them in anyway. I also LOVE the idea of working as a therapist and doing play therapy with kids, who come to my office, so I don't have to make house calls (and deal with the sometimes unstable home environment). The downside of that is that I won't know if the job of a therapist is really for me until I have the actual degree. The therapists that I've interviewed or have seen sometimes seem really burnt out. I don't want an MFT because the couples fighting can get pretty intense. I want to get an MA in Mental Health, but worried about state-to-state licensure, since I do not know where I will live yet (I currently live in Hawaii, but my husband is applying to jobs out of state, so we're not planning to stay here forever). I have a love-hate relationship with the ABA field (applied behavior analysis) because it is akin to animal training, and while effective, I feel it lacks emphasis on empathy and making a connection with the child (sort of what Dr. Laura Markham's blog ahaparenting.com talks about), but I feel it would be unethical for me to suggest this to clients, because it's not really ABA. To me ABA seems that it's lacking depth and is too robotic with it's reinforcement principles and constricted with its application in autism (supposedly it has other applications, but it's really rare to find a job outside of the autism diagnosis). I also don't like the possibility of injury - kids have hit, bit, spat, and swore at me, they may be teenagers and bigger than me - I am a 5'2 female with history of domestic violence, so this scares me. I can't tell you how many times I've come home crying because of these aggressive behaviors I've had to deal with, and I'd blame myself, there's little support within the profession, and it's just a very difficult job. I've had a PsyD therapist tell me my job is so much harder than hers. What I love about ABA is the one-on-one relationship I get to build with my client. I also love working with kids, especially younger ones, making that connection with them, being their coach, seeing them grow and overcome challenges with my help is SO rewarding. I'm also good at this job, I feel like I have a knack for it (I've had supervisors tell me this), and it is an in-demand field. SO I've been sitting on this dilemma for a year or two now, and feel a lot of pressure to make a decision already, I am 29 years old, and desperately wanting to to be financially independent and get on with my life with a permanent job, that I only see for myself after grad school. I know this was long, sorry about that. Really appreciate any help you may have, and feel free to ask questions.
  5. TLDR; RBT now or wait till I graduate college? I am applying to graduate school this upcoming fall. I do not have a competitive GPA: 3.55. My college doesn't offer in-major classes until we are seniors, so I have no "major" GPA yet. I will take the GRE this summer. I work as a student library assistant on my campus, I do paid research with the College of Communication/Journalism, I do voluntary research for the Speech Pathology graduate department, I volunteer at an Early Intervention pediatric language clinic, and I am a management intern at our cities' new Autism center, where I write posts, send emails, play with children with ASD, and interact with adults with ASD. Still, I know my GPA isn't good enough. It will hopefully be around a 3.6 when I begin applying for grad schools. I am really interested in working with children with ASD if I am able to go to grad school, and I plan to write about this in my statement of purpose. This is where my question comes up: Is it worth it to become a Registered Behavior Technician, or wait until I graduate college and try for a BCABA? I guess what I am asking is if it would be worth the training, time, and money. How much do current RBTs get to do while still in college? Do grad schools consider this a worthwhile certification to pursue? I would love to hear some current RBTs or BCABAs speak on their experiences in school or otherwise. Thank you SO much.
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