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Found 9 results

  1. RCA IED: Royal College of Art Information Experience Design NYU IDM: New York University Integrated Design and Media RCA IED Pros: - Number one Art School, prestigious network and reputation in art scene - The program aligns with the 'purpose' of my artistic practices - One year program, less tuition and living costs to pay RCA IED Cons: - Few faculties(4, including part time faculties) - Post-brexit London - One year program, no internship opportunity - No focus on computing/technical aspects NYU IDM Pros: - MS Degree, higher employability - The program aligns with the 'technical approach' of my artistic practices - 12 faculties, with 3-4 faculties aligned with my interest NYU IDM Cons: - NYU Tandon is not a good engineering school.. - The overall quality of graduate showcase is not impressive compared to RCA It's such a hard decision to make! As I'm coming from an engineering background, going for NYU Tandon might be a bit more safe choice as it is an engineering school, but I'd also like to adventure through new field of art as my aim throughout both of the program is to be an artist, afterall. Any advices?
  2. Hello everyone, I have received an offer from Rhode island school of Design (Masters in Furniture Design) and from Royal College of Arts (Masters in Design Product). Both the college are well known for their quality of education in respective courses. Which one is better for an international student wanting to pursue a practical and exploratory course for masters and also intending to find a job in the city. Exposure wise I think the city of London would be better but RISD is also know for its workshop based curriculum. I would appreciate any kind of input or insight regarding the courses and the universities.
  3. Hi, I got admissions from several great schools for this fall semester, but I cannot decide yet. Where will you choose if you are in my shoes? I have 8 yrs work experience as ux designer and I have BFA in visual design. I’d like to work at FAANG as product designer later, and also I want to be a professor in my country(Asia) later. Here are the pros and cons: 1. CMU mDes + great name value in field/academia ? small cohort size (~10) - location (Pittsburgh) - no STEM 2. UW HCDE + great name value in field + location (close with tech companies) - location (Seattle = boring, rainy..) - low name value in my country ? Big cohort size (100~) 3. NYU ITP + location (New York!) + can experience physical computing - not focus on UX directly ? Big cohort size (100~) 4. RCA GID + double degree (MA in RCA, MS in Imperial College) + more innovative curriculum - location (London.. BREXIT.......) - not focus on UX directly If you have any experience or opinions about these schools, let me know! Thanks!
  4. esa10

    Goldsmiths & RCA

    Hello, I was curious if anyone has any information regarding how the Goldsmiths MFA program compares to the RCA CAP (Critical practice program MA)? I am an international student and have not been able to visit because of the pandemic, but have been accepted into both. I am probably going to defer because of the travel limits/safety issues but need to make a decision beforehand. From what I understand goldsmiths has more space and is very conceptual, and the rca is very prestigious but the CAP program also seems to be very conceptual. I have looked through all their program specifications and professors for both, but am curious to hear other first hand info about the campus, courses, etc? Any information would be helpful! Thanks.
  5. Hi, I got into both graduate programs and I'm not sure which one to choose. I'm from South Korea so moving to either US or UK is equally adventurous for me. NYU ITP offers MPS degree whereas RCA GID offers double masters degree. (MA from RCA and MSc from Imperial College London) And both programs will result in similar cost. Which one do you think would be a better choice?
  6. I've been accepted to the Royal College of Art's IED program and NYU ITP. I'm at a little bit of a toss up between the two — the programs are similar in many ways and different in others. Any insight, advice, or suggestions about the schools and programs would be much appreciated!
  7. Does anyone have insight into the Royal College of Art's IED program? Or the school in general? How they support their students and set them up for job prospects and PhD prospects? How the classes are? How the environment is?
  8. Hello to allI am planning to start an MA/MFA in visual arts this upcoming fall and have been offered places both at RCA and at Goldsmiths. The program at RCA seems to relate more to my work and I had a better feel during my interview with them; but I like the possible interaction at Goldsmiths with other faculties and err...I'm still on the fence. (Note: I haven't studied arts into now and haven't been to London before). Has anyone attended any of these programs/could give some insight ?many thanks in advance !
  9. The head of MIT's Visual Arts program has been appointed as the Dean of Fine Art at the Royal College of Art in London. How will this effect both schools? http://www.rca.ac.uk/Default.aspx?ContentID=514656&CategoryId=36538&GroupId=514656
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