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Found 14 results

  1. Hey everyone, I applied to 3 schools last fall (UNC Chapel Hill, University of Washington, and University of Kansas) for OChem and was rejected from all 3. I graduated with dual degrees in Chem/Bio + a minor in math. My overall GPA was a 3.3 and chem GPA was 3.5. My transcript has a large upward trend as a result of a late ADHD diagnosis that resulted in proper medication midway through undergrad. I have 1.5 years of research experience and am first author on a procedural paper for org. syn. I want to reapply to more schools, but now that we're quarantined I'm not sure how to build experience to become a more competitive candidate. I'm also unsure of which schools would be realistic for me to apply to. Any advice would be stellar. TYSM
  2. Hi everyone, I am currently in a rut thinking about my options for the Fall (as I am sure many of you are). If anyone has any advice regarding this, I would really appreciate hearing it. I have been accepted to these schools and programs, with the following financial aid funding per year: - CMU Heinz, MSPPM (50%, ~$24k) - Chicago Harris, MPP ($20k) - Johns Hopkins SAIS, MA IDEV (no funding) - GWU Trachtenberg, MPA ($20k) -American SPA, MPA ($10k) I have also been accepted for a Taiwan Fulbright ETA for the next year, so I am leaning toward either deferring a program or reapplying altogether. While it is appealing to defer and not have to worry about applications again (while in Taiwan), I am wondering if I might be more competitive for more funding if I reapplied to a few of the schools next cycle (and possibly renegotiate) as a candidate with the same profile PLUS a Fulbright ETA under my belt. I would rather not have to take out $80k+ in loans in the coming years, so any advice is appreciated!
  3. I am reapplying for grad programs for summer and fall 2018. I graduated with my bachelors in fall 2017 and recently was forced to leave a graduate program because of my grades. Would my chances of reapplying be damaged or hindered if it mentioned that I was at another school? I'm asking because I'm having little luck in finding someone to write me a letter of recommendation and my options may have to be with the professors and supervisors I worked with in the last graduate program. I'm afraid it would lead to schools viewing me as an unsuitable candidate, but I think I had a good relation with my professors in grad school despite the ending of it.
  4. I have my bachelor's degree in Spanish and speech pathology (double major). I was accepted to grad school for slp, and I attended a year, however, I was going through a really difficult period in my life and I ended up not being able to continue in the program because after re-taking a class, I got a C. I know that I was completely unfocused, and if I could take it all back and start it over, of course I would. I then took some special education classes after that, and did a semester of student teaching, which stands as an Incomplete on my transcript. I did fine in my teaching and I had all my assignments turned in, except the final project was not uploaded to the internet. I am going to contact the school about getting credit for the student teaching, but needless to say, there is a sufficient amount that I am not too proud of on my record. My GPA cumulative is 3.3 and my GPA in speech is 3.1. My GRE is 147 Q and 153 V and 4 AW. I have been working as an English language learner paraprofessional in an elementary school where I do small 40 minute reading groups (that focus on phonics, decoding, or comprehension) with kids who's primary language is Spanish. I have also been volunteering at a Conductive Learning Center in a classroom with students that have cerebral palsy. I also do tutoring, and I am going to volunteer at the local Hispanic Center. I am going to apply to grad school again and I am wondering what my chances are of getting in? Any tips on where to apply or what I could do to get in? I applied to one school a couple years ago, and did not get accepted. And since I already have tons in loans, I can't really afford to go anywhere in the country where I would pay DOUBLE. I already owe an astronomical amount, so I am mainly looking at schools that are all online, or the ones in my state. The funny thing is, I have read so much about how Spanish bilingual speech pathologists are in SUCH GREAT NEED- and HERE I AM, yet I feel I BARELY have a chance! I must say, I really don't get that. If they are in such HIGH NEED, you would think the field would WANT to scoop me up- that they almost have a DUTY TO DO SO, even if my marks aren't stellar. Is it hopeless? And this will probably have to be my last shot at being an SLP. I will have to move on, and choose something else that I don't completely want to do, so I can get a real paycheck.
  5. Hi Everyone, It looks like I will be reapplying to graduate schools next year. Some of the feedback I have gotten from my letter writers is that I may want to try to apply to less top tier programs next time, but I was wondering what is the best way to determine what schools are middle tier or safety schools? Smaller, less well-known schools looked like they typically (not always) had less promised funding for Ph.D. students, which is why I didn't apply to some of the smaller programs for F17. Does anyone has any tips for figuring out safer bets when it comes to reapplying? Do you normally just look at the school's ranking for the type of program (i.e. biology, psychology etc.)? At the end of the day, I know it is supposed to be about research fit, but perhaps less prestigious programs will be less competitive?
  6. Hi fellow applicants, I am sad to say I have been rejected from all 11 programs I have applied to this cycle. However, life must goes on! I do plan to reapply, but I've got a few different options to choose from. Reapply to Ph.D. programs this year for F18 -- this is what I am leaning towards Post-pone reapplying and complete a M.A. in a related field where I currently work and do research, then reapply with my masters Accept a partially funded M.A. at one of the schools I applied, but it would be extremely expensive and I would have to relocate Although I appreciate any thoughts on the options above, what I am really wondering is, when should I plan my wedding? I got engaged in Dec. of last year and I have not done any planning because of interviews and waiting to hear the admissions decisions. All of the places I had applied would have required a move across the country as well, which further complicated things. The wedding will likely be in north Florida/southern Georgia and we would like to have it in the "winter" to avoid some of the heat. We had our hearts set on early November, but if I reapply this year for F18 and get accepted, what would we do about the wedding if it was Nov. 2018? Would institutions be understanding about me flying back home for my wedding? Alternatively, we could get married next Spring, but then there is the possibility that I would have interviews, which could get really messy. If I post-pone reapplying, I could definitely just plan my wedding and work on some other projects I have been putting off, but I am hesitant to wait nearly 2 years to go to grad school at that point, especially with no guarantee the second time of applying would be the charm! What would you do? Does anyone that is in grad school have any insights or opinions? As a person that likes to plan, this is giving me a headache D: P.S. I am happy to clarify any of the above information if it helps!
  7. Greetings from Turkey,I got a fully funded PhD offer from Illinois Institute of Technology on last April. I applied for an F1 visa to enroll in for Fall 2016 semester. Even though I got an approval on my interview, my application status remained under administrative processing for almost six months. I had to defer my admission twice, regardless of my efforts and the university's efforts to contact the embassy several times, since they were extremely indifferent and unhelpful. At the end I got really upset and sent the embassy a veeeeery long e-mail that contained literal sentences like "I can't take this anymore", "WHAT COULD I HAVE EVER DONE TO DESERVE THIS?" and "Even if I get cancer and the only cure is in the US, I will never set foot in your country" (I wasn't drunk or high). At the end of the e-mail I requested the withdrawal of my application, which they instantly agreed to like they had been waiting for me to give up already.My supervisor is trying very hard to help me and he is the coolest person on earth. So, I don't want to let this chance slip away. My question is, what would happen if I tried to apply at the same embassy. %100 administrative processing again? refusal for life? Should I apply for this visa at a different country with a valid excuse (I might do an internship abroad). Any suggestion will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  8. I was hoping to reapply for PhD at a university I had already applied to before, but under a different professor. Does this impact my chances of getting in? Further, will the admission committee look at my old application materials?
  9. Hi everyone! I was accepted to a couple neuroscience PhD programs last year, but, due to a confluence of personal and professional circumstances, I opted to stay at my job and reapply in the fall. Though it's a daunting task to undertake a second time by choice, I am happy with my decision. I got into 2/5 schools last time -- not a bad record certainly -- though I hope to do even better this time around. I will probably reapply to at least 2 of the programs that rejected me (the list is still a work in progress), and one program let me defer without committing, so I still have one acceptance. I will have a few extra pubs (1 first author, hopefully) and presentations when I apply. However, I am remaining in the same RA job I've had for a couple years, and of course my past experiences are the same. In my SOP, I plan to highlight the past year (which won't be hard, it's been productive), but I don't know if I can/should change the "bones" of the essays too much. Still, I don't want schools to look unfavorably upon me because the two versions are too similar, either because they view it as lazy (or worse, self-plagarism?) or because it wasn't good enough for certain schools in the first place... Should I just not look at my SOP from last cycle at all, and start from scratch, or can I use it as a guide and tweak/rewrite as necessary? I don't expect schools to remember what I wrote, but I know they likely have my last app on file and don't want to run the risk of them comparing the two if they see I applied last year... P.S. FWIW -- I don't think there was anything fundamentally wrong with my application in general -- I had a GPA >3.6 (top 30 mid-size private US university), and GRE over the 90th percentile on all sections. I think that 1) publications (I had ~3 mid-author with 2 of those in prep last time) and 2) possibly a more psych-heavy bend to my coursework, were my main downsides, along with somewhat minimal contact with PIs. I have been rectifying my publications list, as well as my PI contact, this year, and my LORs, though strong, will be stronger this fall. Therefore, the SOP is kind of the big thing that might need serious work.
  10. Hello, everyone ! I graduated from university with my Bachelor's Degree in Biotechnology. My GPA was a 3.91, and my GRE score was 308 with 3.0 in awa section;IELTS:6.5. I have great recommendations and have completed 3 research internships Here is the thing, I applied to 10 PhD programs last year, only interviewed at one, and was not given a spot at any of them. Which leads me to the next question, what did I do wrong? should I just stop applying and apply for my masters first? I don't want to disappoint anyone again with another round of rejections. Please tell me what to do nexttttt !!!! Thanks !
  11. So I applied to a bunch of schools and had one interview, was on one wait list, and got a bunch of thank you for your time however, you're not good enough to go here. So that being said I'm looking to apply for the winter semester. I know eastern Michigan as well as grand valley state university admit twice a year. Are there any other schools that offer admission twice a year?
  12. Hi, guys! I am a first year(2011 fall) phd student in biochem. I am thinking about reapplying to another PhD program(2013 fall). Is that "transfer"? It's a long story. I was in a biology undergraduate program and my background is very "biology". But the biochem program I am in now is very "chemistry". Many PIs in the program work on material science, analytical chemistry or physical chem. My interest is molecular and cellular research in human diseases like cancer. The reason I chose my current program is that I thought maybe I could try something different from what I used to do. But things turn out to be not what I expected. I find I am more interested in human disease research. So I am thinking about reapplying to phd programs in biomedical sciences, which have more clinical research. Another reason I want to transfer is that I want to be close to my family. I am now living in the west. But my family live in the northeast. Is the "transfer" thing common? Is that easy? What decent reasons should I put in PS? Can I drop to MS program before or after oral? I am not sure which idea sounds more reasonable for me???--- a phd student transferring to another phd program or a master student(if I drop to a MS degree) applying to a phd program?
  13. Hi everyone--- I've been lurking around this forum forever, and after a horrific round of universal rejections (my first attempt), I've wallowed for a week, and am now ready to look forward to next year. I wanted to start a thread where others can join in the momentum of Fall 2013 applications, with ideas of what they can do differently next year. For my next round of applications, I want to... ...improve GRE scores and take the subject test ...focus my SOP more on fit, focus, future ...make a note in my SOP as to my less-than-great undergrad GPA (I worked full-time in college) ...apply to more schools ...make contact with more professors beforehand, especially with those that are the graduate directors and also to present at at least one more conference. Anybody else out there already having an eye towards the next round?
  14. I was waitlisted in 2009 at UCLA, and after 2 years of work, I'm reapplying this year. This time i feel more confident as I've improved significantly my application. I'm applying to UCSD and UCSB as well. I informed my recommender that I was waitlisted at UCLA but it seems in the letters he wrote I was waitlisted at UCSB. Do colleges keep record of who all was waitlisted 2 years back ? my question is how is it going to play out ? how to correct this error ? Would it affect my chances ? Should i call university and confirm it ? please suggest. i'm very stressed out.
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