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Found 13 results

  1. Hi all, I just wanted a bit of advice. First of all, in relevance to the title: I know why I didn't get the letter. Throughout the last year of my masters, I've been struggling a lot with mental and physical health problems, along with problems with my mother's health that has made it difficult for me to be motivated and enthusiastic about research. I have completed subpar work in the last year of the work that I've done for this PI (which has been about 3 years) but I know he has high expectations and at this point I know he doesn't expect much of me because I've been struggling with mee
  2. Hi! Mini-vent time!! So I'm kind of experiencing anxiety at the moment trying to apply for grad school. I've emailed 2 professors 2-3 times over the last month asking if they'd be able to write letters on my behalf and no responses. I currently have a SPED professor writing me a letter and a former supervisor agree to write me one. As backups, I have two SPED teachers I worked alongside, my current supervisor (principal at a school), and an assistant principal from my current work site. I haven't asked any of my backups yet because I wanted to have 2 or 1 CSD professor on board. I'm aware
  3. I initially posted this in the wrong place(I'm a noob here). Sorry if it shows up twice. I'm in a bit of a precarious situation with respect to my LORs and I was hoping for some advice. I finished my undergrad 10 years ago and I'm currently in the process of applying to grad school for Masters in Statistics. I have taken some course work as prerequisites for grad programs(CalcI-III and Linear Algebra). I'm getting two strong LORs from tenured professors from these courses but I am unsure what my best option is for letter number three. I have three potential professors I could ask but the
  4. I graduated 4 years ago but I wanted to study more. So I planned to apply for the masters program and while I was searching for my old professors to ask for ROL, I found out they no longer teach at the school I graduated. They've moved to other university. Is it okay to still ask them for my recommendation?
  5. Hello! This is kind of a strange situation and I was hoping to get some other people's opinions about what might be going on. I am applying to PhD a second time this coming fall, and I was hoping to re-use one of previous rec letters. Between the first application cycle and this upcoming cycle, I graduated undergrad and did more research. The letter I'm re-using is from someone who was essentially my undergraduate advisor and has known me for a few years, so I believe this would be a really strong letter to include again. However, I'm having a hard time getting in touch with the aforementi
  6. Hi folks! I am new to this forum, so please feel free to correct me if I make any mistake here So I am trying to apply for a graduate program from EPFL, and it is stated in the requirements for recommendation letters that 'The recommendation letters must be issued by professors who are well aware of your work and qualities.' Does this imply that the academies I request for LoR must hold a Prof. title? Or could it be any academy who is willing to write me a LoR from my uni.? It might sound like a silly question, but I am totally not familiar with the European education system. So
  7. TL;DR: All of my three referees have asked me to provide a draft of my recommendation letter, and I'm freaking out that this might compromise the credibility of my LoRs *facepalm* Full version: I'm an international applicant for phd programs in neuroscience / biomedical sciences / biomedical engineering. Two of my referees are PIs from my university, where professors usually ask students to draft their own LoR before revising it slightly if at all and handing it in. The problem is, the third referee is a professor from a nice university in USA (where I did my summer research), and ev
  8. Hey fellow students! I have a question about Rec Letters. This would be my 3rd time applying for grad school. Aah i know it is an emotionally exhausting process life happens. Anyways, my question is this means i would have to ask my professors for the 3rd time to write me a letter. I kind of feel shy/kind of anxious and embarrassed about asking them 3rd time around. Is it ok to ask your professor to send in the letter for 3rd time? thank you,
  9. Hello everyone,This is my first post on gradcafe. I'm trying to omit as much identifying details as I can, so I apologize in advance if this is confusing or lengthy. I got admission into the PhD program at the same university I attended for undergraduate. This was originally my "safety" option, and the mentor/adviser is someone I've worked closely with during my undegrad research years. I haven't gotten any interview offers for any of the other schools I applied to, and I'm starting to worry that I won't get in anywhere else. I could just take this admission, but I'm struggling to feel conf
  10. I know grad schools usually need three recommendation letters, and I think I have a good three from my department lined up (I haven't asked yet though!). However, I could also add a 4th one, as the professor offered to write me one (more as a character reference though, and not really speaking to academics/research) - is that okay and not overkill? Some more info: the 4th recommender is outside of my university (and outside of my field), but he is a fairly recent Nobel Laureate and is a well-respected researcher in his field! Thanks very much!
  11. I'm applying to several German schools for a master's program in economics. Most of the universities only accept one letter of recommendation so I'm faced with a dilemma. I've already asked both professors and both have agreed to write letters of recommendation for me. My one professor has taught me German for at least six semesters. We have such a great relationship that she asked me for a letter of recommendation a year ago. The problem, of course, is that she taught me a subject other than the subject, economics, that I'm studying in graduate school. My other professor has on
  12. my professor said in his recommendation letter he has to write that i have a history of not completing courses. he said it is necessary and that because of it they will take the recommendation more seriously. he said he would not dwell on it and focus on discussing my excellent work, essays, and presentations. he told me to dicuss reasons for some incompletes on my transcripts. now im scared...my gpa is a 3.5 but ive had to retake some courses. my mother was ill and i was away from school alot and had to drop some courses or i failed them... i plan to address this in my statement. does a
  13. Hi! I am trying to get LORs from 3 professors, but I am wondering whether I need to submit my applications. I searched websites and many of universities are sending "how to proceed an online LOR" or similar emails automatically right after I enter their email addresses ( + etc information) and save. Does it mean professors can send(write) their LORs whenever they get this email? Also, if true, that means I don't have to submit my online application for LORs, right? Thank you for answers!
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