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Found 12 results

  1. Hi everyone! I'm an undergraduate SLP student and I am about to complete my first semester at a cal state since I'm a community college transfer student. I feel behind because I did not put in the effort to meet with professors all semester and get to know them. I participate and ask questions in class every once and a while, but I'm simply just another student. However, I need a faculty member for programs and scholarships to be a recommender by late January. How should I approach them without being too pushy? I understand it's very late & I should have been putting in the effort. Any tips?
  2. Hello! I'm an M.S. student looking to apply for Ph.D. programs in neuroscience. A lot of the schools I'm looking into asks for 3 academic recs and I'm having a bit of a struggle trying to figure out who to ask for the letters. I heard that for rec letters I should get them from PIs or lab supervisors in the research you're involved in, but I was wondering if I can also ask professors that you've had as well. Also, I recently became a co-author for a research paper for a lab I was involved in college. Would the schools mind if I ask someone from undergrad for rec letters?
  3. Hey everyone... I'm applying to so many universities abroad, so my recommenders are getting frustrated with me, because I keep asking them for a lot of recommendation letters, & they have to log into many recommendation systems! One of my most important recommenders (my former supervisor) was so fed up with me she made me take many days off from work & go to her for a whole week, & then she made her secretary finish the recommendations with me (& her secretary got fed up with me too!). I'm still having other universities to apply to. Is there a way to make the recommendations only once & submit them to all universities? Like a website or something that allows you to make recommendations only once or something...
  4. Hi everyone! So I'm trying to choose the people who are going to write me recommendation letters. One is my current master's advisor, another is a professor with whom I worked as a research assistant, but I'm stuck on the third. Should I ask my first master's degree advisor who supervised my thesis research almost 10 years ago (yes, I'm currently doing a second master's degree) or a professor with whom I have taken a class just a year ago (I got A in the class, but have never worked with him in a research environment)? I have very good relationships with both. The first is from a foreign country/institution while the second is from the same country I intend to apply for a PhD in. Any insight would be appreciated. Good luck to all!
  5. I am applying for several grad programs to different schools for my P.H.D. in geophysics and planetary science. Some background, I spent quite a bit of time in the Army and was on some special small combat advisor teams. I have a letter of recommendation from a Lt. Colonel along with 2 professors. Would a letter from a high ranking officer help set me apart in the application process? He has his own range of merits; he is a retired Lt. Colonel, a published author and the writer of the Gideon Hawk series, and has his own range of degrees. I could get a third academic letter, but this one is a strong letter to my professional merits as he thought very highly of me.
  6. Hi! I'm a first time poster. I am trying to find out what requirements specifically to ask my recommendation letter writers for MPH programs but can't find any information on the specific school websites or SOPHAS. I am applying to MPH programs in the USA, mostly the brand name schools. Any information would be helpful!
  7. Hello all! Here's the deal: I graduate from the University of Montevallo in May 2018. I'm the former secretary and current VP of NSSLHA. I've done qualitative research in the area of aphasia as primary investigator, and am positive I will be able to get above average recommendation letters from professors. BUT, my GPA is on the low end. I took dual enrollment classes in high school and ended up with several B's and a couple of C's. I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life then, and of course had no idea how competitive SLP programs are. Assuming I get all A's this fall, my GPA will end up being a 3.56. My current GRE score is 294 and 3.5 writing. I'm retaking it in the beginning of November. I'm applying to severallllll schools in the southeast. My top choices are University of Tennessee, University of Memphis, East Tennessee State University and the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill (long shot, I know, but many of their faculty have done research in aphasia and I thought I might have a chance considering my background.) What kind of chances do I have? Any advice as far as personal statements, recommendation letters, etc would be much appreciated!
  8. Hi all- just wanted to share a new website I started- http://slpgradschool.com/ (or just enter slpgradschool.com) to help undergraduate speech pathology and audiology students improve their chances of getting into graduate school. The site has tutorials- videos too- on all aspects of getting into grad school. I've been in the field for 12 years and have served on two different university admission committees so have a pretty good sense of what schools are looking for. On the site, I give you lots of strategic ways to improve your chances of getting in and even explain the parts of the process. For example, its the start of the fall semester-- if you are a senior, you should have asked the 3 or 4 people you've identified to write your letters of rec already. Check it out!
  9. Hello, I did a bachelor's in biology and environmental science, with only one 400 level statistics course. I'm taking further math classes at a community college right now, before applying for an MS in Biostatistics. I know my limited math background already puts me in a bad spot, but I'm unsure about my picks for recommendation letters as well. I was wondering if it matters that my writers dont all have PhDs, esp since only 1 is in math. Right now, I have one biology professor (PHD bio), one environmental science professor (MS env sci) and the stats lecturer (he wasnt a professor. MS applied math) They all know me well, but is that good enough?
  10. I started to contact my professor for recommendation letter in mid-Nov, and he replied a month later, explaining that he was busy with final exams and was happy to provide me a recommendation. I should have been alarmed by then but instead, considering he was quite a successful senior chief financial manager, which would add up a lot for my application, I listed his name for three most important programs. However, he seems to be unresponsive for all of my follow-up emails. And since he is an adjucnt professor from my exchange school and it is summer vacation now, there's no way that I could ever meet him in person and I cannot call him up as well as I don't have his personal phone number (And I believe it will only make things worse by calling him). I am totally freaking out and I wonder if anyone has any good idea for my situation.
  11. Hi there! I am getting ready to apply to schools this fall and am trying to make a timeline of when my apps should be submitted. I was wondering if anyone had any advice for approaching/contacting writers for rec letters. I am definitely planning to ask early; I am going back to school next week and had been planning on asking for reference letters at the beginning of September, but I am wondering if it would be appropriate to email two of my professors now just to see if they are willing to write them, and then provide them with a folder containing my gpa, resume, etc. when I get back to school just to be ahead of the game. I'm not sure if it is OK to do this via email or if there is a better way to go about asking, so if anyone has any advice I would greatly appreciate it!
  12. hello everyone, i need your opinion about a LOR issue, I appreciate if you could help me on this one I'm applying to clinical phd programs (already have clinical MA degree). and by the way I'm an international applicant and writing letters of recommendation is not taken as seriously as it deserves in where I come from. faculty members usually behave like members of a superior cult, they rarely work with their students in research projects etc. since there was not any faculty member who could know anything about my research skills, I asked a faculty from whom I had taken two courses and obtained the highest grade&prepared the most extensive term paper in his class. I got my second LOR from an ex employer. I did not have much of a choice for the third letter so I asked a peer from graduate school to write me LOR. She is an MA level clinician, we had taken some courses together at grad school, also we were in the same supervision group. I know this is a less than desirable situation, but should I be worried that my future is ruined? My undergrad psych.GPA is 3.85, grad 3.57. total GRE 1300. also have research exp. and several published papers with first authorships.
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