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  1. Hi, I am currently struggling with the schools I should be applying to with my scores and profile. I am also looking at scholarships/funding opportunities, both need and merit based: Undergrad Major: BSc. Maths (Honours) with minor in Economics GPA: 4.0 (9.0/10.0) Type of Student: International female GRE General Test: 170Q, 158V, 5.0AWA Programs Applying: MS in Data Science/ Stats Professional Experience: Currently working as a Data Analyst for a media marketing global firm, this entails working with and for Google to design, implement and analyze measurement tests for all their marketing campaigns. Also working as a marketing specialist for a startup, where I am setting up their marketing analytics wing from scratch. Research Experience: 2 months internship in the government think tank of India under the Advisor, Industry. 2 months self research project with the Research cell of my undergrad school. No papers. Letters of Recommendation: Two professors from my undergrad, which should be strong. Also, the director of Analytics in the current multinational company that I am working with. Math Courses: Multivariable Calculus, Linear Algebra, Applied Linear Algebra, Differential Equations, Real Analysis, Real Analysis II, Group Theory, Ring Theory, Statistics and Probability theory, Graph Theory, Financial Mathematics, Micro and Macro economics, Linear Modelling Coding experience: Deep understanding of C++,R and SQL; intermediate understanding of Python Besides this, I have a pretty strong extracurricular profile, I am a published poet and was the co-founder/president of the poetry society in my college. I also have been an active debater throughout school and college, and have won/organised several national debating tournaments. I am interested to get into the data science/stats programs at Tier 1 schools. The programs I am currently looking at are as follows: 1.) Stanford M.S Statistics (Know it's prob a massive reach) 2.) Harvard Data Science (Always wanted to be rejected by harvard) 3.) Columbia M.A Statistics and M.S Data Science 4.) UMichigan - Data Science and Statistics 5.) UWashington Statistics and Data Science 6.) UCLA Applied Statistics 7.) Cornell Master of Professional Studies (MPS) in Applied Statistics (Option II: Data Science) 8.) NYU MSDS 9.) UVirginia Data Science and Statistics I wanted to understand if these are achievable for me, and if there are any other programs I should be looking at based on my profile. I also wanted to know what are my chances at getting funding/scholarships given that I come from a non affluent background. Much Thanks!
  2. Hi everyone, I am a senior undergrad looking to go into the biotech industry. I have seen many schools offering a biotech masters degree, but am unsure which one I should be applying to because there are too many choices and variations. I have a GRE score of 330, good GPA, and 3 years of research experience, so please feel free to suggest any school you think is best for this degree! I am hoping to go into industry after this degree, in biopharma or consulting.
  3. This has been such a painful and tedious process and just when I think I'm done, I'm not. I am applying to both Master's and PhD programs. I had three recommenders lined up who all know me very well. academically and personally. Two of the three got their letters in on time. One of them didn't and wasn't responding to emails over the winter break. When I finally got in touch with her, she said she would do them "that night." It obviously didn't happen. Since then, she has kept saying on multiple occasions that she was going to submit the letters that day. Here I am, a month after one of the deadlines (Dec 30), and two weeks after the other deadlines (Jan 15). I have already been rejected from one of the Jan 15 programs. I can't help but assume it's because I was missing a letter. Even if she got the letters submitted tomorrow (unlikely), do I even have a shot at this point? What do you do in this scenario???? Is there a way you can appeal a decision or get them to pause reviewing your application. I don't want all of my money and time to have been wasted because one person wont submit a letter. It is completely out of my hands. I can't force her to do it. Please help me. What do I do?
  4. Hi, I am struggling with whom I should ask for the letter of recommendation. I worked with my girlfriend who was a staff member (she already earned his PhD) at that time in the same lab for two years. We worked very professionally and she was mentoring me during my stay in the lab. We even have a couple of papers published together. She knows my potential very well in my personal and professional life. She is basically the perfect person to write me a letter of recommendation and if we were not together, I wouldn't think twice to ask her for a support letter. I feel that it would be a bit unfair for other applicants or might unethical to submit the recommendation letter from your significant other. My situation with my committee members is that I did not have much contact with them due to the nature of the project. My adviser was very opinionated about my Master project and my other committee members did not have much influence or need to advise me. I talked to one of them only twice during video chat and so he is not definitely a person who can write a strong letter for me. I can get two letters of recommendation from my adviser and another committee member who knows me well enough. I am struggling with the third. Can you guys give your opinions if I should apply using a letter from her? Btw, I am applying to PhD program and will include top program. My girlfriend current position also has the perfect credentials to write LORS.
  5. Hello all! Just joined - glad to be here! I'm currently a junior and have been considering going to graduate school for quite some time but I'm not exactly sure what to do to prepare myself as fully as possible for the applications. I've been enjoying my time in college and doing lots of academic and nonacademic stuff not related to graduate school, but I'm kind of a mess when it comes to planning and working towards grad school. I'm an international student double majoring in computational biology and mathematics at an R1 university in the US and enjoying it immensely - and I want to continue in the intersection of the two fields (computational genomics, high-throughput tech analysis and design, network inference, systems biology). I've been in and out of research assistantships throughout college but never stuck to one that I feel strongly about (the one I'm working on right now has been going on for about 3 months). I also don't yet know any faculty close enough to ask for a recommendation letter. I was co-author on two papers from a past research assistantship not related to my field (materials engineering), and I have a sole-author manuscript up on arXiv. Current project may result in a pub (according to my research supervisor) but I'm not sure. My GPA is around average for my major (around 4.6-4.7 on a 5.0 scale), although I have been taking graduate courses and an above-average load in recent semesters. My goal is to finish undergrad with my current GPA but I am not quite sure if that's enough for what I'm aiming towards for graduate school (either continue at this university or another R1). My university also has a one-year Master's program that requires a 4.25 technical GPA that I'm confident I will reach, and I'm considering spending a year post-undergrad for that to do research and prepare better for grad school. No clue about the GREs yet. I have also been dealing with mental health issues since freshman year and diagnosed with ADD a year and a half ago. I am accommodated by the university but it shows on my work and grades. I mainly wanted to post just to get an idea of what should I be focusing on for the future. Maybe it's too early, I don't know; but I can't help but get nervous when my classmates are getting incredibly lucrative job offers and such. I wanted to be a professor in academia my whole life and I'm my best and most passionate self when doing research. Right now I'm kind of lost. I would be grateful for any advice! How do I connect with faculty and research supervisors for possible assistantships/projects? Is my GPA enough for R1 institutions? Will the Master's program benefit me in preparing for grad school? Should I take the GREs for a potential added plus for GRE-optional schools? Should I mention my mental health issues and disability to research supervisors/advisors and in grad school applications? I'll take any advice. Thank you so much in advance!
  6. Hi, Does anyone know what questions Cornell CIPA asks your recommenders? Thanks in advance.
  7. TL;DR: All of my three referees have asked me to provide a draft of my recommendation letter, and I'm freaking out that this might compromise the credibility of my LoRs *facepalm* Full version: I'm an international applicant for phd programs in neuroscience / biomedical sciences / biomedical engineering. Two of my referees are PIs from my university, where professors usually ask students to draft their own LoR before revising it slightly if at all and handing it in. The problem is, the third referee is a professor from a nice university in USA (where I did my summer research), and even he has asked me to draft my own LoR. I am extremely worried that if/when the admissions committee see that all three of my LoRs are basically written by myself, they would deem my LoRs untrustworthy, and my applications this year would be doomed. If anyone has some good tips on how to make my letter drafts more credible / look less like random letters written by a student, I would greatly appreciate it That said, I suspect that I'll have to look for RA positions in case I am rejected by every school I apply to this year *facepalm* Thanks in advance!
  8. Just a clarifying question - Recommenders submit one letter on CSDCAS and that letter is sent to each of the programs on CSDCAS, is that correct? One of my professors wants information about who to address his letters to, etc. and I just wanted to make sure for the CSDCAS programs, it'd just be a general salutation since it's sent to multiple schools.
  9. Hi everyone! For those who requested recommendations from employers, did you email them documents such as your transcript or a copy of your statement of purpose for them to review while writing the recommendations on your behalf? I'm applying to several programs via CSDCAS. I asked my supervisor and a special education teacher I worked with to write me letters. Do they need supplement items in order to write me a stronger recommendation? Or would it be better if I just submit the request form to them without those items? I would love feedback about this. Thank you
  10. One of my professors is a foreign national and it shows on the recommendation letter. I wasn't supposed to look at the letter but the school administrator sent me a copy for my reference, not sure if I should be glad I did, or not. Anyway, the letter was already sent to accompany my grad school application and I had absolutely no control over both its content and logistics, i.e. knowing this at this point is too late. Would this affect my chances at all? How do adcom view this situation?
  11. Ok so 1 school in the state I wish to attend in states, "provide 3 Letters of Recommendation" and the other, "provide 3 professional letters of recommendation." Ok, I'm an artist, and this is about art. Am I really expected to have 3 professional letters from employers/art galleries, etc... for my art? I'm a stock artist, most of my art is sold self employed through websites. I cannot get professional web site mgr.s to give me recommendations. I really want to be accepted at this second school, but I'm uncertain they will accept professors letters of recommendations at all? I am asking 3 profs., and 1 art gallery Dir, and hoping to get the Art Gallery Dir., and 2 Profs. to agree to write them for me. (sigh).
  12. Please bear with me if a similar topic has already been posted - I'm on the verge of a nervous breakdown. My advisor, the one who would be my strongest recommender, has basically gone AWOL. I asked for the letter about 2 months back and he said he would write it in time for my Dec 15 deadlines. I even met him the past week and he was suggesting some schools that I should check out and stuff. Afterwards, its like he just dropped off the face of the earth. I know that it's ok if our LORs arrive a little late, but in the event that I still cannot get him to submit his LOR, what should I do? And how long should I wait to contact him? I'm a little hesitant to rush him because I'm afraid then he wouldn't write me a strong letter; he thinks I'm not ready for a PhD and asked me to apply for Masters programs and I'm afraid this opinion might be reflected in the letters. PS. All final exams are over now in my university and students have gone for their vacations - I thought he'd have more free time now. I have a "backup" recommender but he's someone I never worked with directly so the letter would be rather generic.
  13. So, I do not plan to apply the grad school next year (2018).. Instead, I am going for 2019 and I want to prepare from now! The situation is really complicating... I finished my undergrad 2-3 years ago in US ... and currently, I am serving the air force back home in Korea.. When I finish my military service, I'd be off from the academics for almost 4 years so would it be possible for me to get 3 letters of recommendation letters from the professors? I'm worried because I wasn't the best student in the classes nor have been close to the professors. I have heard that some Graduate schools (or the graduate program) don't accept the letters of recommendation from academic field if you have been off for 5 years.. Is that true? Or should I reach to the professors for the LoR? The problem is that I can only contact with them through emails as I'm in service... Please give me some advice so I won't freak out!
  14. Hey guys, So I'm in a bit of situation here. I have taken 4 classes with the professor all were 300 and 400 level courses and i got As in all. I know that he was in administrative leave and then eventually got fired because of some misconduct with other professor and some students complained about some insulting and sexual contexts were spoken on some topics. Any who, the professor knows me well, i had done some good job on his classes regardless i feel like those are kind of the professors whom i should ask LOR from. Should i still ask him for LOR? Does it even matter that he was fired? Thank you,
  15. Here is my story: I am an international student in the U.S. with a bachelor degree in a good school and currently a first-year master student in an institute that does not focus on research and not very competitive between students. The reasons I picked this school for my master because I want to keep my F1 status active and this school's tuition fit my pocket. About my application, I have okay GPA in undergrad (3.3), excellent GPA at the current master school (4.0, but the school is not famous), good Q. GRE score (164), but not get V. and writing. I have one published publication in U.S. conference as the 2nd author. Can anyone give me some suggestion what I should do now? I really don't want to finish my master in the current school because it does not provide me anything for my research career. Thanks to those who read this post.
  16. I requested a LOR from a PI. They told me that the PhD student that I worked with would write the first draft, and they would revise and write the final draft. I emailed both of them to remind them that my first deadline was today (I emailed them before today), and the grad student told me that he would be submitting it. He said that I should change the name and email in my application to his so that he could submit it. I'm really unsure of what to do. I know that LORs from grad students are not good for applications. I have no idea whether the PIs name would even be in the letter. If not, then I just have LOR from a grad student which was not our agreement. If so, then I feel as though it will look sketchy that the LOR came from the grad student's email. What should I do?
  17. Hello! I am applying MIT for graduate study. In the application form, applicants can provide more than three reference letters. Should I submit four referees if I can make sure all four rec letters are positive? I read an article which was written in 2009, and in the article the author said admission committees would not spend time to read all the letters if the applicant submitted more than three. Mostly, they would choose three and read. I was wondering if it is the truth. And I appreciate it if you could give me some suggestions on what I should do. Thank you guys for spending time to read my question.
  18. Could someone please advise on this - I have a professor whose class I had taken online in one semester. We had interactions through emails and on discussion forums. I have met him only once. And I had an A in his subject. Would it be ok to ask a letter of recommendation from him ?
  19. Hi all, This year I am applying for some top universities AeroAstro graduate programs : MIT, Stanford, Caltech, ... but I don't really know if I have a competitive profile. Could you guys tell me what you think? I am currently in third Bachelor year of polytechnic engineering at the Belgian Royal Military Academy. My score average for the last two years is 15/20 (last year 15.7/20) but there's only one guy in the school who's got more than 16/20, so I am very good. I am also formed in military fields : command, management, combat, sports, etc. I skipped three grades in elementary school. Haven't taken the GRE yet : assume AW 4-5, QR 165+, but not very good VR (maybe 160). TOEFL 110. Three good letters of recommendation. However, as I am only 19 and still in Bachelor, I have never done any research, internships or publications. Do you think this is going to penalize me? My Bachelor's thesis is about the WTW efficiency of electrical cars. Thank you all for your answers, Arthur
  20. Hello everyone I am applying to Harvard BSS and I have a question regarding LOR: How my professors/ mentors should send LOR for me? Should they send them to a specific email address or through another submission process? Thanks in advance
  21. I'm having a bit of a dilemma in who to ask for a letter of recommendation. I'm currently 1+ years of research in a lab with a PI, Research Associate, and Post-Doc. I did 2 years of research in undergrad with a professor (who I had not taken any classes from). I had been planning on asking for LoRs from 1) my undergrad research prof, 2) the PI of my current lab, and 3) the Research Associate of my current lab. I work a bit more closely with the Research Associate than I do the PI, just due to the fact that the PI is busy doing PI things like writing grants. However, it occurs to me it might seem sketchy to have two LoR from the same lab. Is this the case? I have the sinking feeling it is, especially in a lab as small as this one. My other options are getting a LoR from a professor I had in UG who really liked me and I did well in their course, but that was a year and a half ago (I'm post-grad now). I'm applying for Neuro programs, with a focus on behavioral neuro research. My current lab is not behavioral really, the undergrad researcher was in the psych program but we did biopsych/behavioral neuro research, and the undergrad professor was in the psych program and one of the classes I took from her had to do with animal behavior.
  22. Hey All! I just would like to know what kind of people would fall under a personal and a professional letter of reference? Would a professor be personal or professional? Thanks!
  23. Hello All, I am planning to apply to IHEID MDev program for fall 2017 in march deadline. I finished my undergrad in 2004, and have worked for 8 years in technology arena. I wanted to ask if anyone with work experience has applied for this program. Moreover my biggest problem is that I am not in touch with my professors, and I am having hard time to reach out to them. I talked to the admission office at IHEID, and they stress that get at least one academic recommendation. Do you think if I get both professional recommendations that will weaken my application. I still have time, and will try to talk to professors, but chances to get a reference from them is really less. I will really appreciate help from anyone with similar experience. What did you do? Thanks in advance.
  24. I've decided to apply to a program where the deadline is in 5 days. Two of my letter writers have written letters for me in the past, so they would just have to tweak them a little, and they are laid back enough that I don't expect them to be (very) upset when I ask them on short notice. However, I am very worried about asking the third. To be perfectly candid, I suffer from serious anxiety, and a lot has happened lately that has really triggered it. Of course, having put things off to the last minute, I am feeling even more anxious. I wholly understand that and have scolded myself for it repeatedly, I assure you. This professor is either very warm or very cold, and honestly it seems to depend on her mood that day, but I think she would be able to write a strong letter for me if she agrees to do it. Even if the institution receives it late, it would be better than nothing. My concern is I really do not want to offend her by asking for something on such short notice, and I don't want her to think that I was being irresponsible. I know, in some ways that might not be off, but I became so obsessed with doing things right, I completely froze. I know that revealing mental health issues is kind of a big "no no" when you want to assure programs you are stable enough to complete the program. My therapist suggests I do not offer "explanation" but apologize profusely and perhaps leave her a voicemail in addition to an email. It would be very hard to meet with her in person without setting up a meeting since it is winter break, and she is seldom in her office anyway. I am a bit concerned that zero explanation of any sort will cause problems. My plan was to write the email/leave a voicemail where I apologize a lot and outline the reasons I really value her as a professor and mentor. I was going to attach my SOP and CV and ask what else she may need. I was also going to include copies of my final papers/projects from her classes, but those have been lost. Has anyone ever had to do this before? Ideas of how to do this correctly? I do not want to damage my relationship with her when asking for help.
  25. I'm applying for several PhD programs and master programs. My first school is due today in 10 minutes. Two of my professors have submitted their LOR a long time ago but this one professor still hasn't hers yet. I reminded her three days ago and she promised me that she will have it ready by today. But well. I'm so disappointed and sad. I know her and she knows me really well so I completely trusted her. I've been doing research with her for a while and she's also the head of the department so I believe she can really write me a strong LOR. I've already submitted my application and i hope that the school do accept late recommendation letters (if she's ever going to write it and submit it)... Did she just forget? just why? Should i find someone else to write? I know one other professor in person really well (since I'm from a liberal art college so we have a small faculty-student ratio) , but I've only taken one class with him, not sure if he has enough to write academically.
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