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Found 6 results

  1. Hi all, I am trying to analyze my fit with a prospective PI. I really like him and I am totally compelled by the research he is doing, but I have heard he can be a little intense and I want to watch out for red flags. I flew out to interview last weekend and when I got to the first recruitment event I found out he had invited three people to interview for a position in his lab. When discussing it with his current students later on, it appears he only has one position to fill. Does this strike anybody as odd? He had each of us give a short presentation at his lab meeting and, upon reviewing my email threads with him, he sort of deliberately avoided mentioning that I would be presenting along with two other recruits. I even asked him who the audience for the presentation would be and he didn't mention it. Is this normal? Am I presumptuous for believing there wouldn't be other recruits there? Thanks!
  2. Anyone want to share which recruitment weekends they'll be attending and/or what to expect? I'm headed to University of Kentucky's in Lexington next weekend and Bowling Green State University's in March. Already accepted to BGSU, and interviewed with UK but no official acceptance yet.
  3. I've been accepted to a college and will attend their recruitment weekend soon! Their itinerary states a full day of events on Friday and Saturday (up until dinner on Sat), and nothing on Sunday. I'd rather go home on Saturday evening instead of Sunday morning. My question is whether it'd be okay to leave after dinner on Saturday? Does the school need to know whether I check out on Saturday evening or Sunday morning? Is it rude to skip unscheduled events after Saturday's dinner (e.g. drinks with current grad students)?
  4. I've been accepted into two schools and I'll be attending both their visit/recruitment weekends next month. I'm also currently in an LDR with my boyfriend of one year, and both schools are within a few hours drive from where he is attending college. I was hoping to bring my boyfriend along to both visit weekends, but am worried about a few things: I won't be bringing him to any school events unless explicitly told I can bring family/friends/partners. In this case, is it worth him even coming along? Will I be attending event after event such that I won't even get to spend time with him? I definitely don't want to be rude so will attend every scheduled event! Both schools will be housing students in pairs. Will it be rude to ask if my boyfriend can share a room with me instead? Of course, we will offer to pay for his share of expenses! Overall, will this leave a poor first impression on the school? I feel like it might be more acceptable to bring a spouse, but not so much a bf/gf? Am I wrong? Thanks!
  5. I applied for PhD program in Mechanical Eng. at UC Berkeley. This weekend is the recruitment weekend, but I have never received any invitation. Does it mean I won't get a PhD offer from UCB?
  6. Okey-doke: So I'm an utter newb at this whole Grad School cult(ure) thing. I've been invited to two Open House/Recruitment Weekend/Admitted Students Day-type thingies (from schools that have both made offers to me), and am seeking advice on what to expect, what sort of questions I should ask while there, and (shallow being that I am) what the frak should I wear?!?! I'm typically a chucks, jeans, and a baggy tank kinda gal.....but something tells me that this garb might not be appropriate for this purpose. I know they can't revoke my admit decision because I look like a schlub, but I figure (OK, let's be honest....I didn't "figure" anything....my more socially-functional friends have told me. In no uncertain terms) that I should try to look "professional" when I go on these trips. So.....what does "professional" mean, in this context? Do I need heels? A jacket/blazer thingy? Or should I just say "screw it" and show up looking like I actually look, in ripped jeans and a ball cap, so that I feel comfortable and not like I'm playing in Big Sis's closet? It's not like they're not potentially going to see me in my *ahem* natural habit every day for the next 6+ years...... tl;dr: HELP! Tell me what to expect during "Recruitment Weekend".
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