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Found 2 results

  1. I have applied to 5 graduate programs tagged above (almost 6, I havent finished Emerson online). 3 out of the 5 programs require interviews around this time of year. I am getting very anxious about not receiving invitations for the interviews. I've heard Chapman started emailing individuals, and I havent recieved anything from them. I'm waiting for CSUSM and CBU. I really hope I hear from them soon. I wanted to come here in hope of other people informing me if they have heard anything about these programs. If possible, let me and everyone reading this know if you know anything about interviews, acceptances, or rejections from these or other programs. Thanks!
  2. I am weighing two programs on opposite sides of the country. I have only been waitlisted at Redlands, but they only give you 24 hours to accept or reject their offer if accepted off of the waitlist. It may not even be an option but I am trying to get prepared in case I am accepted! I was able to tour Emerson and loved it, but have only visited the Redlands campus when it was closed for the holidays. Does anyone have any positives, negatives, or other information not listed here about these programs? I am obsessively thinking about this and I am not sure I am going to be able to tour Redlands before I would have to accept an offer from them. Both are terribly expensive so that is not an issue THANK YOU!!! EMERSON COLLEGE Pros: -Brag about their supportive environment -In-house clinic with some really interesting specialty areas and programs -As an out-of-fielder, I would be finished May 2019 -54-credit program -Faculty with varied backgrounds + teaching and clinical faculty separate -Interesting research being conducted -Boston = interesting and varied clinical opportunities -Highly ranked -More grad schools for partner to apply to -Good "feel" when I visited... I pretty much fell in love -Well-rounded program Cons: -In Boston... far away! And expensive living. And I don't think I'm a "city person"... but Boston is also really cool! -Larger cohort -Would need to start online prereq classes this May (not sure if this is a + or -) -Have to start clinicals one semester later than in-field cohort -Other than SLP, it is not medical/education-focused - it's an arts school UNIVERSITY OF REDLANDS Pros: -Also brag about supportive environment on website -In-house clinic (no knowledge of specialty areas, but it caters to all ages and disorders) -**Location = close to family (this one is big due to some family issues, and may make me accept an offer either way) -I would like to move back to the west either way after graduation (but probably not southern Cali), so I would already be in the region - not sure if this matters -Beautiful campus -Small cohort -I have heard great things about the school as a whole -Cheaper cost of living than Boston -60-credit program -Well-rounded program Cons: -I really only know what I have seen on their website and this forum... not a lot! -As an out-of-fielder, I would graduate May 2020 -Wouldn't start until January 2018 (not sure what I will do until then, as I had to quit my job already in preparation for Boston) -Small faculty group, limited research and focuses -No specialty areas (other than bilingual) -Not a lot of grad programs my partner can apply to -Can do research, but final project cannot be a thesis (not sure if I want to do research, but I want to keep my options open!)
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