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Found 4 results

  1. I'm applying to at least two, potentially more Clinical Psychology programs through PSYCAS. Does anyone know if, when I request my references through PSYCAS, they will have to submit one letter that will be then sent to each program, or if they will have to submit a letter per each school applied to? Asking because it will potentially impact how many schools I apply to. I don't particularly want to burden my references with having to go through 15 different reference letter links through PSYCAS if I decide to be ambitious and apply to that many - but if they only need to submit one, then it's just more work for me and not them.
  2. Pretty much all the profs I'm asking for a letter from I've done a fair amount of research under. However, I haven't spoken to a couple of these profs for a few of months and considering how busy they are I wouldn't be surprised if they've mostly forgotten about the specifics of what I did. So I thought it might be a good idea to attach a document summarizing my work with them when I ask for a letter, and I found a couple of other posts here that suggested doing the same thing. For this document, I was wondering if it would be a better idea to give a detailed page or so long description of everything I did or 5-6 bullet points summarizing my main contributions. The obvious benefit of the former is that I get to remind them of the details of everything I did, but it comes at the risk of them not wanting to read so much and pretty much ignoring the document. For people who have done this in the past/planning on doing this now, what does your summary's format look like and how long/detailed is it?
  3. Hello! I am applying MIT for graduate study. In the application form, applicants can provide more than three reference letters. Should I submit four referees if I can make sure all four rec letters are positive? I read an article which was written in 2009, and in the article the author said admission committees would not spend time to read all the letters if the applicant submitted more than three. Mostly, they would choose three and read. I was wondering if it is the truth. And I appreciate it if you could give me some suggestions on what I should do. Thank you guys for spending time to read my question.
  4. I have three questions regarding referee letters. I am preparing for application to Master of Clinical psychology course in Australia as an international student. I have already completed my master degree in counseling psychology in Korea. Question 1. I have to get two reference letters from two academic referees. -> For the first one, I will get one from my academic supervisor at my graduate course. My question is about the second one. there are two options. One: from a professor at my bachelor course. But as far as I graduated from bachelor course about 10 years ago already, the professor does not remember much about my academic ability. All she could mention is that I have well-above high GPA in bachelor degree. The professor and I have good relationships in personal, so she was willing to write a referee letter for me, but I doubt that she could describe about my ability well since it was too long ago that I took her class. Second option: From a professor at my graduate course. She knows my ability well as in an acdemic field and professional field. But, I heard it would be better to get one from bachelor degree and one from master degree instead of getting both in the same grad school. If I choose her, then I would get two reference letters from the same grad school. -Do you think it would be better to get one from my bachelor degree and one from grad school? Or get both of them from the grad school as they know me better. Question 2.I am applying for several universities, which require all different number of reference letters. For one university they require only one academic reference letter. -> There are two options in getting the academic reference leter from my grad school. One: my academic supervisor under whom I completed my grad thesis, and did many projects together. She is officially my graduate course acadmic supervisor. She knows me well, but she is very critical and kind of cynical, so I am not really sure whether she would give a high ranking for me in the reference letter. Two: Another professor, who is not my main supervisor, but she knows me very well academically and professionaly. I think she regards me highly compared to my acadmic supervisor. She would definitely give me better comments on the reference letter. -> Can I get one academic reference letter form the second professor instead of getting one from my main academic supervisor??? If I have to get only one academic reference letter, should I get that from my main academic supervisor? Or Can I get one from others? Question 3. I have to get one reference letter from professional field. I used to work in a high school as a student counselor and the principal of the high school will write a reference letter for me. He told me to give him rough ideas of the reference letters that I want to emphasize in it. I saw the reference letter form and there are parts that my referee should describe my weakness in the workfield. I am stuck with this question. What kind of "weakness" should I describe that wouldn't degrade myself ? for example, "the applicant has a aperfectionism and high-standard with herself and work that makes her often exhausted and overwhelmed." "The applicant is sensitive in sensing the mood's of others. She is easily overwhelmed by other's feelings. But, it would help her to be a emphatic listener at the same time" <- will those statements be fine for the weakness description? It would be so much grateful if anyone can give me any answer regarding these questions. Thank you in advance!!!!
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