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Found 7 results

  1. Hey everybody, Im looking to apply to various programs and have been doing research + getting everything ready etc etc .... I already have 3 reference letters(2 profs who taught me + 1 who supervised me for honors thesis) from last year as I applied to medical school and didnt get(yay) in and im just going to ask the referees to make some adjustments in the letter to fit grad schools if needed. Main question is how is everyone generally going through with the process of getting the letters and how many schools are you applying to. Also has anyone used interfolio ? Im thinking of putting my reference letters on there if possible as to not bother my references.. However I've also heard most schools dont accept it. * I'm just slightly worried about my referees having to upload their letters 10 different times* On that note how many programs everyone generally applying to at once, i understand this varies for everyone situation but I just want to hear some general feedback
  2. All of the grad programs I'm applying for need 2 references and so far I've only gotten one. The other prof I contacted hasn't gotten back to me yet and deadlines are fast approaching. Unfortunately, the two profs I emailed are the only two who know me well enough, so there's no one else I can ask. However, there is also another course instructor I had who I think would have good things to say about me, but she's a Ph.D. student and I've heard we should only get well-known professors to write reference letters. So should I still ask the Ph.D. student to write a reference letter or just wait for my other professor to reply (or email her again)? If I decide to send the second professor another email, is there a way to do so without coming across as impatient? I understand how busy professors are so I'm worried about being a burden or putting extra pressure on them. My application deadlines are 1-2 months away (I stated specific deadlines in the email) and I have one semester left until graduation so I don't think I have enough time to get to know any new professors, unless there's a quick way to do so? I know this is my fault for not asking earlier and/or in person but there isn't much I can do about that now since the holiday started and I don't go back until January. So is there anything I can do between now and January to get the second referee? This is the only thing getting in the way of my grad application. I have everything else - good grades, sufficient research experience, CV, letter of intent - so I'm not ready to give up on applying all together. If there's absolutely nothing I can do, can I get away with one referee? P.S. I'm not sure if this matters but I'm applying to the MA public policy programs at Carleton and UofT, and MA social justice at Brock and Laurier, so if anyone is in any of these programs can give insight into the application process and what the admissions committee is looking for, especially regarding references, that would be helpful
  3. Has anyone applied to Ryerson's masters of professional communications program? If so does anyone know what type of references they are expecting? Are they expecting references from a tenured prof or a professional that has taught your courses or a contract worker? Thanks!
  4. I'm starting to gather my LoRs and already feeling nervous about it. Have a few questions about the etiquette. I emailed a professor in whose subject I got an A to see if I could set up a meeting for a LoR. He hasn't responded yet. I understand that some people say one should always ask directly in person. I'm willing to do that, but turning up at their office without an appointment might seem bothersome. Hence I emailed first. Now what do I do? Follow up by email again? Do Profs really miss some emails or is this a convenient way of saying No? I'm currently in another class in which I've been doing fine. Would it be ok to ask the professor right after class or is it better to set up a meeting by email first? I was wondering if this prof also doesn't want to write a LoR but might feel uncomfortable in saying so directly. I had given up a decent paying job to pursue a PhD and I don't have any plan B. I hadn't factored in the fact that I might not be able to apply due to lack of 3 LoRs.....I'm starting to feel a little depressed as the deadlines are coming closer. Just graduating with a MS would do me no good. Are there other options to get into a decent school without LoR?
  5. Hey All! I just would like to know what kind of people would fall under a personal and a professional letter of reference? Would a professor be personal or professional? Thanks!
  6. Dear all, I am going to apply for PhD this year with an MA. I am from a remote country outside US. Do I have to have one reference letter from the chair of my MA thesis committee? I saw somebody said 'yes' in an earlier thread, but want more opinions to confirm this. Is it a norm in the US that candidates with an MA are always expected to submit one reference letter from their thesis committee chair? I am a bit reluctant to ask for a letter from the chair of my thesis committee, because I rarely communicated with him before and after my thesis defense, and he seemed to think my paper was too technical. Also, I already have one letter from another professor who is my committee member. However, he is not the chair. Thanks!
  7. I am in a really tough dilemma. So, do please help if you can. I have exceptional academic record at a top 5 institute for Aerospace and have an unofficial offer with funding from the lab I work as an undergraduate. I currently work in two labs, serve as an academic advisor and a dual major (Aero E., and applied physics). I want to go to MIT/Caltech Aero program and hence I want to keep everything perfect. Here is my situation: Reco. 1: Research Scientist and my immediate supervisor for 2 years. Given me A+ in directed study courses (3 semesters, 3 A+'s). More like a friend. No doubt that she will be extremely positive. Reco. 2: Professor of Aerospace, well known in his field. I took a PhD course with him when I was in my 3rd year and got an A. He said without me asking "I would have taken you. But I am not taking students next year". Told me he will hook me up with a professor in my present univ. (but I don't really want to stay at the same university). Taking another advanced course with him next semester. Reco. 3: THIS IS THE REAL QUESTION! Option 1: Academic Coordinator, has a PhD. I also work as a peer academic advisor and she has said she will be very positive and supportive (I 100% trust her). I have working under her for 1 year and she thinks I have the best performance of all the advisors. I do have some achievements in advising office like enhancing student turnout and increasing the number of academic events. This will bring VARIETY to my letters. Option 2: Full professor in physics. Have been working for ~7 months (research) and meet him everyday. He is one of those guys who never expresses lots of emotion. He will always say "Good!", "Excellent", but would never say "You are the best" or never ask me about anything other than lab work. He will definitely be positive, but I am not sure how positive it will be. We are certainly publishing in 6-8 months (or even earlier) (alas! I hope it was before my grad application). He can mention about how close we are to getting results and that I am doing something very publishable. This will likely add WEIGHT to my LORs. VARIETY vs WEIGHT? Could someone give me some suggestions? If any additional details will help you, please let me know. I really need some hints.
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