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Found 11 results

  1. Hello all! So I'm going to be applying to some Biostatistics MS programs in the Fall and am not sure exactly who I should ask to write my recommendation letters. Right now, my plan is to ask my major advisor (I took his biostatistics class and TA-ed for it in a subsequent semester), my psychology research lab professor (I've been working in her lab for 4 years), and my choir director (at my university choir is a 1-credit class. I've been a part of the choir for 4 years and was our fundraising chair, vice president, and president consecutively in the latter 3 years.). I've chosen these professors because they know me very well and will all write very strong letters, however, I'm worried that admissions committees will want to see letters from more relevant disciplines. Should I sacrifice one (or more) of these strong letters for an average letter from a professor in the math or biology departments? Thanks!
  2. This has been such a painful and tedious process and just when I think I'm done, I'm not. I am applying to both Master's and PhD programs. I had three recommenders lined up who all know me very well. academically and personally. Two of the three got their letters in on time. One of them didn't and wasn't responding to emails over the winter break. When I finally got in touch with her, she said she would do them "that night." It obviously didn't happen. Since then, she has kept saying on multiple occasions that she was going to submit the letters that day. Here I am, a month after one of the deadlines (Dec 30), and two weeks after the other deadlines (Jan 15). I have already been rejected from one of the Jan 15 programs. I can't help but assume it's because I was missing a letter. Even if she got the letters submitted tomorrow (unlikely), do I even have a shot at this point? What do you do in this scenario???? Is there a way you can appeal a decision or get them to pause reviewing your application. I don't want all of my money and time to have been wasted because one person wont submit a letter. It is completely out of my hands. I can't force her to do it. Please help me. What do I do?
  3. Hi everyone, I’m having a hard time getting letter of references. I’d like to know if it’s possible I can use a field evaluation (undergrad internship evaluation) substituted for a letter of recommendation? Would the graduate admissions still consider this as a letter of references? Thanks.
  4. Hi everyone, I’m having a hard time getting letter of references. I’d like to know if it’s possible I can use a field evaluation (undergrad internship evaluation) substituted for a letter of recommendation? Would the graduate admissions still consider this as a letter of references? Thanks.
  5. I'm applying to at least two, potentially more Clinical Psychology programs through PSYCAS. Does anyone know if, when I request my references through PSYCAS, they will have to submit one letter that will be then sent to each program, or if they will have to submit a letter per each school applied to? Asking because it will potentially impact how many schools I apply to. I don't particularly want to burden my references with having to go through 15 different reference letter links through PSYCAS if I decide to be ambitious and apply to that many - but if they only need to submit one, then it's just more work for me and not them.
  6. Hi everone (it's my first post). I am trying to apply for a PhD position, but unfortuantely I have only 2 reference letters. (I am an international students and this whole reference letter thing is not common in my country) I was hoping it would not have been a big problem, but it turns out it is a HUGE problem and every university requires at least 3 letters. Since application deadlines are (ususally) on the 15th of Dec, it also seems like it is way too late to look for any other possible source of reference letters. So do you know any US university with a good Computer Science PhD program which accepts applications with only 2 reference letters? Thanks
  7. The background is that I was a good undergraduate student. I graduated from university with a top degree classification and several of the Faculty exam prizes and scholarships. The trouble started when I began a Masters degree at the same university. The course didn't suit my interests and I fell out with my main tutor, who took my bad performance very personally. I know that she contacted all three of my former referees and made sure to involve them. For full disclosure I also left the Masters course with unpaid rent owed to my college and threatened to draw publicity to the case if they pursued debt collection action against me (I had no money to pay the amount they were demanding so this was a last resort). A few years later I want to go back to university (for public policy/development) but none of my tutors seem willing to provide references. One has refused and the other seems very cold about it (as he was my personal tutor I think he is obliged to provide a reference, so I don't want to push him into providing a bad one). I am applying for this round so I don't have time to take a new course to get a reference. Is it better to risk a recommendation from someone who might be willing to sink all my applications, or choose someone who hardly (doesn't at all) remember me?
  8. I need 2 academic references for my dream Ivy League, however, I have all but entirely lost my connections with my professors since graduating in 2010. I do have a positive relationship with my University Provost and President, but having never completed a thesis or doing research, my references are limited. During my final semester my mother was diagnosed with a terminal illness that plunged me into a deep depression - as well as my GPA to a 2.96. I'm now a senior advisor to the US Senate - so I've done well professionally - but that won't do much for references however. I'm struggling with how to obtain academic references when those relationships no longer exist. Does anyone have suggestions about reforge those connections, or experience with a similar scenario? Thank you!
  9. I'm sorry if this question has already been asked before since it seems like a common question but I couldn't find a post on it. I am planning on applying to graduate school soon. Most of the programs I'm planning on applying to require 2-3 academic references, which I have BUT I plan to apply to multiple schools that I think I have a chance of being competitive in (10-15 schools at least). The problem I'm running into is that if I'm applying to this many schools I don't want to be harassing my past professors for 15+ references, as I'm sure they have better things to do than write 15+ difference references for me. I was wondering if anyone had a solution or could recommend anything to get around this problem as I don't want my references to start writing poorer references towards the end due to fatigue from writing all those references. I'm applying in Canada to various different provinces and planning on applying to programs in the field of Psychology.
  10. After multiple e-mails, calls, and a verbal confirmation that she had sent in my reference, I just saw on an application portal that one of my referees actually did not send it in. I've e-mailed both her and the school to ask if it is still possible for it to be considered, but is there really any hope of that happening at this point? It is my top choice and even though she has a reputation for being down to the wire, I never expected her to put me in this situation. Honestly just so hurt and worried right now. Is there anything more I can do besides e-mailing and calling on Monday? Also any experiences of late references being considered? Thanks in advance!
  11. Dear all, I have completed a Bachelor's in History and now I'm doing an internship with an NGO in India that focusses on female empowerment. I want to study Conflict Management. During 2015-2016, I have studied almost exclusively conflict management courses both in the Netherlands and the UK. Now I'm applying to a wide range of universities to spread my chances. A number of them require academic letters of recommendation. The problem is that I don't have that many people who can act as referees. A lot of my former professors taught History courses and I haven't seen them in a long while nor have I made an attempt to maintain contact. The bottom line is that I need more referees than I have. So my question is would it by incredibly ill-mannered and presumptive to ask a referee to provide two references? To add some context; I would be asking them to fill out recommendation forms for both Johns Hopkins University's SAIS and Science Po's PSAI, which I assume are two rather elaborative forms. Adding to that, although I have good relations with these referees it's not to the degree that I can just say "Hey man, you wouldn't mind filling out two forms, would you?" Just finding other referees will be a poor alternative because I doubt I can find anyone else who knows me to the degree that he/she could provide a decent reference. So who has ever been in a similar situation? How was your double request received? Or did you do something else? I'm very much unsure what to do so any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. With regards, Mees
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