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Found 19 results

  1. Hey, everyone. So it’s looking like my second straight admission cycle shutout. I’m feeling pretty dejected because while my GRE scores aren’t amazing, I did work hard to improve my scores over the past year. I took a Kaplan course online for 2 months and was able to obtain a 160 verbal 145 quant and 6 on my writing sample. Again, not the best, but after prepping for a year and considering where I started I was feeling ok. Did my research and looked for professors with whom I shared research interests(Japanese comparative politics), obviously due to the niche nature of my field there aren’t a whole lot of options and those tend to be the higher ranked schools, sadly. I had one of my former professors from USC(applied and rejected) who works on the political science admissions board write me a letter of recommendation, got it all in early.. and still nothing. Obviously the most glaring thing I could improve would be my quant score, I really struggle with math, but I fought very hard to raise it from where it was initially. But part of me wonders with how competitive PhD spots are right now, is it even worth it. Just really lost rn. If anyone has been in a similar position or has any advice I’d appreciate it. This has been a lifelong goal of mine and it just looks bleak at the moment. Did my master’s in 2020 and it’s just been trying to get into PhD since then.. I’m only 24, but I still feel like life is passing me by. Edit: totally neglected to mention my background, was so upset I forgot. Have a M.A Linguistics from Glasgow Uni(3.6 GPA) did my master’s in international public policy and management at USC(3.5 GPA) who also rejected me today.
  2. I got rejected from the program and I am kinda sad because I have been waiting for months after month to see if I would get in or not. It seems like the program is hard to get into. Does anyone have input?
  3. Hi all, so I got my first rejection letter today, woo! :') I applied to the physics PhD program at University of Minnesota. I felt I was a pretty strong applicant for the particular subfield I'm going in to, my statement of purpose was very strong, and I had good LORs. My grades/GPA are not the best, but I got an interview, which I took as a pretty good sign. I was really hoping to get in there. The rejection letter gave a very generic explanation, so I'm just very curious to know what specifically led them to reject me. So I have two questions: 1) Is it appropriate to respond and ask for feedback on my application / ask for a specific explanation for why I was rejected? I got the rejection through the application website, so there is not a specific person that informed me of the decision. If this is an okay thing to ask, who would I contact? 2) Do you think it's better to know or to not know the reason(s) for rejection? Of course I want to know why I was rejected just out of curiosity. In some sense, I think it would give me some closure to understand why I didn't cut it, instead of being left wondering about it for the next several months. On the other hand, I think knowing might just make me feel worse. It might be like a "do you really want to know?" moment. Would you rather know or not know?
  4. This has been such a painful and tedious process and just when I think I'm done, I'm not. I am applying to both Master's and PhD programs. I had three recommenders lined up who all know me very well. academically and personally. Two of the three got their letters in on time. One of them didn't and wasn't responding to emails over the winter break. When I finally got in touch with her, she said she would do them "that night." It obviously didn't happen. Since then, she has kept saying on multiple occasions that she was going to submit the letters that day. Here I am, a month after one of the deadlines (Dec 30), and two weeks after the other deadlines (Jan 15). I have already been rejected from one of the Jan 15 programs. I can't help but assume it's because I was missing a letter. Even if she got the letters submitted tomorrow (unlikely), do I even have a shot at this point? What do you do in this scenario???? Is there a way you can appeal a decision or get them to pause reviewing your application. I don't want all of my money and time to have been wasted because one person wont submit a letter. It is completely out of my hands. I can't force her to do it. Please help me. What do I do?
  5. I finished applying to grad schools at the end of December with due dates of applications being on January 15th, February 1st, and February 15th. I have heard back from two of the three schools I applied to. However, I'm starting to get extremely nervous because the last school I haven't heard from is my alma mater and I know that several others have already heard back and been accepted. I have not received ANYTHING. And I mean anything, no wait list letter, no rejection, and no acceptance. I'm starting to really get concerned because since others have heard back, does that mean that I did not get in? But if I didn't get in, why wouldn't they just send me the email saying no. I've tried to think about this as logically as I can like maybe they sent out letters in alphabetical order but the people I asked ALL have last names starting with letters after mine in the alphabet.. I was thinking maybe they accepted the grad scholars first, but I know for a fact that one kid from my alma mater who got accepted DID NOT apply for the grad scholars and he received an acceptance. I'm just freaking out because this was my back-up plan but I didn't think I wouldn't have been able to get into my back-up plan!?? Should I just consider no news good news???
  6. Can someone tell me my chances of getting into a master's counseling program? I know it isn't crazy competitive but I'd like a current, rejected, accepted, or former counseling student to let me know the likelihood of getting in. LMK if you want school names to better help determine my fate, lol. Cumulative GPA: 3.2 Major (psychology) GPA: 3.6 GRE: (not great) Writing - 3.5 Quantitative - 146 Verbal - 150 Strong recommendation letters (3) Research Experience: Mentor at high schools and conduct research based on youth development with my various mentoring results Thanks
  7. Hello fellow applicants, I'm looking for examples of rejected NSF GRFP proposals from previous years. I submitted my application yesterday, and am winding down, looking for things to read to keep my mind at ease (ha!). If you have or have found an example of a rejected NSF GRFP proposal, and would be willing to link to it or PM me, I'd appreciate it. (Mulling over all the things I could have done better or may not realize I did poorly.)
  8. Anyone else still waiting on replies from University of Toronto for computer science (MScAc and research stream)? Also applied to Queens but nothing from there either.
  9. Hey everyone, I am a prospective graduate student for the School of Public Health at UC Berkeley ( Cal ). I am still waiting for an acceptance letter. I'm Speaking Acceptance Into Existence (i.e my user name ) Have you been accepted, rejected, still waiting? Any news on when your department will release decision letters? Lets Discuss! <3
  10. Hi there... Starting a thread for Massachusetts SLP grad students that are waiting to hear back. Where have you applied? Where have you heard back from? What's your top choice/what's your safety school? I feel like I check my email every 10 minutes and am on this website constantly. The waiting is the worst part!
  11. I figured I'd go ahead and start this thread. I know it's a bit early, but who's ready? This will be my second cycle. I was rejected from four schools this past cycle, but according to one of my favorite songs, "You've got to lose to know how to win" (Aerosmith /\A/\). I know what I need to do this time around. I'm ready. Were you rejected this year? Or will this be your first time? What schools are you considering? Good luck everyone. A year from right now (2/24/17) we will have good news to share with each other.
  12. Hello M. Arch Applicants, I applied to 7 universities in Canada for Master's of Architecture for Fall 2017 and I have been rejected by 5 universities. My university is unaccredited and my grades are average. My question is should I lose hope and resort to looking for summer architecture internships and try again next year? This forum and admitted list is causing me more stress than before and I need advice and closure. ( I know I need to not look at the result list but it gives me a good idea who I am up against.) I want to know your applicant situations whether it's positive or negative and advise for what is the best way to move forward. Waitlist: U of Manitoba Rejected: Calgary, U of T, Ryerson, McGill and UBC Still waiting for offer: Carleton, Dalhousie
  13. Hi fellow applicants, I am sad to say I have been rejected from all 11 programs I have applied to this cycle. However, life must goes on! I do plan to reapply, but I've got a few different options to choose from. Reapply to Ph.D. programs this year for F18 -- this is what I am leaning towards Post-pone reapplying and complete a M.A. in a related field where I currently work and do research, then reapply with my masters Accept a partially funded M.A. at one of the schools I applied, but it would be extremely expensive and I would have to relocate Although I appreciate any thoughts on the options above, what I am really wondering is, when should I plan my wedding? I got engaged in Dec. of last year and I have not done any planning because of interviews and waiting to hear the admissions decisions. All of the places I had applied would have required a move across the country as well, which further complicated things. The wedding will likely be in north Florida/southern Georgia and we would like to have it in the "winter" to avoid some of the heat. We had our hearts set on early November, but if I reapply this year for F18 and get accepted, what would we do about the wedding if it was Nov. 2018? Would institutions be understanding about me flying back home for my wedding? Alternatively, we could get married next Spring, but then there is the possibility that I would have interviews, which could get really messy. If I post-pone reapplying, I could definitely just plan my wedding and work on some other projects I have been putting off, but I am hesitant to wait nearly 2 years to go to grad school at that point, especially with no guarantee the second time of applying would be the charm! What would you do? Does anyone that is in grad school have any insights or opinions? As a person that likes to plan, this is giving me a headache D: P.S. I am happy to clarify any of the above information if it helps!
  14. I see two people already posted about being invited for an interview from UO. A little surprised I didn't hear anything back. One of the professors was sponsoring me. I guess i'll find out next month. At least I have an interview with FSU. But I don't really want to live in Florida.
  15. Hi everyone, If you were rejected by the Silberman School of Social Work at CUNY Hunter College then please send us a message or email Ananemos1@gmail.com . Please specify your skin color and the year that you were rejected so that we can give you important information about the program. Thank you.
  16. ANYONE HEAR FROM CALIFORNIA STATE LONG BEACH Master of Arts in Psychological Research or MAPR???? This is the last school that I am waiting for a decision. Any information will be helpful. Thank you
  17. FY5913

    Plan B?

    So at this point, it appears that I'm not going to be accepted into a Ph.D. program this year (0a/0w/3r/6). I know that my application was weak and that there are areas for improvement, so I'm starting to think about Plan B. A bit of background: My end goal is to get into a Neuroscience Ph.D. program and do translational research, focusing on molecular mechanisms and immunology. I have 1 year experience at an oncology/immunology lab with a co-authored manuscript in the works. My GRE and GPA were fine, but I have a BA in Psychology. I've been taking a few post-bac classes (Biochem, Genetics, etc.) to beef up my knowledge base and show that I can handle difficult bio courses and do well in them. Some people (my PI included) have advised me to get a MS in basic biological sciences. It's a less structured degree that I could modify by taking neuro related electives and doing the thesis/research option. However, I could also continue to work at my current lab and be certified in animal work and learn molecular work, get some publications, and reapply. Or I could apply a post-bac NIH program (no guarantee of getting in). Opinions? I'm a bit hesitant about the MS, since I'd be shelling out a lot of money and time and there are only a couple of PIs doing neuro-related research ... Thanks for any feedback!
  18. I do not understand for the world of me why people put: Applied: ABS, SSU, XJA, AKJH Waitlisted: Accepted: Rejected: Maybe I'm over thinking it, but I feel like that signature is extremely negative. So you've applied to your schools, why would you put as your signature that it's a possibility that you will be waitlisted or rejected? In my eyes it's almost like calling it into your future or accepting it. Yes I understand that there is a chance that people will not get into their school of choice, but putting "rejected:" is just assuming there is a place you will DEFINITELY not get into. I can see if you post your "rejection" section once you actually GET a rejection, but why put it there before? Anyone else think it's negative?
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