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Found 24 results

  1. Hey, all! I know a lot of us are really concerned about how admissions season is going. I've been rejected by half of the programs I applied to so I wanted to make this thread for people who wanted to talk about their possible plans or just commiserate about the situation. I followed up with one of my POIs and she told me that despite having a strong application, it was a really difficult decision this year, especially getting so many applications, but to work on my writing sample. She said I was working with a fascinating subject, but that the front end of my paper read more like a literature
  2. Hey everyone, I applied to 3 schools last fall (UNC Chapel Hill, University of Washington, and University of Kansas) for OChem and was rejected from all 3. I graduated with dual degrees in Chem/Bio + a minor in math. My overall GPA was a 3.3 and chem GPA was 3.5. My transcript has a large upward trend as a result of a late ADHD diagnosis that resulted in proper medication midway through undergrad. I have 1.5 years of research experience and am first author on a procedural paper for org. syn. I want to reapply to more schools, but now that we're quarantined I'm not sure how to build
  3. Hi everyone, This is a painful share but I want to believe that I am (not) alone. I am an International student, M.A. Community Psychology and Social Change in the US. GPA 3.95. My GRE score is very low, between 141-144. It was even 139 on my last test in 2019 and writing 3.0-3.5. I was a lecturer in Psychology for 2 years, teaching various classes for undergrad. I have published in a national journal in my country twice, and waiting for 3 more publication from a conference proceeding this year (International Conference held in my country). My research experience so far are mental health
  4. Hey everyone! Just wanted to start this nerve-wracking thread! The first interview for the HSS @ U Penn came in today! Post results here, should you feel inclined, and this can be general discussion on Acceptances/Rejections/interviews as well. Good luck to everyone & may the odds be always in our favor!
  5. As some of others, a recent lurker. Congrats to all those who made it! I'm shutout this year and trying to get some grips on what to do from here. I was just wondering what you guys did or are planning to do after getting shutout from the app. cycle? When shooting for future cycles, what you do in the meantime matters much to the ad comm? I have a work-from-home job (not related to academia) that affords me to stay caffeinated and conflicted about what to do for the next year or so. Do you publish papers? Read more books (duh)? Just curious. And totally lost...
  6. Hi All, I am recently rejected by all 20 Ph.D. programs (mainly in statistics) to which I applied. Though a few considered me for their master programs after Ph.D. rejection, none ended up extending me a master admission. Unfortunately, I did not separately apply to other master programs. I am still quite interested in pursuing a Ph.D. in statistics (or related areas) to prepare for a research career (not necessarily in academia). I am looking for advice on what to do for the upcoming year(s) to better prepare for another round of application. Below are some of my stats. -----
  7. Hey everyone, I figured we should start a thread where we could report interviews and admissions results for 2018. That way, it won’t get buried in the other threads!
  8. A place to check on decisions, share excitement, and commiserate on bad news.
  9. Well, last year, I saw that a thread was put up on this topic. It enabled followers to keep abreast of acceptances, rejections and waitlists from Canadian MA programs. As for me, I applied to both York Uni and SFU for 2018 fall. Still waiting on a positive response with fingers crossed. What of you?
  10. Hello all, Thank you for your reply in advance! I am a 2017 fall PhD applicant who received all rejections, but was offered funded MAs instead. I clearly overestimated myself last year, because I was aiming the top-notch schools with my BA and one-year, non-thesis MA out of the US. Starting with an MA seems like a correct path, so I have decided to take the offer. That means I will be attending to an MA program 2017 fall. Since PhD is my final destination, I am considering if it's possible or even ethical to re-apply to the 2018 fall PhD programs this year (during my first semester a
  11. Hi. So i have 3 years of experience in cognitive neuroscience and a bachelor of engineering degree from India. I had applied to 9 schools across the US after emailing professors who encouraged me to apply to their programs. But i got rejected by all universities. I'm not quite sure what my next step should be. Please help.
  12. For those who applied to schools in NY, when do we usually hear from the schools? About everyone I know who applied has heard something from a school (interviews, waitlists, rejections, etc) and I have yet to hear from any school about anything. I know NYU recently sent out their first batch of acceptances and someone I know just got rejected. Also, Adelphi has notified some people already. The wait is killing me! Does anyone know when the first wave of decisions are usually sent out and the second wave and so on? I'm feeling more anxious that I haven't heard from any of the 9 schools I
  13. A thread to post about progress in post graduate admissions for PhD Fine Art programs. Post here listing the school, if you applied/plan to, had an interview (add date), received an acceptance/rejection (add date). AARhus-Denmark Oxford-UK PhD Arts/Leiden-Netherlands Royal College of Art-UK, PhD Fine Art, Accepted 1/15
  14. Has anyone received waitlist status or a rejection from UCSC's lit program? Any sort of speculation on why this program is taking such an excruciatingly long time to release rejections? I'm assuming since it has been this long that it doesn't mean good news, but my god, having students wait this long (to hear about a rejection) is painful. Why are they doing this !
  15. It is March 10th. I applied for a chemical engineering PhD and received 1 rejection 3 probable rejections 3 wait lists and haven't heard back from one. Do my statistics seem low? My GPA is 3.49 for current institution, however my cumulative GPA is 3.72 towards BS in chemical engineering degree. I have 1 publication, 4 conference posters including 2 international. I have another paper and another patent pending. My GRE is V/Q/W (157-158-4.0). I have a load of research experience, over 5 years, both academic and work... I applied to: Berkeley-rejection USC- interview, said to keep
  16. Has anyone else not heard back from any of the programs they applied to? I've been checking the results page on GradCafe, and some programs I applied to have sent out acceptances and waitlists, and even some rejections, but I haven't heard anyyyyything, which is driving me insane and increasing my levels of stress. is anyone else experiencing this? What does this mean?! what do we do!
  17. With most of our applications submitted, and people hearing back from schools right and left, I thought it would be nice to start a thread for those of us who are still waiting to hear or stuck on a waiting list. List where you're waiting to hear back from and your waiting list woes! If you're one of the lucky ones who has been accepted to multiple schools, list where you won't be going! This can also be a place to ask questions about waiting list etiquette, deadlines, how to choose, etc! I've been accepted to MAT programs at Tufts and WashU, still haven't heard back from University of Il
  18. JoHarrison


    Hey guys!! I called FAU yesterday asking for an updated status on my application. Since I just moved due to getting married, some of my mail has gone missing. I was curious if they mailed anything and I missed it. Based on what they told me, some letters of acceptance have been sent out. The lady on the phone told me based on those replies they would send out more letters within 2 weeks. Has anyone received notice yet?? I got in to FIU's program but I think I'm leaning more towards FAU due to distance. If I get in anyways!
  19. So I've received three rejections over the last three week-days (one a day), and I'm starting to feel quite pessimistic about my chances at the other programs. I'm still waiting on six others, but as it gets later, and I continue to get rejects from other programs, I can't help but feel like the chances of getting an acceptance have dissipated completely. This post isn't meant to inspire sympathy; I'm just wondering if anyone knows whether or not my suspicions are accurate. Are the chances of getting an acceptance significantly lower? Has anyone who's applied before know how likely it is to
  20. Hey all. It's been a tough couple of months. A few grad cafe-ers were posting today about receiving 5 rejections today. That blows. For my part, I am really happy with the places that I have been accepted to but the grand majority of emails have started with the words "I regret to inform you...". My response to all this negativity: silliness. I suggest that everyone who feels beat-down, down-and-out, out of their mind... etc. should take this opportunity to chose something in their life (really, it can be anything) and formally reject it. Try not to reject anything that will make other peop
  21. Words of wisdom I recieved after a recjection a while back....enjoy..... (one of my professors found it in some book and e-mailed me the quote. "So you rejected me? Well I am too good to there. So now I am going to a lower ranked school? Yes, to study under professors who believe in me. So my application was imperfect? Well to another school/job it was flawless. So your rejection made me cry? I'll laugh the day I get into a Phd program. So I am scared about gettin in nowhere? Someway somehow something will work out and i'll be better off ...a rejection letter isn't an inslut, its not per
  22. So..... I emailed admissions at SDSU and today the admissions person told me that the first round of acceptance/rejection letters will be mailed out in two weeks!!! YAY!! I thought they had already started so I am relieved to learn that this isn't the case. She told me my review had been completed, so hopefully I will hear in the first round. (I submitted my apps before the priority deadline on Jan. 10th, Jan. 15 being the priority deadline.) I'm getting so excited!! Anyone else apply here?
  23. Not that I think I'm going to get in everywhere, I really don't... But...I'm just not that worried about it. I feel like my life would be so amazing if I got in this year and started Grad School in the fall. I know I will end up in Grad School no matter what...so I just feel like, whatever happens, happens. I tried my best and that's that. After reading a lot of these entries I feel that I am a minority in not freaking out. Again, its not because I'm over-confident, I guess it may just be that I don't invest too much in possible life-changing events in fear of being let down. Who knows.
  24. hi guys, i see that a few folks have received interview requests from JHU and that one person has received a rejection. was the rejection solicited? could those who received interview invitations say a bit more? thanks, vt
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