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Found 30 results

  1. Info on Columbia MA

    Hi All, I'm currently applying to the MA in Religion at Columbia University for Fall of 2018. Aside from the information given on the department's website and that of the results page on GradCafe, I was wondering if anyone's applied to it before (or is currently applying), knows of the acceptance rate/number of applications received, funding status (department claims "partial tuition awards are given"), and any other information?
  2. PhD in English Reformation?

    Hello! Although I made a similar post to the Religion forum, I was curious if anyone on the History forum knew of any PhD programs in the US that specialize in the English Reformation? I focus on the role of the state and popular religious devotion throughout the 16th. c. So far, my list is: Vanderbilt - Paul Lim, Peter Lake Fordham - J. Patrick Hornbeck Wisconsin Madison - Johann Sommerville UC Berkeley - Ethan Shagan U of Colorado - Paul Hammer SUNY Buffalo - Clare Schen Although I have looked into Linda Pollock at Tulane and Beth Barr at Baylor, both professors are outside my speciality. Thanks!
  3. Hello! I am looking to apply to PhD programs in Religion or History, but preferably religion if the university offers a religion program. I am trying to find potential supervisors for a Phd focusing on the English Reformation. My research broadly focuses on the English Reformation and the intermixing between the role of the state and populace in the matters of religion. I also do a lot with the Book of Common Prayer and the transformation of liturgy. Unless an extraordinary circumstance happens, PhDs outside of the US offer very limited and very hard to obtain funding. So for that reason I am trying to stay within the US. The professors and universities i have at the moment are: Peter Lake - Vanderbilt J Patrick Hornbeck - Fordham Ethan Shagan - UC Berkeley People I am unsure about due to vague biographies on the university website. Linda Pollock - Tulane. Focuses on religion but a greater emphasis on family. Lee Palmer Windel - Wisconsin- Madison Euan Cameron - Columbia Thank you for your help and suggestions!
  4. Hi all, I am applying to grad programs in Second Temple Judaism and Christian origins, and I'm interested to know what you think my chances are of getting accepted. Master's programs to which I'm applying: MTS @ HDS, ND, Duke Div MA(TS) @ Princeton Sem MA in Early Christian Studies @ ND MAR in Second Temple Judaism @ YDS MA @ Toronto Education BA in Theology, minor in Classics (4.0) MA in Biblical Languages (4.0) [May 2018]* --- both from same evangelical university Languages Greek [classical & Koine] (advanced) Hebrew (advanced) Latin (intermediate) Aramaic (intermediate) German (beginner) -GRE 163 (V), 158 (Q), 4.5 (AW) -One conference presentation (university's theology conference) -Received departmental and university-wide awards during undergraduate years -Two research assistantships Some reasons I'm interested in doing another master's before PhD: -to diversify my education -to develop my research interests into a dissertation topic & proposal -to develop proficiencies in Sahidic Coptic, Syriac, and German -to hopefully get accepted to a PhD program at one of the schools listed above I'd appreciate any thoughts or feedback, especially from those with inside experience at/in any of these schools/programs. + A_CS
  5. I thought I'd go ahead and start this up. Where are you all applying and in what field? I'm applying for PhD programs in NT, but have yet to finalize my list of schools. Currently, I'm considering applying to: Baylor, Emory, Duke, Duke Div, Notre Dame, PTS, Yale. I may add some schools before all is said and done. Faculty changes have made it harder to narrow down my list. It seems like many senior faculty decided to retire around the same time! I'm thinking of Yale (Attridge and Dale Martin), Emory (LTJ and Holladay), and ND (Moss left, so she didn't retire, but they now only have two NT profs).
  6. Definitive Ranking of Programs?

    I hope this isn't a stupid question, but I figured it was worth asking since my own research has turned up surprisingly little. I've seen a lot of references on here to first-tier and second-tier grad schools for religious studies. Is there some ranking of programs that is accepted as more or less definitive (or as close to objective as you can ever achieve when looking at an overall program)? I've seen one from, but I'm not sure how helpful or applicable you all find it, or if there is another list out there.
  7. Anthropology of religion and humanitarian aid

    Anthro friends, After years of exploring various fields, I'm finally closing in on my longtime dream of breaking into the field of humanitarian aid (through anthropology). I'm interested in applying to doctoral programs this fall to research humanitarian aid, ethics, and the role of religion with a focus on China/Asia. I majored in English in undergrad and have a first master's in religion. I did a one-year conversion course in social anthropology because I was drawn to the anthropological research method but still feel relatively ignorant about the field, particularly in terms of strong universities, programs and better known faculty. Eventually I would like to transition into doing research for a large international NGO to improve humanitarian practices. Any advice? What are some great Anthropology programs for studying humanitarian aid, ethics, and religion, hive-mind? (I am applying for PhD programs) Thanks in advance for your response(s)!
  8. Harvard Divinity 2017

    Hi everyone! I have not seen very many posts about HDS generally, and none in this part of the forum. I am officially going to accept HDS' offer next week and thought it would be awesome to start a conversation with other prospective students. How is everyone? Are you as excited to move to Cambridge and study with exceptional profs in an exceptional community????!!! What are you excited about? Afraid of?
  9. Burnt Out

    At this point I am so frustrated with my thesis that even if I were to be accepted into a PhD program I would not go. I'm so burnt out on theology that I don't think I can handle another 5-6 years of it. Please advise.
  10. Toronto PhD?

    Anyone get into Toronto's religious studies program? Planning on visiting? I'm heading later this month for the religion, culture, politics are and am looking to touch base with other prospective students.
  11. I don't want to come across as arrogant or anything. I am just really wondering if it's worth attending an "average" Grad School if my plan is to go for a career in academia. I am an international student and have chosen to apply in the US because of my relationship but also because I hoped to improve my career chances by attending one of the great universities like Columbia, Princeton, Harvard etc. I have not heard back anything yet and I know that doesn't mean anything at this point (except at Columbia; they apparently have already sent out their admission letters and I didn't get one). I was lucky enough, however, to be accepted at one school already. While I am waiting to hear back from other universities, I am trying to evaluate if I would really like to go there. It's not a perfect fit when it comes to expertise in my field but I will definitely learn something. I received a fellowship for the first year and would teach the rest of the time. What do you think? How does it work in the US? Will I only have a shot at an academic career if I have a PhD from one of the top ones or can I work my way up by kicking a...? I would value any advice!
  12. Clinical pastoral education advice

    Hi, everyone: I had some questions (mostly pragmatics) regarding CPE for any of you who've gone through it. I finished my M.Div. in 2011. I moved back home--a couple states away--and fell into a vocational black hole. I moved halfway across the country after a couple of years when offered a job, and I've been teaching English up here since. I think I've been running from "the call" for a while now, and I'm feeling curious about chaplaincy. But I'm having a hard time navigating the ACPE site and understanding the requirements. Some chaplain friends of mine said that some programs require--for a year-long stipended residency--one or two units of CPE already under your belt. But they also said some don't. In divinity school, we had two units of ministerial internships in which we had weekly meetups with a group to share case studies and reflections, much in the way one does in CPE. I was a chaplain on the university's campus. I wasn't sure if that might count. I'm concerned that I'm not in a financially secure enough position to add CPE to my schedule if it's not stipended, but am wondering how others managed their situations. I certainly wish I were. One final question: do you have thoughts or suggestions re: the type of CPE program? I've heard that in addition to hospital/hospice positions, there are parish-based opportunities, opportunities to work with the aged/elderly, and opportunities to work with folks with disabilities. All of these sound especially appealing to me. Thanks in advance for your time and thoughts. Most grateful.
  13. Program at UNC

    Has anyone on here applied to UNC for Religious Studies this year? Or is anyone currently attending, who would care to share reflections about the program?
  14. I am completing my MA in religious studies (Islamic studies) this December and have nearly everything ready in regards to applying to PhD programs (religion, middle eastern, near eastern), however I have had some health related setbacks and was unable to take the GRE in time for applications this cycle, I was wondering do any schools have application cycles in the Spring? I would prefer not to wait an entire year to apply in December 2017... Please let me know
  15. Writing a sample

    Hi All, After reviewing some of my work, I have decided none of my papers are really what I want to submit with my application. I decided to just write a completely new sample to send in. Has anyone else done this? Or am I just going crazy and getting too stressed about this?
  16. PhDs for 2017

    Where is everyone planning to apply this year? I am still working on my list, but I am thinking about Duke, UNC, UVA, Emory, and a handful of others. I'm curious to know what others are planning.
  17. I'm currently a junior in college and considering my options after graduation. I'd be interested in pursuing a Phd in the humanities (ideally, in comp lit, continental philosophy or religion). Ideally, I'd like to apply to a program that is in a major English-speaking city (New York, Boston, LA, Chicago, London, Toronto, Sydney, etc) and is somewhat interdisciplinary. How can I start to figure out which schools offer funded PhDs in these areas, admissions rates, which field are more/ less competitive, etc. Any guidance to help orient myself would be very much appreciated!
  18. I applied for the masters of religion at Vanderbilt. I was not waitlisted, but have still not heard anything. My application status is just "submitted." I emailed the department and have not heard anything back. Has this happened to anyone else? Does Vanderbilt usually wait this long to make decisions?
  19. Question about Emory funding

    I've been accepted to Candler's School of Theology for my MDiv. Stressful thing is, I was offered half-tuition, leaving me with $10,000 I have to come up with per year. As a nondemonimational Christian, ministry scholarships are hard to come by. I really, really don't want to take out so much in loans and be stuck with debt for the rest of my life. I'm really torn and upset because this was the only graduate school I applied to (I didn't want to leave out of state and the decision to apply to seminary wasn't until the end of my first semester as a senior) I guess I just don't know what to do. I would really, really love to go and I have absolutely fell in love with the staff and school when I visited. Anyone know of any scholarships that I could qualify for (as a nondenominational Christian.) I put this in the decisions post because really, would it be worth it to accept the grant and pull out loans? If anyone knows about Emory, will I be able to negotiate with financial aid for more money? If worse comes to worst, I'm going to have to decline the grant and do a gap year, which I do not want to do. I have to find what I should do all in three weeks
  20. 2016 Cohort of Religion Colleagues

    Well Folk, Another season is wrapping up and decisions are being made. Who knows, maybe we'll be future colleagues in the same school, field, or neighborhood; we might see each other at AAR, SBL, or somewhere else. As such, once you know what you're doing, let this be a place to share it, and maybe we can encourage one another. For myself, I'll be heading to Marquette in Milwaukee for their program in Systematic Theology & Ethics. What about you?
  21. Program Strengths

    Hi, Anyone have thoughts on the reputations/strengths/weaknesses of these departments of religion? Santa Barbara, UNC Chapel-Hill, Rice. (I know determinations of 'best program' are relative. I'm searching for impressions of the departments, reputations they have within the field, insider-info, etc.) Best regards, all.
  22. I am graduating with a Master of Arts degree in Theological Studies this year. I have been considering continuing my education because I would like to teach as a Professor while pursuing vocational ministry endeavors. Most Ph.D programs that I have found require a M.Div as a prerequisite. I don't mind going for my M.Div, but I would prefer not to spend an extra 2 and a half years in school and extra money on the degree if I don't have to. Are there any Christian Ph.D programs that do not require an M.Div?
  23. Yale Religion and Ecology?

    I am in the process of deciding which grad programs to apply to and have stumbled across Yale's joint-degree program, Religion and Ecology. Has anyone in this forum participated in the program? Thoughts? I am specifically interested in the relationship between religion and landscape. That is to say, the nineteenth century religious attitudes of Americans toward their bioregion, landscape, geography, etc. and in turn, how these attitudes affected the environment and land stewardship. If I pursue this route, I would prefer to do the MAR concentrated track because I hope to pursue my Ph.D. I'm interested in the historical perspectives of religion in America, however, and not necessarily in how to make contemporary religions more "green." This leaves me with the question of which track to pursue, any ideas? Thanks!
  24. I'm recently graduated from Vanderbilt University with a Master of Divinity and am considering next steps. I'd love to find a PhD program in religion and literature. However, I'm unsure whether I should pursue a PhD requiring a more academic dissertation or one with a creative dissertation. Several professors have encouraged me to enroll in a program for creative writing but I know a degree isn't required in order to publish, so if it is more vocationally sound to pursue the academic degree perhaps I should. My end goal is not to become a full-time tenured English professor. I am recently confirmed in the Episcopal Church and intend to use the next few years immersing myself in the life of the Episcopal Church before entering the ordination process. I would love to teach English adjunct, but my main desires are to a) write fiction from within the Church teach my parishioners about religious literature and help them plumb the theological and philosophical depths of literature c) enhance my own and others' practices of lectio and scriptio divina. My interest areas include: * British literature * French literature * Russian literature * Existentialism (especially Christian existentialism) * Magical realism * Anglican authors (especially C.S. Lewis and T.S. Eliot) * Children's literature * LGBT literature Here are some questions I have for your consideration: - Would a PhD requiring an academic or creative dissertation be preferable for an aspiring priest/fiction writer? - Should I consider an MFA over and against a PhD? - Are there any universities someone with my background, goals and interests should consider? (I would love a program that is well thought of but also am interested in one with good funding) I am most grateful for any advice you may offer. Thank you.
  25. Hi everyone, I've recently graduated with my MDiv (Master of Divinity) from Vanderbilt and am considering options. Since undergrad, I've been drawn to the areas of English and religion (I majored in English, writing, philosophy and religion and minored in global studies). I feel deeply called to ordained ministry but am seeking to root myself in a progressive diocese for several years before starting the ordination process. Several of my theology professors encouraged me to enroll in an MFA or a PhD in English program in the meantime, so I thought I'd seek the advice of my peers. I would like a career that allows me a foot in the Church and a foot in the academy. I would also like to assist my future parishioners and audiences outside the Church in plumbing the depths of texts outside canonical scripture (i.e. Dante's Divine Comedy, the writings of C.S. Lewis, and even works that aren't overtly "Christian"). I want to write creatively from a space within the Episcopal Church. However, rather than writing dense theological essays, I find it much easier to lay down my theology by way of the fictional narrative. I want my writings to challenge the easy answers and dogma offered by much of today's Christian literature. I also admire the practices of lectio divina and scriptio divina and want them to make them more accessible for others. My areas of study include Christian social ethics, constructive Christian theology, LGBT issues and existentialism. Anyway, after all this rambling, here are some questions I have: * Considering my vocational goals, would an MFA, a PhD in English literature or a joint MFA/PhD program (I know Cornell has one but am not sure how common this is) be more suitable? * If a PhD program is best, should I seek one requiring a more academic dissertation or a creative dissertation? I would love to hone my creative writing skills but am also aware that one does not need a degree in creative writing in order to do this. * Are there any particular programs that would offer faculty with backgrounds in religious and philosophical literature? Or any in general that would be a good fit? * What programs would offer decent funding? I'd like a respectable program, but considering that I plan to primarily end up in ministry, do not want to get into too much debt. * Would my MDiv and interest in the intersection between religion and literature make me a unique candidate or prove problematic while applying? I know many schools are interested in students integrating disciplines but want to avoid any misconceptions.