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Found 6 results

  1. Has anyone ever hired a professional mover to move them across country? What service did you use? Did you have a good experience? Is it worth it to consider it for a cross country move?
  2. This is a big move for those with an interest in African American Literature (especially Zora Neale Hurston, Toni Morrison, Richard Wright) and Gender Studies - one of the big reasons I applied to Indiana. Good news for WashU, hopefully Indiana survives this. https://source.wustl.edu/2020/04/board-of-trustees-grants-faculty-appointments-promotions-8/
  3. Hello! So I just started my Ph.D. program in comp lit, and I've been extremely overwhelmed... I relocated to my new city only three weeks ago, found an apartment and bought furniture, and before I realized, first week of school has already passed. It seems like I'm one of the very few people in my program who didn't come in already with an MA, and I feel very behind in my classes. I'm also kind of worried about settling in the new city. My cohort is very friendly, but they seem somewhat distant and tend to just do their own things, so it's been hard to make friends. Another thing is that nobody in my department does what I do, so I feel awkward talking about my research in class. People just seem confused about why I'm here. So now I'm really struggling with how to balance between finishing all my readings and catching up, and reaching out and making new friends. It seems like grad school just doesn't allow both. I guess I didn't come super prepared for this, so any advice would be really helpful! Thanks & come hang out if you're also in LA :)
  4. I have recently accepted an offer to begin graduate school this august. I will be relocating from the east coast to the mid-west and I have never planned a move this big before My current option is to sell/move my furniture to my parent's house and ship my car from the mid-west. I would then fly to my new location and purchase a bed, bedroom furniture, and living furniture/kitchen stuff I also would want to pack my car with some things that I want to bring with me (clothes, shoes, vauum, some kitchen essentials) Does anybody have any other ideas/experiences in relocating to a new state? I am really looking for the most cost-effective way to move
  5. I was accepted at University of Louisiana-Lafayette and I'll be moving there this summer from Chicago with my boyfriend and two cats. I am seriously considering using a pet relocation service that would handle flying my cats from Chicago. Has anyone had any experience with these services? My cats are a huge part of my life and mental well-being, so I am very nervous. However, sticking them in a car for 14 hours is not an option for me. I appreciate any advice you all might have regarding these pet relocation companies. Thanks!
  6. So I'm new to the forums, but would like some insights from other grads. I just got an offer from PSU for their dual-title History/Women's Studies program. I am really excited about it and planning to accept the offer, but I'm nervous about what will happen with my boyfriend and I. He is doing a master's at a university in the Rockies (where we're both from) and plans to work at a specific lab in Denver once he is finished. I am hoping to get a job in the Denver-area after grad school, but in the meantime I'm not sure how we'll cope with the distance. We've been together for four years and did semi-long-distance during college (he was in WY, I was in CO), which I suppose makes us decently equipped to handle it. We are both committed to staying together so a "break" or break-up is not on the table. I just hate the idea of waiting 5-6 more years to start our life together. So my question is: does anyone have any tips on how to do a long-distance relationship during grad school (or anything to avoid)? I would appreciate any advice/insight from folks who have experience with this. Thanks!
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