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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all-- I'm having trouble choosing which econ course to take to fulfill the requirements at SAIS/SFS/etc. In undergrad, I took Intro to Econ and Environmental Economics. The former can count for micro or macro, and the latter counts for neither, but it focused more on macro. Note that this was all 3-4 years ago. In school, I'm interested in studying International Political Economy, which is definitely macro-focused, but want to be as prepared as possible for the intermediate/advanced econ courses I might take. These are my thoughts: 1. Take macro because it's more relevant & easier 2. Take micro because it's harder, will look better (maybe?), and I have less experience with it 3. Take the SAIS Online Principles of Economics course which covers both (but it's 2 wks longer than single subj courses & maybe not as in-depth) Thoughts? I'm probably thinking too hard about this but would appreciate some input!
  2. Hi, I am applying for MPP/MPA program with following profile- GRE 308 (M-163, V-145, AWA-3.0) TOEFL 96 (R24,L26,S22,W24) GPA 3.7 I am having around 5 years of experience with around 3 years experience in Government of India on large scale projects. I have drafted some major policies for flagship schemes in government. Having good volunteer experience. I am having SOP aligned with dedication for serving people as well as strong LOR from from government officials. I am very keen to get into MPP and shortlisted following Universities- 1) Duke University 2) UChicago (MS-CAPP) 3) U of Austin 4) CMU Heinz 5) Ford School (Michigan) 6) University of Washington Please suggest safe university to apply. Or should I apply to Germany or Canada Universities. Kindly need help.
  3. Is anyone else applying to the UC San Diego Biomedical program for Fall 2017? I have a question about the word limit of the Statement of Purpose. The Department states that the word limit is 3000 words. For all of the resources I've looked at online and even from the general statement of purpose guidelines from the UCSD website, the statement should not be much longer than 2 pages. Should I write my statement to be closer to 3000 words or is it better to keep it shorter?
  4. Hi, everyone. I hope that each of you is doing well. Here is my question. I am almost graduating from a college in South Korea, and I suddenly I understood that I want to go to Ph.D to study diseases like cancer or neurology. The thing is that I don't have any prerequisites. I have to complete some courses that will make me to stay in college for one or one and half year. That means. Also, I love doing Computer Science and there is a high probability I will also like doing job in my area and that I will get a good job offer with good salary. I have thought what if I work for 2-3 years in my area and then how can go to a graduate school for PhD program to study neurology? Is there any premed one or two year courses that are accredited within the United States. Actually I would love to aim at good med schools. I just wonder isn't there ANY WAYS to do this? My friend has the same dream but he is already working and he doesn't want to go to ungergrad college to study for 4-5 years. I hope that there are some people who can help me out. Thanks everyone! Have a nice day!
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