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Found 15 results

  1. I am unsure of what would be the best use of my time during a gap year which I plan to take before I apply to Ph.D. programs in chemistry. During the gap year I will be studying for and taking the GRE, working on the NSF-GRFP, working on applications, etc. But I would really like to be working as well to help pay off student loans before I enter graduate school. I was originally thinking of applying for full time entry level jobs but am now considering working as a research assistant. I could either continue my research at my current institution or try a new lab elsewhere. What would help my application more? Industry experience or more research experience? Thanks!
  2. Hi everyone! This is my first time posting on this board after lurking here for a while. I graduated with a BA in psychology this May and intend to apply to clinical psych PhD programs for 2022. I am about to start working as a full-time clinical research coordinator at a well-known research hospital. I am really excited to get more research experience and further develop my interest in clinical psychology! However, I am also pretty nervous. I will be working remotely for the foreseeable future, and feel anxious about how to connect with my PI and the other coordinators through a computer screen. I really want to make a great impression and do my best work for the lab, but I'm not sure how. I was wondering if anyone had advice to share about how to make the most of my research coordinator position. Ideally, I want to advance my research skills, develop a close bond with my PI, and have multiple opportunities to present and publish research. How can I hit the ground running with my new job and make sure this all happens? I've been using my free time to read articles the lab has published and learn all I can about the topic; however, I have gotten through the recent articles and feel like reading more will provide diminishing returns. Also, how long after working at a lab can you start to inquire about working on papers/presentations or an independent project? I want to get involved as much as possible but I don't want to annoy my PI.
  3. Hi, does anyone have any idea as to links or where I can be a research assistant in NYC. I’d like to work with a professional on a research study to add to my resume once I apply for grad school, to have it published. If anyone can please help me out!!! Appreciate it!
  4. Dear readers, Hello, I have been recently admitted to Carnegie Mellon University Mechanical Engineering's M.S. - Research Program. The offer letter says that this program is self-funded and there is no available scholarships or fellowships from the department. Does it mean that I cannot take a research assistant position from any laboratories? I thought M.S. students can also receive tuition waive + stipend if they find proper RA position. This is really big deal cause I cannot afford whole expenditures by myself, and then I should decide the university that I admitted as Ph.D. program... I am trying to contact with professors asking possible RA position, but I am not sure this is the way that I can get tuition waiver. Thank you for reading the topic!
  5. Hello. I would like to become a research assistant, but I’m clueless as to how to begin. I’ve been accepted into a top university for a masters starting this upcoming year but would like to apply for a PhD there eventually. So I would like to connect with some professors and become a research assistant if possible. I’ve looked up the faculty’s profiles on their departments’ websites and found a couple who fit my research interest. There are in different departments than the one I’ve been accepted to, but still related to my past experiences and topic that I want to study. Could you tell me your own experiences in this process? Is there some unwritten rule about how many professors I should contact, particularly if many or all of them happen to be from the same departments? Please share any info you can, as I am quite new to this. Thanks!
  6. Hi there! I am currently taking a gap year. Since I don't have a job right now, I have bee focusing on my grad school applications. However, I hate just sitting around and not doing anything, so I was thinking of asking professors at the university I graduated from and in the field I am interested in for my PhD if they have any positions in their research group I could undertake. Do you all think this is a good idea? I am not sure how professors I have never contacted before will react to do this. Any advice would be great. Thanks!
  7. I used to be a Research Intern and I'm not sure if that's worth putting on a CV for a PhD application. Thoughts? Also, are the job titles "Research Intern" and "Research Assistant" interchangeable or would that be too much of a stretch?
  8. I used to be a Research Intern and I'm not sure if that's worth putting on a CV for a PhD application. Thoughts? Also, are the job titles "Research Intern" and "Research Assistant" interchangeable or would that be too much of a stretch?
  9. Are RA/PA/TA opportunities available for MSc Mechanical Engineering students at TU Delft? I have an admit, should I be contacting potential research supervisors?
  10. Hello! I currently have a bachelor's degree in Psychology and Speech-Language Pathology. I earned my bachelor's degree in the Spring of 2016. Although I have a pretty extensive background in research methods/statistics courses, I wasn't able to obtain any actual research experience during my time as an undergraduate. I have decided that I would like to go to graduate school for a Ph.D in clinical psychology. I've found some psychology research labs at my alma mater that I am in the process of applying to. I would be volunteering in these labs as a post-baccalaureate research assistant for two semesters. These labs are researching topics that I am interested in. How long does a potential applicant conduct research before applying for graduate school in the field of clinical psychology? How much research experience should a potential applicant have? Thanks for your responses.
  11. Hey all, I need an opinion. I've applied for Clinical Psych PhD programs, and I've accepted that I am not attending this year due to rejections, so I'm trying to figure out my next step. I am currently volunteering at two places--one is a research lab at my undergrad (started May 2016), the other is at a Level 1 trauma hospital, where I did a practicum my last semester of undergrad (Spring 2016) and have continued to volunteer after graduation. My research interests are to explore cultural values in ethnic minority communities and see its relationship with mental health stigma/help-seeking behavior. More specifically, I want to look at cultural values of individualism/collectivism and masculinity/femininity dimensions in ethnic minority women (i.e., assessing gender expectations and the difficulty is may be for ethnic minority women with severe mental illnesses, such as schizophrenia). At the research lab, I'm helping with a dissertation study that looks at men who drink and sexual aggression. I'm in this lab more so to get experience interacting with clients and learn more about the gender aspect of my research interests. At the hospital, I'm getting more of the culture and mental health aspect, but I recently had to turn in my badge due to its expiration...and I can't renew it bc I'm no longer a student and renewal of the badge is expensive for non-students. Because I don't have a badge, I can't interact with clients and can only do administrative work, On top of all of this, I'm working a part-time job at retail that, since the holiday season has ended, is barely scheduling me at work. I'm getting scheduled for maybe three shifts every other week, with an hourly wage of $8.25. I'm pretty frustrated right now. I'm ready to improve my application for the next application cycle, but I'm trying to figure out what to do this year. I contacted an acquaintance of mine who is actually getting paid at the same hospital, but through a different psych organization. He said that one of the trauma studies at this organization is going to offer RA jobs in May or June, but that he can get me in touch with the study supervisor to start volunteering to get my foot in the door. This sounds great, but I don't know if I can manage volunteering at three different places for the next 3 months and stick with a part-time position. Part of me wants to give up the research lab. If I decide to help with this trauma study, I can get a badge and continue helping with the other organization. I can do all my volunteering at one place. This trauma study also looks at a specific ethnic minority population. I can work retail until this trauma study takes me on as a paid research assistant. Another part of me is unsure whether it's a good idea to leave this lab, as I don't want this to affect my letter of recommendation from the lab supervisor or relationship with the grad student (who I work for on her dissertation). What would you do?
  12. My lab at Kansas State University recently received a large grant we are currently looking for a new graduate student to fill an open research assistant position. Student would be pursuing a PhD in Nuclear Engineering. In particular, we a looking for a good experimentalist. The research is on the effects thermal stratification in liquid metals for nuclear reactor applications. Student would initially be working to build a new liquid metal flow loop. Compensation would consist of full tuition support in addition to a stipend of ~$24K. Requirements: U.S. Citizen Undergraduate degree in relevant field Preferences: Undergraduate GPA > 3.25 GRE V + GRE Q > 310 If interested: Contact me by emailing my google account, username kansasnuclearresearch.
  13. Ok, I'm finished my MA and waiting on PhD notifications, which likely won't come until April. So to fill the void, make some money, etc... I've taken a couple of research assistant positions, one of which is outside of my field. I agreed to do some transcribing because I really need the cash. The first problem is the supervisor said: "I have about 20 hours of interviews for you... so that should take you about 30 or 35 hours...." Ummm.... no. I thought that 4 hours to 1 hour was a pretty standard rate, but now I feel bad because it's probably totally screwed up his budget, both cash and time-wise. The problem is, I actually kind of suck at transcribing. I haven't done much of it except for a research methods assignment. I am slower than 4 to 1, that's for sure. Does anyone have any tips on improving transcription skills? I asked for a foot pedal, and he said ok, but he has to buy one, so again, I feel bad about incurring another unforeseen expense. So far I've been using VLC with hot keys. In your experience, will the foot pedal make all the difference? It doesn't help that he constantly talks over the people he's interviewing, and mutters a lot. Also he did a bunch of the interviews in what sound like mall food courts. Come on! On a positive note, it is hilarious to hear him sound completely wasted when I slow down the tape.
  14. How much would you charge to create a powerpoint for a keynote address at a small conference? The paper is about 25 minutes, and it is image/media heavy. I'm very familiar with the material, but I had to find all the images/think of appropriate images for some concepts. Thanks!
  15. I am applying for a research position at the university that I am attending for my masters. They require two academic letters of reference for this job. One of my former professors, who also wrote me a LOR for my grad school apps, agreed to tweak his existing LOR and mail it. The second professor I asked, who has wrote me an LOR before, has yet to respond to me about writing another LOR. While it has only been a day since I have emailed her, I feel worried because she has not been replying to my updates regarding graduate school. She has been very reliable otherwise. Am I needlessly worrying? At what point do I call her office and speak with her directly? I absolutely despise talking on the phone, which is why I prefer emails. I also sent her a thank you gift last week for all that she has done for me so far, so I doubt she has ill will towards me. Also, I will need this LOR sent out next month. I realize it's short notice, but I only found out about it a few days ago. I will be out of the country for a long weekend, so should I call her before I leave (which would be tomorrow) or wait until I get back (Monday)? I would really appreciate your thoughts. I know I tend to be a worrier.
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