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Found 18 results

  1. I have 3 years of research experience. I have presented a poster that I was first author on at two conferences; however, that was only a proposal. I presented as a first author at my school's research day on data from the lab I was working in as undergrad. My name is another poster that is about to be presented by that lab, but I won't be attending the conference. Currently, I am in a Masters of Clinical Psych program and I am in a research lab. I am helping write a chapter in a clinical psychology handbook. I am on a research project but I won't be first author. I am looking to apply to Ph.D
  2. Hi All! So I am a online master's student at Arizona State University for my MS in psychology. I would love to move on to get my phD or psyD, however, I have ZERO research experience under my belt. I know that in order to even be considered for such a program, I need to obtain research experience for a year or two. The issue I have at hand is I also work full-time. I work a solid 8-5, M-F. The good news is that there's a university right across the street from my job, I'm just wary of any professors willing to take on a volunteer master student from another university with such limited a
  3. Hello all! I am applying to Clinical Psychology Ph.D. programs and I have a question about experiment descriptions for my research and subject experience. I was a research subject first, then I was a research assistant for the same study. I have separated my CV into research experience and volunteer experience. I explained the experiment in each section. Is it redundant to explain the same experiment twice, in two different sections if the description is the same? Or is it better to name the experiment in the first description and just list the name when I refer to it later in m
  4. I have worked for 10 years after graduation and am applying for PhD within the field I'm currently working in. I haven't been involved in academic research at work, only several research-heavy projects. I wrote to potential supervisors, and they assured that I meet the application requirements of their programs given my degrees and previous experience. To gain some research experience, I volunteered in a research lab in a local university a couple of months ago. I was asked to help research the literacy and compose part of the funding application. There will be opportunities to collect an
  5. So I was accepted off the waitlist to the one Developmental Psych PhD program I got an interview at (CUNY Grad Center). The research interest isn't an exact match, but I could probably shape it enough to be okay with it and I would gain skills in tech that I need (eye tracking). My main issues are that the stipend is crap for living in NYC ($26k) and that the classes are at the center in the middle of NYC and the lab is on Staten Island. The first thing anyone tells me when I mention this is the horrible commute (often 2 hours each way when the subway and ferry cooperate) and that there'
  6. If you're anything like me, you're thinking "jeez I haven't heard back/gotten accepted anywhere yet....wth will I do this fall?" In my desire to have some sort of a plan (if only for being able to work towards something and remain sane), I've thought of a thousand other things I'd like to/plan to do if I don't end up going to graduate school. Some are silly (biologist-turned-celebrity-chef) and some are legitimate (gain more research experience and network), but all have the potential to be extremely valid come graduation in a few months. What about you?
  7. Hi All, I am waiting for my application results to trickle down and since I haven't heard back from any of the 11 schools I applied to (I know it's a bit early). I would like realistic input on my prospect of getting to any of the programs I applied to from helpful folks out there. (Programs in brackets) Indiana University- Bloomington (Social Psychology) University of Oregon (Social Psychology) University of Cincinnati (Clinical Psychology ) University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Social Psychology) Stony Brook University (Social Psychology) Univers
  8. Hey everyone. I'm really sorry if you've seen this sort of thread a billion times and have gotten sick of it, but I had trouble locating a thread like this that actually applies directly to me. I graduated this year with a BA from University College London, and am set to begin a master's course at LSE this fall. For my undergraduate education, I had to write a 10000 word dissertation based on my original research, and will have to write a 15000 for my master's course. After I am done at LSE, I hope to undertake a PhD in political science (focusing on political philosophy and
  9. TL;DR - What are my chances of getting into a top statistics graduate program (either masters or doctorate) with excellent marks but little research experience? I am a student at a Canadian university ranked 151-200 in mathematics and statistics (on QS at least). My major is statistics. My GPA is a 4.30 out of a possible 4.33, and I have A+ grades in every math and stats course I have ever taken, obviously these include: calc I-III, intro algebra (theoretical version), ODEs, intro complex analysis, real analysis I and II, regression, time series, probability theory, multivariate stats.
  10. TL;DR - What are my chances of getting into a top statistics graduate program (either masters or doctorate) with excellent marks but little research experience? I am a student at a Canadian university ranked 151-200 in mathematics and statistics (on QS at least). My major is statistics. My GPA is a 4.30 out of a possible 4.33, and I have A+ grades in every math and stats course I have ever taken, obviously these include: calc I-III, intro algebra (theoretical version), ODEs, intro complex analysis, real analysis I and II, regression, time series, probability theory, multivariate stats.
  11. Hello! I'm interested in applying to Sociology programs for graduate study. I finished my undergrad with a double major from the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Business in May 2016. I have professors who are willing to write letters of rec and I recently took the GRE and scored in the mid 80th percentile for both verbal and analytical writing, but only 60th for quantitative (damn you, math). However, as a business major, I gained little to no research experience and really don't have a writing/research sample that programs require you submit. My question being - is the
  12. Hello, This is my first time posting a thread on here, so I'm not sure if I'm doing this right. I am in need of some advice. I am currently a 4th year undergrad student at UChicago and have a 3.1 cumulative GPA (3.4 Psychology) I have not taken my GRE yet, but intend to do so next summer, to apply next Fall for graduate programs in clinical psychology. I have worked in Psychology labs for about 5 years now, but have no publications or presentations (hoping to have a couple done by the end of this academic year). I currently work with a prof as her only undergrad research assistant, s
  13. I didn't know where to post to get advice, I'm hoping at least this is a good place to start. Yes I do realize this is quite late in the application season. Background: Originally after my B.A degree in biology, I took a year to volunteer at OMSI in Portland while applying for research tech. jobs in neuroscience. I was hired for a neuroscience lab at MIT where i worked for 2 years and had a middle-author publication. I then tried applying to Ph.D programs in the fall of 2014, no interviews and no admissions. I then applied for MS programs and then was accepted for a Bioinformatics MS deg
  14. Does my research in a reputed institute of India under the guidance of a Prof and sponsored by Microsoft count as an índependent research experience? The Harvard AM Statistics Application has one of the questions as ‘Describe an independent research experience’ and I wanted to be sure about what I write.
  15. I am a senior at a big 10 research university and this november I will be applying for PhD programs. Mostly umbrella/interdisciplinary programs in realm of biochemistry/molecular biology/biophysics. For the past 3 years I have been doing research in biology/entomology, specifically studying bumblebee pigment chemistry/development and various environmental factors that impact pigmentation. While I really enjoy my work I am looking to pursue graduate studies in biochemistry (I am also majoring in biochemistry) but there is not much overlap between my research now and traditional biochemical rese
  16. FY5913

    Plan B?

    So at this point, it appears that I'm not going to be accepted into a Ph.D. program this year (0a/0w/3r/6). I know that my application was weak and that there are areas for improvement, so I'm starting to think about Plan B. A bit of background: My end goal is to get into a Neuroscience Ph.D. program and do translational research, focusing on molecular mechanisms and immunology. I have 1 year experience at an oncology/immunology lab with a co-authored manuscript in the works. My GRE and GPA were fine, but I have a BA in Psychology. I've been taking a few post-bac classes (Biochem, Genetic
  17. Hi all, I'll be asking all you great people shortly to edit my SoP. As I'm writing my first draft and almost done, I realized that I do have a specific interest in Biostatistics, which is its applications towards mental health, psychiatry and neuroscience. However, I have NO research experience in math nor statistics. I did complete a semester-long independent study thesis on the Japanese economy. This thesis taught me how delicate and diligent one must be to seek any information or question unanswered. How do I go about this issue that I have no research? Should I just include that I comp
  18. Hi everyone, I am wanting to pursue graduate school in sociology, and was planning on commencing with the process a while back, until I had to put that on hiatus for a while to attend to some personal matters. That may have been a blessing in disguise, because I have a question regarding the relevancy of research experience for the applications. You see, while it took me a while to find my niche in college (i.e., I switched majors more than a few times), I was a geology major prior to finding my home in the sociology department. While my research experience in sociology has been limited
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