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Found 3 results

  1. Hello there! My problem is that I don’t know how I should present myself to adcoms in the statement of purpose and CV when applying to PhD programs in philosophy in the US, Canada, and the UK. Your responses will be greatly appreciated. I believe there are many people in the world who were or currently are in the similar circumstances. As a senior, I wrote a thesis on Plato’s Timaeus. Since then, I’ve been writing articles and sending them out to journals. I even managed to get one of them published in a semi-professional journal, but they were all on the Timaeus. I was hoping my enthusiasm would get me into a top PhD program this year, but I was wrong: I was rejected from everywhere. I graduated in 2017 by the way. When he shared his thoughts on the letters of rejections with me, my advisor told me that I should use the space of the SoP to explain how my interests (basically, Plato) will allow me to benefit from the strengths of the departments I am applying to. I gather that analytical philosophy and philosophy of mind is big in the philosophy departments now. Considering that my transcript lists as much as three courses in these fields I also gather that just saying that my coursework qualifies me to write papers on Plato for the rest of my life won’t do. I think that the whole idea of studying Plato itself for itself comes under attack even though I can clearly see gaps in the scholarship that I could fill with my work as I am doing it now with these papers on the Timaeus. I guess departments are looking in their candidates for something other than skills for becoming an author of philosophy articles, right? I am assuming throughout that I have an excellent writing samples by the way. My question to you is, what other factors should I bring in to my profile to make my research interests be an asset, rather than a liability? How do I ward off the adcom’s fears that once I get into the diverse academic environment I won’t be able to keep up the pace? As I am seeing it, the problem is that I don’t have any other achievements to show off except my work on the Timaeus which very little people ever heard of in the first place and, therefore, cannot say anything conclusive as to its quality. I hope a new piece that I sent for peer-review in Phronesis will remedy this, if it’s accepted for publication of course. Likewise, I am planning to take classes for credit next fall in some other field than ancient philosophy to convince the adcoms that I intend to bring my research interests to bear on relevant topics. Which do you think I should take? Other than that, do you have any other suggestion?
  2. Hey everyone,,, I'm currently looking for PhD scholarships abroad. My desired research is multi-disciplinary & specific, so it's not easy to find professors who are specialized & willing to supervise me. It's something about human cultural evolution, & children's value formation. My current scheme in searching for scholarships is: search for professors who have relevant research interests --> find their universities --> find out if their universities offer fully-funded PhD programs & stipends so I can apply to them --> email the professor to see if she's interested, so I can apply to the university. However, sometimes I find announcements about university scholarships, like for ex., the Swiss government scholarships for international students. Do you think if I apply to such scholarships, & if I get accepted, would it be easy to find professors then (assigned in the university(s) of that scholarship) who are specialized & willing to work with me in that kind of research? Or should I only stick to the first scheme of applying to universities?
  3. I'm currently looking into schools to get my masters in wildlife biology, but my anxiety has had me stuck and now I'm falling behind. I haven't actually contacted any professors yet First, what exactly are my odds of getting into a program? Most are requesting GPA after the first 60 semester hours so 3.36 and I have an average GRE score, so I'm considering retaking. I got my B.S. in December of 2014 and unfortunately have not had any luck with a related jobs :/ I've been working food service to save up some money the last few years. Second, When applying to a lab, all professors want a page written about my research interests. While this is a fair enough request, just how specific should I be? I find that I could very easily write several pages on an abundance of topics I find interesting. Would the professors like that I am so open to different topics that I would surely fit the needs of their grant? Or would they see me as unfocused and prefer a single topic that's practically a research project waiting to happen?

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