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Found 7 results

  1. Hello everyone! As lots of schools have sent out decisions, I think it’s time to start this thread for the application cycle 2020. I believe everyone has his/her unique story to tell and I hope more people will benefit from it I will start with mine. not a fancy profile but I am satisfied since I worked hard to achieve it. If you don’t want to share SoP here, it’s totally fine. Maybe we can even have an SoP thread separately. PROFILE: Type of Undergrad Institution: Unknown international school in east Asia. Major(s)/Minor(s): POlitical science Undergrad GPA: 3.54 Type of Grad: Top 20 world ranking university in east Asia Grad GPA: N/A GRE: V161/Q167/AWA3.5 Any Special Courses: IPSA research methods Letters of Recommendation: MA , BA supervisor, and a famous scholar Research Experience: MA is a research based degree, 3 conferences experience Teaching Experience: 1semester TA Subfield/Research Interests: IR Other: RESULTS: Acceptances($$ or no $$): Penn state $$ Waitlists: Rejections: rice, Emory, WashU Pending: Vanderbilt, Maryland, UBC, McGill, UToronto Going to: LESSONS LEARNED: 1. Take / prepare for GRE test as early as possible, especially for international applicant. I took 4 times in the past fall Waste of time and miss chances for lots of schools 2. Try to attend conferences and talk to faculties. They might remember u SOP will share it if someone asks
  2. Hello everyone! Since April 7th, I’ve been waiting for my status to change, I am on the waiting list for an MA programme and It has been almost one month. I wonder, is there anyone who was on the waiting list and lately got accepted? Or in the past, did you get accepted by the CEU after a couple of weeks waiting? Thanks!
  3. Hi, I reallllllllllly need some advice. I have applied for university of Washington. Before applying I emailed one of my POI, he/she responded and asked me to apply because it's up to university to decide which applicant or eligible for phd program. I've applied and then I emailed all my POI 2 more time in the past 1.5 month. but no respond. I'm freaking out, Is that a really bad sign? has anyone been accepted with the same situation before? what are my chances I am not from first tier university but like top 70, my gre verbal is lower than average but my Quant was close to full mark... I have more than 2 year of research and work experience in my area of interest
  4. Hi, has anyone received results for MS in CS from University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill? I applied in the month of November and I am yet to receive any mail from them. When do they usually send the results? Is it time now for me to send a mail to enquire the status of my application?
  5. Hey guys, I have received admissions from several good programs, such as MPA in Columbia SIPA, MPA in Cornell CIPA, MPP in Georgetown U, MPP in USC Price, MPP in UCLA Luskin and MPA in NYU Wagner. I am still waiting for the decision from CMU Heinz MSPPM data analytics track, the director told me that I will be notified within this week, and he told me that the GRE-retaking e-mail sent by them earlier was a mistake and I don't need to retake GRE(does this mean that I will be admitted?). Here is the queation: which one should I choose? I prefer SIPA and Heinz, but I finally have to choose one. SIPA locates in Manhattan, and there are many job opportunities, but I kind of worrying about the skill set I can obtain there since those traditional MPA program's courses are very general, like politics, economics, international affair or something. MSPPM-DA can provide me a strong ability of data analytics and even Artificial Intelligence, but I guess Pittsburgh is not as convenient as NYC when I want to find a job. I am working as a consultant in China, and I finished a consulting report for Didi Chuxing(the largest ride-sharing company in China, like Uber in USA). This consulting service I have offered aims at helping Didi Chuxing builds up a Public Information Service Platform with the government to generate advises for urban development, and it will be done in a Public-Private-Partnership framework. During the research, I noticed that massive data(over twenty millions of ride-sharing services every single day) generated by users of Didi has been largely wasted because those data have not been connected with the government's database and other companies who provide urban public services too. Since then, I feel strong passion in sharing and exploring data for common good of our society, and as the result, I believe that MSPPM-DA can give a better skill set to deal with the issue in the future. My optimal goal is finding a consulting job in USA, what aspect should I focus on? Location, reputation or skill set? Additionally, I have learned and practiced Python programming in my undergrad, so I am confident that I can fit in Data Analytics track well. Anybody have some suggestions for me? Any idea will be appreciated.
  6. Hello my fellow applicants! First, I wish all the best luck to your applications. Recently, I am seeing many <- (a black rectangle with a white circle inside) this sign on the results forum. What does this mean?
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