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  1. Hey all! I am applying for master's in Computational Science and Engineering at TU Munich. The guidelines for the CV dictate that there must be no chronological gaps in it even if one hasn't been in an educational program or gainful employment during the period. In such a case, say I am working on my "work experience" section in the CV and there is a one year gap during which I was taking a break. Then, it doesn't fit in the work experience section, right? Do I then place this under a separate section even though the timeline in the work experience section is now broken? And if so, what do I call this separate section? Anybody been in a similar boat? Please let me know. Appreciate your help a lot, thanks in advance!
  2. Howdy! I was recently accepted into Phi Kappa Phi and have put off accepting the invitation until after I completed my final exams (I am a Sophomore at Texas A&M University), as the lifetime membership fee is rather steep (>$400) and I needed time to mull it over. However, the deadline is in a couple of days, so I need to make a decision, but I do not want to drop several hundred dollars on clout and resume padding. Does anyone out here know of any concrete benefits of joining this organization?
  3. Hi all ! I recently was updated about a first author conference proceedings acceptance. This is about 2 months after submitting my PhD applications. Im looking for advice on this - I read somewhere that it might help to email the adcomm with an updated resume. Would emailing at this point be appropriate?
  4. Hi all, Wondering if anyone had any tips for writing their resume for their grad application. How to incorporate SLP shadow experiences etc. This is coming from out of field applicant so I have a lot of different experiences. Would love any tips or if anyone is willing to share their resume (feel free to delete personal information - more interested in the format) Thanks!
  5. Hey people, I had a small query regarding my resume. I was wondering if it would make a difference if I omit my gpa entirely from the resume. While not too low, it isnt too high either. Also, if I should keep it, would it be a bad thing to keep it at the very end of the resume? Thanks a lot
  6. Hi folks! I thought it might be helpful to create a place where those of us who are looking for a new position could critique/swap our CVs, resumes, and cover letters as well as discuss other topics related to applying to jobs. (I realize there is a "Jobs" subforum, but I felt like a thread with a psych-specific focus would be beneficial). I'll start! I recently discovered the perfect research position (would be my first paid), so I want to do everything I can to put my best foot forward. Some questions I had: Research fit is absolutely spot on, but my personal research experience so far is not relevant to this particular focus. Should I be concerned? The application is hosted on a portal that only seems to require a resume. However, I know the name of the PI - would it be appropriate to email them in addition to indicate my particular interest and attach a cover letter? Would that likely be seen as welcome initiative, or desperate and not following direction? I would love a critique of my resume! I'm happy to swap with anyone as well. Let's make this a productive year! đź‘Ť
  7. I'm an American applying to management programs in France with no background in business (they accept all academic backgrounds). My cv is unfortunately very unimpressive so I'm looking to make the best of what I have. Any tips? The programs are in English so no need for it to be in French.
  8. Happy Sunday! I am preparing to submit my MPP application at the University of Michigan - Ford School. I am currently finalizing the Employment/Work Experience section of the online application. I was wondering if anyone has any advice on whether volunteer / extracurricular involvement should be included in this section? It seems Ford is primarily looking for paid employment? For additional context, I am almost five years removed from undergrad but have remained fairly active in different boards and nonprofit organizations since that time. This information is included in my resume yet we are asked to re-state work experiences, hence my question. Any advice from those applying or those admitted would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.
  9. Happy Sunday! I am preparing to submit my MPP application at the University of Michigan - Ford School. I am currently finalizing the Employment/Work Experience section of the online application. I was wondering if anyone has any advice on whether volunteer / extracurricular involvement should be included in this section? It seems Ford is primarily looking for paid employment? For additional context, I am almost five years removed from undergrad but have remained fairly active in different boards and nonprofit organizations since that time. This information is included in my resume yet we are asked to re-state work experiences, hence my question. Any advice from those applying or those admitted would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.
  10. Hi everyone! I'm an undergraduate SLP student and I am about to complete my first semester at a cal state since I'm a community college transfer student. I feel behind because I did not put in the effort to meet with professors all semester and get to know them. I participate and ask questions in class every once and a while, but I'm simply just another student. However, I need a faculty member for programs and scholarships to be a recommender by late January. How should I approach them without being too pushy? I understand it's very late & I should have been putting in the effort. Any tips?
  11. Hi everyone, I'm applying for an MPhil program at Cambridge, and am looking for guidance re: CV format. I'm all set on my resume for U.S. programs, but am not sure what the norm is for applying postgrad in the UK. Specifically, should I keep it to one-page like a traditional resume? Or can it be extended, as is preferred by most U.S. grad programs? Are there any things to include (e.g., relevant coursework) or not include (e.g., extracurricular leadership) as opposed to a U.S. resume. Thanks so much!
  12. I'm editing my CV for sociology PhD applications and am unsure of two things. Perhaps there is no right answer, but I'd love to hear any advice. 1. Should I create a separate "Research Experience" section or is it alright if I simply put all positions (excluding irrelevant positions like part-time kitchen jobs, of course) under a "Work Experience" section? 2. I have been credited on publications before (e.g. "Research Assistant Esenabla assisted with this piece" written at the end of a report) but I have yet to author my own work. Would I create a "Publications" section for the works from which I have been credited? Or would it be best to simply put this under an "Experience" section? Thanks in advance!
  13. Hello! I graduated in 2015 and I've been teaching in Korea since. I'll be applying to graduate programs for MPA and I could really use some help on my resume. Can anyone take a look at it and give me some feedback please? If so I can PM it to you. Thanks!
  14. Will having any CEU's, CECH's, CHES's, NBCC's etc. help me get into grad school? I'm talking about accredited programs/websites, not MOOC's. I'm willing to pay if it'll help. Also do I attach the certification of completion to my resume (each certification is a page long), and how do I mention it on my resume if I have any completed so far? I'm interested in going for physical therapy school, and want to get some courses on mental health and general health, will this help me at all? Most courses aren't free. I'm still in undergrad, graduating next year, might apply for the next cycle in a few months.
  15. Hey guys! I haven't had any luck getting in touch with Princeton's admissions team by email (I suppose I could just call?) but I was hoping some of you might be able to answer my last-minute application questions. First- should the Policy Memo be annotated? Right now I have annotations for all the hard facts I cite and footnotes at the end, but I'm not sure if that will be useful for the admissions team, or even necessary. Second- where on their resume would they want past internships and research assistantships taken during college? Their blog post on this: http://wws.princeton.edu/admissions/wws-blog/item/2015-application-countdown-conclusion-résumé-diversity is kind of vague. My best guess is the "Personal Background" section. Thoughts? Third- also for the resume, do they want a list of "interests" as part of the personal background- like playing guitar and writing short stories? Their blog post made it seem like they want that included but I wasn't sure how to go about it. Finally- the online application has a section for "Publications/Original Work." Could or should this include non-scholarly work- like articles or blog posts I've had published? Any assistance you all can offer will be greatly appreciated!
  16. When I used to work in the UK, I remember how convenient it was to find a job. All that was needed was for you to upload your pdf resume to a website, and recruiters would then call you for potential job interviews. Are there any similar websites available for job seekers in the US? I've heard that recruiters contact people via LinkedIn, so I'll be sure to make an account there shortly. Aside from that, though, all I've managed to find are websites like indeed.com or ziprecruiter.com that use annoying algorithms to extract information from your uploaded pdf resume and put it into a text-based webpage format that inevitably has many errors requiring more editing. Is there a website that simply allows me to upload my resume in a pdf format (and not have it's contents reformatted to fit a webpage), where recruiters can then view that original pdf and contact me if they have any potential offers?
  17. Hello very helpful people! Hope you all are doing well. I've begun submitting my apps—about half way through and have done my top choice because it was due December 1. But on Saturday I found out I've been accepted into a conference for February— a whole other story is how I'm going to prepare for that... My question is: should I reach out to the schools I've submitted my applications to already? I'm going to update my resume and unsubmitted apps to reflect this upcoming conference.
  18. Is there any specific way my resume should look when applying to a graduate program? Is there a template anyone can share? Does it have to be super professional? Can it be modern? Can it have a little color or a little personality? I'm applying to the MPH at UCLA and other several schools. Please let me know what ya'll think or how you all did your resume when you were applying to grad school. Just wanted some feedback before I start making changes to my resume. Thank you in advance.
  19. All of a sudden I'm second guessing everything including the CV. So far I've got my degrees, gpas, conferences, work experience, miscellaneous stuff. I'm wondering if you're supposed to put down all the relevant courses you've taken as well??
  20. I'm a senior applying to graduate schools for Speech Pathology. My major is Health Sciences with a concentration in Communication disorders. I took my GRE and I got a 142 Verbal, 152 Quant and 3.5 writing. I know my scores are very average and I don't know if I should retake them.The minimum for all my schools is 140 Verbal and 152 Quant. My GPA is a 3.6 and I feel my essays are good and my letters will be good. My resume is really packed- I have over 1,000 service hours at many different locations, shadowing hours, I worked at an AAC communication camp, I am the President of a service organization and on the state board for the same organization, I help run the $40,000 Relay for Life event at my school and am on the committee for planning our annual "Day of Service". I also have research experience with a Speech Professor and am a part of NSSHLA on campus and have started an initiative for VocalID in our club. Do you think I should retake my GRE or do you the rest of my application will balance it all out? Thanks for the advice
  21. So here's my issue. I'm about to get my second master degree, the first one a regular MSc and the second one a MRes. Over the course of this time I have conducted and taken part in a number of research projects. All of them have involved extensive fieldwork abroad. Now I am looking for jobs that are related to the practical application of my knowledge. (Btw, I'm in the development field as you can tell from my profile) It was never my goal to stay within academia, but I saw these two masters as a chance to build on my skillset and I am convinced these skills are transferable to the 'applied/practical field'. But this is my dilemma: The last three positions on my resume basically all say "researcher" or "research assistant" in some form. I know that my experiences are more than that, and I want to reframe them so it highlights the "international" and "field experience" aspect rather than the research aspect. Has anyone had do this before, and how did you solve it? Thanks!
  22. I applied to Masters programs last year and did not get in. I am now working as a bachelor level SLP and re-applying this year, updating my resume, taking the GRE again, and re writing personal statements. I was curious if anyone had a really good resume format they liked to use and if they were willing to share it?? I need all the help I can get this time around
  23. Hello everyone, I will be applying for PhD this fall and have some questions on writing my CV. I have attended two summer research programs, both offered external funding sources to fund my stay and research during the program. I did not directly apply to these fellowships; they were automatically offered as I am accepted into the program. However, I was told about the names of the fellowships that are used to support my stay. Should I include this in my CV as a fellowship I have gained, or should I completely leave it out since I did not go through the application? Thank you in advance for your inputs, and best luck for everyone during the application!
  24. Hope this is the right subforum. I'm writing my CV. I contributed a page/chapter to an online textbook in my field; it's an NSF- funded project. It is open for professors of a specific list of the field to contribute to and for students (if professors agree/give permission). What would my official title be? It's hundreds of pages now, but I think the page I wrote is used in a course now. Would it be author, editor, contributor?
  25. I'm applying to the Harvard Kennedy School and they want a weird hybrid resume/CV that's two to four pages in length. I want to highlight some of my leadership positions, but I've only been out of college for four years and I'm a little sparse in that area, especially on positions with fancy sounding titles. I am the low man on the totem poll at my job (research and admin at a highly regarded think tank/magazine). Should I include leadership positions I had in college or would that be going back too far and make me sound a bit juvenile? Another question-- Just last month, I was picked to be a board member of my local PBK chapter. However, since this just happened I haven't really done anything yet and I'm not even up on the website as a board member. Is it worth it to include? Thanks!
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