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Found 18 results

  1. I'm an American applying to masters programs at business schools in France. My GPA is quite low, 2.91, don't have any special work experience, research, etc. I really wanted a high GRE score to make me stand out - also considering most applicants probably aren't anglophones, so the way I see it, a mediocre score reflects particularly badly on me. I've only been studying 6 weeks and I think I could at the latest retake the test in 4 weeks to make the last deadline for an American school I'm applying to as a safety (French schools have later deadlines). Is it worth pushing through another few grueling weeks? Would a higher score really help me?
  2. Hello everyone, I am new to this forum and really want some suggestions in my coursework. Here's a little of my background: I am a Math and Econ double major junior and want to pursue a Ph.D. in Economics after graduation, but also open to the option of going to a master program before the Ph.D. program. I transferred from a state flag to a top 15 private school in this academic year. And I find the peer pool is much more competitive than previous one and it's hard to perform well consistently to obtain an A. At my first two years, my overall GPA is around 3.94. But last semester I had 6 courses and got 3.61. I also got a B in undergraduate-level math analysis class. This semester, the situation is getting worse. I have 5 courses and 1-credit research course. Since I am trying to do a Computer Science minor, I am taking Data Structure in C++ right now but did bad on my midterms and the best grade I can get for this class is B. But I still have one final and 2 problem sets to go and I am not confident at all. Moreover, I am also taking Abstract Algebra this semester, which I also do not do well on it. I think I need to work very hard to ace my final to obtain a B+/B on it. My current plan is to retake Abstract Algebra next semester. My school's math department only opens one Analysis class and one Abstract Algebra class with 20 seats each next semester, and I am on the waitlist of both ( 20th for Analysis and 3rd for Abstract Algebra). So I can possibly only get into Abstract Algebra. So here are my concerns: Do I need to retake Data Structure next semester? If I do so, then I will not be able to finish my CS minor. If I do not retake it, will the low grade in CS courses hurt my application for graduate programs? Thank you for reading such long post!
  3. I am not sure if I should retake the GRE. I am looking into very ambitious Biomedical Sciences programs in the USA. I am looking at Gerstner Sloan Kettering, Mt. Sinai, Duke, and MIT to name a few. I have considerable research experience and a 3.7 GPA, but my GRE scores were mid-range: 161 Verbal, 163 Quant, 4.5 Analytical Writing. For admissions statistics, I am still within the range of scores of admitted students, but a grad student in my lab suggested I should retake the test because he didn't think the scores were good enough to get into the places I was looking at. Please advise.
  4. I would love it if the GRE was no longer used to determine PhD readiness. I cannot get above a 150 in Quant. I have never been great at math, but I seriously despise this section. I am going to apply to PhD programs in Developmental Psychology in 2019 and I am currently in a master's program at Brown. Should I even worry about my scores? I will have 3 years of research experience, a Msc from an Ivy, a bachelor's in psychology from a UC, and a crap GRE score. I would just hate to waste another $200 on the most anxiety ridden test of my life for the 3rd time! That's $600 total. HELP!
  5. I got a 315 (159V + 156Q), I don't have my AWA score yet, but I expect it to be really high 5.5+ like in practice, which is the average or median scores of the current students for the schools I'm applying to for a Master's of Public Health or Public Policy, that is, Harvard, Columbia, and WUSTL. It's not the score I wanted, but after taking the real GRE for the first time I can't imagine doing much better than +- 1-3 points. I was, and still am terrible in quant, and my score of 156 on GRE Quant was the highest I've ever received outside of a practice exam, meanwhile my GRE verbal was slightly lower than my practice GRE verbal of 160-162. I studied both the Kaplan Premier and Math Course books, took 3 or 4 practice exams, and a Kaplan GRE course about a year before I took the real thing. My real score is around the average of my practice exams. Should I retake on score alone? Especially since I probably won't be able to test into a scholarship? Holistically I'm a well-rounded student, a GPA of 3.5 in Natural Sciences( Pre-Med degree) & Africana Studies with minors in Global Health (Graduate Epi and Public Health intro courses) and Chemistry. I have four years of Public Health Research and professional experience, with paid work at the CDC, at a local health department, a National Human Rights Organization, a children's hospital and on a USAID project and volunteering experience as the Head Bio UTA for my school, Diversity committee chair for my school, a tutor to refugees locally, and Americorps for a year. Lastly, I got a partial fulbright to go do research in Tanzania, apart of two honors organization, and I am a FLASF receipient. Lastly, I have demonstrated skills in Qualitative Analysis, and Kiswahili language, and I'm currently learningfrench. Does the rest of my application round out my GRE scores?
  6. I’m applying to a mix of Ph.D. programs, about half of which are in Philosophy and the rest are in English/Literature. I imagine these programs will likely emphasize the Analytical Writing score more than other sections of the GRE, even though they will also expect a very good Verbal score. I took the GRE 4 years ago before applying to Master’s programs and received 161V/149Q/4.5AW. After retaking the GRE last month, I received 159V/147Q/5.5AW. (I'm quite devastated that a month of studying didn't improve my V & Q scores.) I am tempted to submit the newest scores, as they will have a recent date and will demonstrate, along with my Writing Sample, the strength of my writing skills. However, I would be devastated if rejected from programs because the Verbal score from that retake is below 85th percentile. Which scores would you suggest I submit? Would it make sense in my case to submit both scores, or do you think that might hinder my chances? Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.
  7. Does retaking a class for a better grade improves your GPA? Has anyone done it?
  8. Hey, guys, I just got my TOEFL score, it's 109 (R:27, L:29, S:27, W:26). One puzzle that have always confused me is that whether a score of 109 and a score of 110 would mean quite differently if I were to apply the IR Ph.D. programs offered by top schools (say, Princeton, Stanford, etc.). Thanks for your time and I really need your suggestions.
  9. Hello awesome people, I am a senior who is planning on applying to psychology graduate program. I have been involved in research projects and also internships that greatly enhanced my understanding of the subject matter, and I believe going to a graduate school will definitely equip me better. I am wondering if it is a wise move to retake a class (not a core class by the way) that I got A minus in. It's not a core class but I have 4 other advanced classes that I am taking and I thought why not shove that A minus class in and get an A. My intention is to see whether I can do slightly better his time. However, I've been receiving advises that did not encourage doing this, I am wondering if that's the same case in this forum as well. What are the pros and cons of doing this, particularly when I apply to prestigious and competitive grad programs (which I refer to Research 1 universities, not only big name schools like Harvard and Yale)? Note: I am an international student from Japan. This is my 8th year studying in the U.S (4 years in high school, another 4 years in the university). My GPA is 3.9, GRE is 158/160.
  10. Hi all, I keep seeing similar things on admissions websites regarding GRE scores, mostly along the lines that applicants should have a verbal score above 160, GRE is not the determining factor but scores should be competitive, yadayada... Though schools must all have different criteria, after reading site after site of rather vague GRE requirements I don't know whether I should be satisfied with my scores or not. I've taken the test twice. First attempt yielded 163 (v) , 143 (q), 5(awa). Second time around got 165(v), 149( q) writing not yet available. I'm not applying to any programs that are quant analysis heavy and people have told me my scores should be fine, but still a bit nervous. Any feedback would be appreciated Not sure it makes a difference but I'm an int'l student (TOEFL score is 120) and have 2 MA degrees (though neither is in Communication studies) Best of luck!
  11. Hello everyone. Question. I just submitted my CSDCAS to 11 different schools. Today my calculated gpa was posted and I was a little caught off guard. I read all the FAQ's but afraid that my GPA is much lower than the work I have put in since becoming a major in CSD. Since I am a transfer student, my GPA did not transfer, only the credits did. My freshman year was not the best and I got 2 C's as an Education major. Those C's arereally affecting my calculated GPA on the CSDCAS along with a few classes in the major that I retook as a CSD major that are calculated into this new GPA My question is do people know if schools look at the last 60 credits? Or look at the overall GPA and use that as an accurate measurement? Feeling nervous if I should apply to more schools outside of the CSDCAS. Thoughts?
  12. Hi! So, I just took the GRE today. I scored average on the GRE (158/155 Q/V - unofficial). Should I consider taking it again (standardize testing is extremely stressful for me, so I would like to avoid taking it again if possible)? I want to get into a PhD program for Computer Science. The rest of my application is as follows: Major: Double computer science and mathematics at unknown university GPA: 4.0 (overall and in both majors), many upper division/graduate level mathematics and CS courses LOR: Very strong (research advisor, mathematics chair, supervisor from MIT LL internship) Research experience: 4 publications (3 in eye-tracking/software engineering (one is a tier-1, another is in IEEE Software Magazine, 1 in mathematics (SIAM journal))), REU at Clemson Internship: Two summer internships at MIT LL Talks and posters at many conferences and Goldwater Scholar. SOP: Strong Basically, the only unspectacular thing about my app is my GRE score. Also, if I don't retake it what universities should I consider applying to?
  13. Hi, I have a 331 in GRE (VA 161 QA 170) with 3.5 in AWA. I'm planning on applying for ms in data analytics to the top tier colleges. Will the AWA score make this difficult? Should I retake the GRE and try for a better AWA score ?
  14. I just took the GRE and my unofficial scores were 170 verbal and 156 quant. Though I am ecstatic about my verbal score, I'm a little worried about my quant score. I want to go to a top international relations MA program and I'm worried the 156 won't make the cut for those schools, even when balanced out with my verbal score. Background Undergrad: UVa Undergrad GPA: 3.77, graduated PBK 4 years of work experience in my field, one year of which was spent abroad in Cairo, Egypt. Verbal: 170 Quant: 156 Writing: Not yet scored I think I could improve my score with a month of study. I took a prep course last year, procrastinated for 12 months, decided to take the GRE, then studied intensely for a week before taking the test. With a month of study I could probably improve by a few points. However, I'm wondering if it's worth it? And if I did retake and my verbal score went down, would that detract from my application? Any insights would be much appreciated. Thanks! Christine
  15. I am applying for English PhD programs. On my GRE, I scored a 163 V, a 143 Q, and a 5.0 on writing. Thank you.
  16. So I took the old GRE earlier in the summer and got a 570V 420Q. So mad that I was only 10 points away from 1000! I was originally going to retake it at the end of this month, but I have been so swamped with school and work that I have barely been studying. I feel like if I retake it soon, I'll only score marginally better than better and be out $150. I am applying to speech language pathology programs, and I know that they place more of an emphasis on the verbal, but I'm rather embarrassed by the quantitative. If I did retake the exam, I would only have 19 days left to study, maybe a week more if I try to test early November, but some of the application deadlines are in January and November is starting to cut it a bit close. Since alot of schools want you to have a combined minimum of 1000, do you think 990 is close enough that they will basically consider it to be 1000, or should I try to retake it? Thanks!
  17. And I was wondering you can cancel your scores completely. If I retake the test, does the institution see both takes or do they see the best or latest score? I'am considering taking the test in September as their 50% discount means that its not such a huge loss since it's non-refundable. Thanks.
  18. HI everyone, I just got back from the GRE and I didn't do quite as well as I had hoped. Should I retake the test? Or am I crazy? I got 690V 640Q, and I'm expecting to be in the 5-6 range in AW. I'm applying to art history MA programs so I expect my poor-ish showing in math won't affect my chances there too much. And I realize my verbal score is pretty good. But I was really hoping to break 700 and really blow the schools I'm applying to out of the water. I have some good recs coming my way and my GPA is 3.62, major GPA probably higher than that. But I was really hoping to get a spectacular verbal score to push my application over the edge. Would you retake, if you were me? I was scoring over 700 in the practice tests, I think the nerves got to me and I started rushing. But is it worth all the effort, not to mention restudying new material for the revised test? Is it kind of ridiculous or kind of justified that I feel a bit disappointed in that score? Any guidance would be really, really appreciated! (And feel free to tell me off if I'm making a bit deal out of nothing!
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