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Found 7 results

  1. Hey guys, I am an international student applying for Master's in Mechanical Engineering (Control System). I have received admits from Rochester Inst. of Technology(RIT) and Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI). I am confused as to which university should I go forward with. I intend to do a non-thesis program with major focus on getting a job once I complete my masters. While RIT has a strong co-op program, WPI has location advantage being close to Boston (robotics hub). Any suggestions are welcome. Thank you!
  2. Hey guys, So, I asked the Grad Admission for an update. Now, they told me that my application is under review and asked me to confirm a shipping address and if there are dependents. Is this email positive or negative? Does this means I will probably recieve an offer from them later?
  3. Hello, I received admits from Arizona State University (MCS: that's MS in CS without thesis), Rochester Institute of Technology (Ms in CS) and Syracuse University (MS in CS). I have trouble deciding which university to accept. From what I've learned, ASU is least expensive, but I have to complete 3 prerequisite courses. I have received 30% scholarship from RIT, but I have to complete 3 prerequisite courses here as well. I don't have any prerequisites to complete at Syracuse (so I wouldn't have to take a risk in writing the prerequisite exams), and the fees are quite cheap (between ASU and RIT), but I've heard that it does not have good courses. How are these universities in terms of courses and job opportunities, and which one should I choose?
  4. I am confused between UNC Charlotte(CyberSecurity) and RIT(Computer Science or Computing Security). What I know, 1. UNCC is cheaper; 2. Charlotte is a bigger city with lots of Banking institutions(How will this make a difference to a Cyber Security/Computer Science student?) 3. UNCC can give assistantships only after you are in the 2nd semester; 4. RIT has plethora of jobs. Is that the case with UNCC as well? What I don't know, 1. UNCC vs RIT in terms of financial aid. - RIT has given me a 20% scholarship which can increase for the next year depending on my performance. 2. Brand Name of the University 3. Faculty support and quality of teaching 4. Job and internship opportunities 5. Competitive events that happen and scope for making connections with the industry(in Computer Science or related areas) 6. Location satisfaction and crowd 7. Campus life
  5. I saw there was a thread last year, so I figured I'd ask for this application round. Anyone out there apply for a medical illustration program? I'm currently playing the waiting game with RIT. And...I may have sort of chickened out of applying to any of the other schools. Good news is I got accepted into my backup plan: an MPS in Information Visualization at MICA. Not medical illustration, but should certainly aid me in getting my foot in the door for scientific communication. With that being said, how'd your interviews go? Have you heard back from the different schools? I'd love to know!
  6. I had applied for masters in computer Science at Arizona State University but I was admitted to Masters in Information Technology which is offered at their polytechnic campus. I have an admit for Masters in Computer Science at RIT with 30% scholarship. I wanted to know how are the job opportunities post MS in IT are they as good as post masters in MSCS? I have gone through the course work and it is not similar to what is typically offered in computer science. My intended major is Data manangement. it (2).pdf
  7. Hi Folks, I have an admit at RIT for the fall session of 12 for masters in IT, but I realized pretty late that I would like to go for the MEng program at Cornell. Would it be possible for me to transfer (credit as well) from RIT to Cornell , provided I keep good grades at RIT ? Thank you for your input
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