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  1. Dong Lab at Vanderbilt University (US) is looking for self-motivated students who want to pursue a Ph.D. degree, in the area of design, manufacture and control intelligent medical miniature devices and robots. The candidate will be supported with full tuition and stipends. Please see the attached PDF for the description of the qualifications. Interested applicants should send 1) Cover Letter, 2) resume/CV, 3) unofficial transcript, 4) English test score (international students) and 5) representative papers (if any) in a single PDF to Dr. Xiaoguang Dong via email xiaoguang.dong@vanderbilt.
  2. I have three admits from these universities, I have interest in robotics so all my MS Mechanical admits have a specialization in Robotics. They all are going to cost almost the same, so that's not a factor right now. I have interest in CS and business as well and am hoping to take some courses from that as well. Also, considering I am hoping to get a TAship and a well paying job in the robotics industry later I don't know which to choose. Technically, CMU has the Robotics Institute which is the best in the world for robotics, that's kind of a no brainer for me as of now, but still confuse
  3. Please share this. We are just launching and reaching out to programs that may need studio facilities this fall and to teaching grads that may want to praticipate. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: New York, NY July 14, 2020 // -- Working to address the critical need for remote learning options, a group of artists and educators with unique remotely accessible studios are stepping up to help universities. The Digital Studio Project will work to help schools retool for the pandemic crisis by providing remarkable online studio learni
  4. I have three admits from these universities, I have interest in robotics so all my MS Mechanical admits have a specialization in Robotics. They all are going to cost almost the same, so that's not a factor right now. I have interest in CS and business as well and am hoping to take some courses from that as well. Also, considering I am hoping to get a TAship and a well paying job in the robotics industry later I don't know which to choose. Technically, CMU has the Robotics Institute which is the best in the world for robotics, that's kind of a no brainer for me as of now, but still confuse
  5. I am incredibly excited to have been offered admission at CMU and Univerisity of Michigan for both MS in Robotics. My education background is BS in ME at Umich. I am an international student holding an F1 visa. I have many research experience in control. In my graduate school, I would like to incline my research interest towards control by using machine learning/ artificial intelligence. This means I would like to have some transition from ME towards CS, and this is also one of the reasons why I applied for the Robotics program. After graduation, I don't know yet whether I want to
  6. I am a CS grad and after 4 years of experience I am thinking about pursuing MS. My intention behind MS is purely getting into research and robotics. I plan to learn raspberry pi and quadcopter on my own time first before approaching any professors for RAship. I am targeting a fully funded MS either by TAship or RAship. Please advise.
  7. I am incredibly excited to have been offered admission at CMU and ETH Zurich for MS in Robotics and MS in Robotics, Systems and Control respectively. I am inclined towards computer vision and deep learning. However, I am also inclined to study/research on these topics with a good amount of mathematical rigor. I would not only like to apply these to engineering problems but would also like to come up with new/different approaches through a thorough understanding of topics like probability, linear algebra and optimization. I am interested in exploring different learning strategies - unsuper
  8. Help needed with deciding between University of California San Diego (M.S. in Intelligent Systems Robotics and Control) and Johns Hopkins University (M.S. in Robotics). Points I wish to consider: 1. Quality of Education and research opportunities (Robotics field) 2. Financial Help (RA/TA) - Competitiveness and Compensation 3. Job opportunities 4. Location
  9. Hello, I've got admits from the following universities, 1. Arizona State University - Robotics and Autonomous Systems (Electrical Engineering) 2. University of Southern California - Electrical Engineering (Multimedia and Creative Technologies) 3. North Carolina State University - Electrical Engineering (Probably picking Robotics concentration) Need help to finalize University among these, considering overall reputation, the course, Return of interest. Personally, I feel that the USC course may narrow down job opportunities and I can't justify the extra cost for USC. I'm
  10. I'm a Mechatronics undergrad thinking of applying to the RSC Masters at ETHZ next year, and had a few questions. 1) Anybody know what the admissions statistics are? I already know they're quite high, but it'd help me determine my chances. I tried getting in touch with their admissions department for statistics, but it seems that they don't give them out. 2) Should we reach out to profs with our info (GPA, GRE, research interests) to see if we're a good fit for the program? Wasn't sure if this is appropriate, but I thought it'd be a good way to gauge my chances as well. For ref
  11. Hi everybody! I am currently planning on pursuing a PhD in Mechanical Engineering with a focus on robotics. While researching schools to apply to, I keep coming back to the same question. How strong is my application? I've listed credentials below and will just let you know right away that my biggest weaknesses in my application are my GPA , Letters of Recommendation, and lack of research experience. Major: Mechanical Engineering from UT Austin GPA: 3.31/4.00 GRE: Quan: 168 (94%) Verb: 159 (83%) AW: 5.0 (92%) LOR: Three professors (Either all three from
  12. I am trying to decide between a funded masters in mechanical engineering at MIT or a PhD in Robotics at Georgia Tech (I received a fellowship). Any advice on which would be better for getting an industry job in robotics? I realize I could always do the master's at MIT and continue for my PhD later but I am worried about being successful at MIT based on how difficult it is. It might just be impostor syndrome but I am shocked I even got into MIT and would probably be at the bottom of the intelligence spectrum there.
  13. I am from India and I have taken about 70 courses in my bachelors. Do I have to fill the details about every one of them to complete my masters application? I am applying for Master of Science in Robotics, System and Control.
  14. I have been admitted to CMU Robotics Institute's MSR program and UWashington's CSE PhD program. My area of interest is robotics (in conjunction with NLP + vision + machine learning). And I aspire to pursue a PhD. UW gave me a fellowship, whereas CMU's masters program is unfunded (at least for the first semester). My potential advisor at UW is a top professor in the field and our research interests are well aligned. It seems like UW is the obvious choice. But CMU is the place for robotics. Is it stupid to consider the "Top 4 vs. Non Top 4 schools" factor? I could take the risky path
  15. I'm very interested in machine learning and its application to the healthcare/medical field. I am also interested in the Robotics program at Hopkins because of its wide array of machine learning research in the medical field. They research a large number of things like medical imaging, uses machine learning for surgical robots, analyzing EMR data, etc. Does anyone know of other universities that have similar medical focus? The ranking is not important. I am just looking for a little bit of a curriculum overlap here and there. Thank you!
  16. I am planning to apply to: NYU Purdue Oregon State University Georgia Tech Washington University UC San Diego For an MS in Mechatronics/Robotics. I am doing a four year program in (Hons.) Mechanical Engineering and have done an elective for Mechatronics where I learned control system basics such as state space modelling and bode plot stability test. I've done a project on stability of a Quadcopter using a PID controller and done a simulation on Simulink/Matlab as a group project. My program focused on the basics of mechanical design and simulation using ANSY
  17. Hello all! I'm currently stuck deciding between the Berkeley EE M.Eng and Stanford EE MS. Several factors are: I'm going to be focusing on robotics, control, and signal processing (in that order, with just a focus in robotics if possible) Berkeley gave me a $20,000 scholarship I can take out student loans, but aren't thrilled about it Does a masters of engineering look worse in industry than a masters of science? Does Stanford really have more prestige than Berkeley when it comes to EE industry? Would I be able to make long-lasting professional connecti
  18. Hey all! So, I've been accepted to both Stanford and Michigan for EE, specializing in robotics for the Michigan program. I haven't received financial aid from either. So, I have several considerations. It seems like Michigan has a higher-ranked robotics program, but Stanford has that "wow" factor of being Stanford. Do employers in general care more about the school or the ranking? Also, I'm fairly certain I want to do robotics after I graduate, but I'm definitely not 100% certain. Would Stanford offer a more robust education? Stanford's is a 2-year program, whereas Mich
  19. I just got admitted to the MSE in ECE with a concentration in Robotics at JHU, I was wondering what is the difference between this program and the MSE in Robotics program there? Will there be any difference concerning access to research opportunities?
  20. I completed my MS in EE on 2016 from NCSU. My thesis and research credits are in robotics and automation. I have extensive research experience in the same field. I am looking into the same sort of research at UCSD, however, want to change to CS dept. I am using my old GRE score taken 3 years ago which was 306, 162 quant and 144 verbal. I also have some short work experiences. I have a good research profile, with one publication and some conference presentations. Also served as an IEEE conference submission reviewer and conference speaker and member in robotics and automation chapters. Als
  21. Hello guys, I need some guidance as I will be applying for Phd programs for 2017 with cool projects but low GPA and no publications. I designed robots, worked on projects for many years. I even started to build things when I was in high school. During my undergraduate, I involved with research, worked as a research assistant at biomedical lab for two years. Then, I did a research internship at one of the finest universities in Turkey about a year. Now, I am pursuing a masters degree on mechatronics and simultaneously working as an r&d engineer at a small startup firm desi
  22. Hi, I have been fortunate to get two wonderful offers: Berkeley and UW. I would appreciate any comments about them and advice on where to go. I visited both places, and liked both universities. Both cities seem to be huge tech hubs (Berkeley more so than Seattle, but the latter is great too), have good weather, and look gorgeous. I can see myself doing good work at either place and also living comfortably. For many people, Berkeley would almost look like an obvious choice, but surprisingly I find myself leaning towards UW. I have summarized my reasoning below. Am I shooting myself in the
  23. Hi All, Im an Electronics and communications engineer . Im planning to do MS in Robotics and Automation in Germany / Canada . So if someone with a MS / Knwoledge regd it could comment , we could go on a personal chat for the detailed discussion regd it Regards, Titus Saju
  24. I have to decide between the MS program in CS at Stanford and MS in Robotics at CMU. I don't know yet whether I want to continue for PhD but I do know that I don't want a programming job after graduation. I have some research background in machine learning and computer vision, and am hoping to do research in grad school as well. I think I have narrowed down the decision to deciding between the following pros of each program, and I am eager to hear your thoughts on which of them have more weight. The main pro of CMU in my case is that there is greater likelihood of getting resear
  25. Hi, I am aiming to specialize in robotics. I have an admit from the M. Eng. in Robotics program offered by University of Maryland and an M.S. in Mechanical Engineering with a specialization in Robotics from Boston University. Some information about each: UMD: 1. It's an M. Eng. program offered by the systems department. 2. It's kind of new, so there isn't much information about the kind of jobs/PhD. acceptances people end up with post the program. 3. It isn't nearly as costly as BU. 4. There's a lot of flexibility in the courses I can chose. 5. Master of Engineering is gene
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