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Found 14 results

  1. Hello there, I have a PhD offer from UT-Dallas and another one from University of Rochester. Both are funded- UTD(stipend around 1.8k and UR stipend around 2.3k) I think both are great offers but I'm confused as to which would be better for me. for University of Rochester, I have a supervisor while for UTD, I do not have a supervisor yet, and I'll have to find one after I start classes. My interest is in NLP and ML, but I have not been able to narrow it down any further. I think that talking to alumni or current students of the institution would help immensely. Is there anyone here who have attended either of these programs? If so, what did you or did not like about your program? How are the programs viewed in terms of career opportunities in the industry and academia? How helpful are the professors and what is expected of you in terms of research? If there is anyone who's going to either of these programs this time, what are your reasons for attending this program?
  2. Hi folks. I have shortlisted these two from a handful of offers as final contenders for grad school destination. This turns out to be a much harder decision than I imagined. Below I try to list all that I can think of right now. There are generic factors and there are factors that are really specific to me. Basic info: The Oxford offer is a non-funded program under the supervision of a moderately renowned professor (I rate his academic prestige at 8/10) and a Royal Society Fellow co-advisor (10/10). I can apply to China Scholarship Council (hopes are slim though) but the cost is manageable for my family as well. The Rochester offer is full-funded, with principal supervisor a newly recruited Assistant Prof. (5/10) and a renowned co-advisor (9/10). The domains of research are different, with Oxford focusing on knowledge representation theory / ontology, and Rochester on data mining. Ox Pros: Much higher academic prestige for both the department and the supervisor Alumni connection from both the department and the college I will be working on well-established frameworks with a lot done by previous students and faculties Program looks shorter on papers, at 3-4 years. I checked the homepage of previous students in my group and they typically graduate in 4-5 years Perhaps - the name Oxford comes with some extra recognition Ox Cons: Money. Even though I can afford it, it's still a thing Relative shortage of a Chinese / Asian community. Not entirely sure UK PhDs are considered of less value than US ones Separation from my gf for at least 4 years. She will be attending some MS in California and will definitely not go to UK afterwards. I value the relationship highly UR Pros: I know the co-advisor personally, he's a remote relative of mine. Which probably means less pushing Abundance of peers of similar ethnicity, less risk of isolation Alumni connection is also not bad here, especially considering the industry I will be the first generation PhD student of this AP, a fact that comes with perks and risks Easier to maintain my relationship UR Cons: Much harder to publish under an AP than under the President / Editor in chief / Founder of many stuff in the respective field Very little pre-established framework for research Program takes longer with a higher bar on publication for graduation Larger risk of deferral regarding COVID-19. US visa is also notoriously hard for Chinese applicants, even those with offers I will regret gravely after rejecting either offer. It's a matter of which one should I regret less.
  3. Hi Everyone! I applied to 8 graduate schools for a PhD (6 have said no, but one gave me the opportunity to apply for the masters program) And I am just waiting on 2 more! USC and Rochester. I know USC has been busy with their acceptances, but I was wondering if anyone has heard from Rochester, or if anyone from Rochester knows what's up, OR could you please give me some advice on what to do? Should I wait it out until April? Should I shoot them an email? I haven't seen anything here on the gradcafe yet, so I was hoping I could see what any of you might have to say about it. Thanks!
  4. Hello fellow students and aspiring grads, I am incredibly excited to have been accepted to both University of Rochester NY and SOAS University of London for a masters in linguistics. I am thrilled to have such great options but I am having trouble deciding so any input you have as I cycle through my pros and cons would be very helpful. Both programs focus on language documentation which is perfect for my ultimate career goals. U of Rochester is a two year masters and Soas is a one year program, one of my concerns, since I want to go on to PhD is that my research opportunities would be significantly less at Soas. The idea of living in London is very appealing to me, but I do not want to hurt my chances at getting into a great PhD program (ultimately aiming for UCSB, UCB, or UHawaii as my dream PhD programs for linguistics). So if anyone has any advice on how to decide between two programs &which you think is better, I would love your input, thanks!!!
  5. I am confused between UNC Charlotte(CyberSecurity) and RIT(Computer Science or Computing Security). What I know, 1. UNCC is cheaper; 2. Charlotte is a bigger city with lots of Banking institutions(How will this make a difference to a Cyber Security/Computer Science student?) 3. UNCC can give assistantships only after you are in the 2nd semester; 4. RIT has plethora of jobs. Is that the case with UNCC as well? What I don't know, 1. UNCC vs RIT in terms of financial aid. - RIT has given me a 20% scholarship which can increase for the next year depending on my performance. 2. Brand Name of the University 3. Faculty support and quality of teaching 4. Job and internship opportunities 5. Competitive events that happen and scope for making connections with the industry(in Computer Science or related areas) 6. Location satisfaction and crowd 7. Campus life
  6. Hey, anyone going to University of Rochester’s chemistry visitation weekend March 2-4?
  7. Hi, Who all will be joining the University of Rochester in the Fall, 2017? Please comment here. I am joining the Computational Linguistics program at U of R. Hoping to hear from other students!
  8. Has anyone heard from Warner School of Education and Human Development?
  9. I have been admitted to the following (along with conditions and offers) (International student). I had applied in the field of Optics/Photonics 1) Boston University ECE: PhD with fellowship 2) Institute of Optics, University of Rochester: MS with 40% fee waiver 3) UIUC ECE (MS/PhD): Tuition fee waiver with RA ship. Although my current field is nonlinear optics, I have intentionally not finalized my sub-field within optics & photonics, for graduate studies, hence had applied to places having good diversity. All three of these have it, however, in UIUC, I have already received an RA ship with a prof, for 9 months. Confused, as to whether I would be able to choose a different guide at UIUC, if my interests change. I have heard that at UoR, it is very difficult to get into PhD after 1st sem of MS (which is largely coursework, not much enthu about doing only courses), (only about 2/~30 students getting PhD). At UIUC, if it is not that commonplace to switch guides, I may run the risk of having to stay in the field in which my RA ship is. Need some advice!!
  10. Hello guys. I did not know that this amazing website existed. If I knew, my application process would have been much easier. Anyway, I finished my undergrad at UIUC and my major was electrical engineering. I applied for the grad schools that have music or audio engineering programs which are based more on engineering stuffs. So the schools that I applied were Stanford, McGill, University of Rochester, University of Miami and UIUC etc... My reserach professors told me that University of Rochester has a good audio and music engineering program based on engineering stuffs. So, University of Rochester was one of my dream grad schools, but lots of friends recently suggested me to stay at UIUC because UIUC has better reputation in terms of an engineering school even though it does not have the audio engineering program. So, I would be glad if I get any advice from you especially who studied or is studying such program as your master's degree. What would you do if I were in my position?
  11. Hi, I am an international student with Masters in Biotech from a decent university in India, GRE 314, 2 Years of research experience 3 conference posters. With the last 14 months of research being at nationals institute in the field of interest. May I please know what are my chances and when these decisions come by for a Phd in Mol. Cell .Bio? places applied are: utah ×vanderbilt × einstein ×baylor college of medicne × uthealth ×pittsburgh × rochester ×urmc × Thank you for your tIme and effort. VS
  12. Who else is attending the University of Rochester this fall? I will be entering the Neuroscience PhD program at the School of Medicine and Dentistry!
  13. Last week I contacted the graduate coordinator of my dream college to know the status of my PhD application. But she said that they have made offers and need to wait until they hear back from most of them before they could consider additional offers. At this time, they have not made a final decision on my application. What does that mean? Am i waitlisted or ????Someone pls reply.
  14. I'm an international student going to pursue my MS in Optics. I would like your reviews about these 3 colleges and would also like your help in choosing between the three. It would be very kind of you if you could compare University of Arizona, University of Rochester and CREOL, UCF on the basis of funding provided, TA/RA opportunities, Job opportunities after the completion of degree, the best course in each coll etc. I would like to know your choice if you had to choose between these colleges. Well I am planning to take up either Plasmonics or Fibre Optics as the sub area. So which college do you recommend for these two areas. And I do have plans to change to PhD if given the choice. I love the academia and my aim is to take up teaching. The tution fee for the three are almost the same. The three colleges are excellent for optics. I just don't know what to choose. Please help me Thank you
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