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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all! Title about says it all, I'm trying to decide today and I've narrowed 5 choices down to a final 2 -- Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University and University of Michigan. I'm interested in human behavior and health education, with a specialty in sexual and reproductive health. Here are some factors: Emory + I went to a visit day and was really impressed - Have both a HBHE program and a concentration for sexual reproductive health under global health concentration - Expensive! I feel the material they've sent about how much the school costs esp in comparison to others has been misleading + offered me a 20k scholarship (split between both years) yesterday - but would likely be $100,000 in debt unless other funding comes through (tuition + living expenses) + my favorite school + connections to CDC, other public health orgs Michigan - missed the visit day because of COVID, have had spotty experience connecting with faculty +/- Have HBHE program, sexual health classes but not defined track or concentration +++ Offered me a 50% tuition scholarship, would likely need to take out little to no graduate plus loans for tuition and living expenses - my admission is contingent on taking and passing a math class this summer + high name recognition across fields of study Other info: I was also accepted to UIC, UCLA, and Boston. I officially declined UIC yesterday. Cost of living appears to be similar for both areas
  2. I got accepted to the Global Health programme at Emory and the Food Policy and Applied Nutrition programme at Tufts for MPH / MS this Fall. I have received partial funding at both the schools. Overall, I save more money on tuition at Emory and the cost of living is less in Atlanta compared to Boston. Keeping cost aside, does anyone have a view on either of the programmes? I am so very confused.
  3. So I've finally heard back from all the schools I applied to, and now I'm having a really tough time choosing one. If anyone has advice about which program might be the best fit for me or which one will ultimately get me the best career, I would love to hear it. My interests include: infectious diseases, immunology, vaccines, global culture, mathematics. I would love to have a career that combines field work and lab work and possibly some policy work as well. I'm deciding between: Yale: MPH in Epidemiology of Microbial Diseases, certificate in global health (plan on taking my electives at the med school) Emory: MPH in Global Health/Global Epi, certificate in infectious diseases Pitt: MPH in Infectious Disease Pathogenesis, Eradication, and Laboratory Work A lot of people are telling me to go to Yale just for the name, but it is the lowest ranked of the three in terms of public health. The Pitt program is exactly what I'm looking for on paper, but Yale and Emory are telling me I could tailor their programs to match Pitt's. I'm not really sure if I would want to work for the CDC or not, so I'm not considering that at the moment, although it seems like a sure perk of going to Emory. Any opinions/advice appreciated!!! Thanks!!
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