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  1. I haven't received any news from Rutgers yet and the application portal is stuck at the application submitted step. Has anyone heard anything from them? I really don't know what to do. Has anyone else applied to the Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology program at New Brunswick and maybe give me some advice?
  2. Has anyone heard back from Rutgers Newark regarding PhD admissions decision? I interviewed in early Feb and have yet to hear anything. Thank you in advance!
  3. Has anyone heard back from Rutgers Newark regarding PhD admissions decision? I interviewed in early Feb and have yet to hear anything. Thank you in advance!
  4. I figured I would start a thread for those who will be attending Rutgers NB for their MSW since I haven't seen one yet. Looking forward to talking to some of you 🙂
  5. I'm wondering just how competitive is Rutgers PsyD program? And admitted or current students here on the forum that can shed some light on the process please? It's definitely my dream school to enter but I want to strategize myself effectively and plan ahead. Would love any opinions, thanks!
  6. Hello, Is there anyone who's still waiting for TA appointment result for 2020-21 from Rutgers like me? I'm a new student. I'm so exhausted from waiting. It's been months. I don't know if they're just leaving me hanging or it's really because of COVID that everything is slowed down. Please share your experience and situation as you feel comfortable. I just really need to get distracted from frustration. Thanks
  7. Hello! I am excited to announce that I have been admitted into the Rutgers MPA program. I finally received my letter of admission. However, I noticed on the Rutgers Website that most programs send out additional information, so I am curious if I will receive I should expect to receive additional information, specifically scholarship information, before accepting admission. Please let me know if you have any experience with this program! All help is appreciated.
  8. Is there ever any instance where MPP/MPA programs (Rutgers, Syracuse, Brown) that usually ask for GRE test scores willingly and eagerly accept LSAT scores for an equal replacement?
  9. Hi all! I have been snooping all of the MSW posts I can find but couldn't find much about those accepted to Rutgers MSW program (New Brunswick) for Fall 2019. I was accepted and am still waiting on an award letter (reaching their financial aid department has been absolute hell), and I was wondering who else has been accepted, where else you applied, and if you were planning on joining their class of 2021! I applied to UC Berkeley (rejected), UCLA (waiting to hear back), and Rutgers, and depending on aid, may end up choosing Rutgers to be closer to family.
  10. Hello! Does anyone know anything about Rutgers American studies program? I can't find much information on their webpage and there seems to be very few entries on the results page... Is this a strong program? Is the funding good (the DGS never wrote me back when I asked what it entailed)? Also, why would there be so few entires in the results page?
  11. Hi All, I'm pretty bad at navigating this site so forgive me if this thread already exists for 2018 but I've been looking at a 2015 edition of this thread and it seemed really helpful so I figured I'd start one for this year. I'm currently trying to decide between: Rutgers: Interdisciplinary. 2 years. full ride. possibility of GA positions worth 7k a semester. #20 in US News Rankings (don't know how they do these but...) University of Florida: Arts + Technology. 3 years. full ride. 22k/year teaching fellowship (20 hrs/wk). #82 in US News. USC: New Genres. 2 years. Waiting to hear back on funding. #69 in US News. Florida State University: Interdisciplinary. 3 years. full ride. 8k/year teaching fellowship (10 hrs/wk) #69 in US News. I'm currently pretty stuck between Rutgers and UF. It's hard to ignore Rutger's stature and proximity to NY but it's also hard to ignore 22k/year in Gainesville, Florida (this would feel like a fortune) and the added bonus of a 3 year program with lots of individual attention. Any input on either the specific programs or just best modes of thinking for identifying the right school would be super appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  12. Anyone applied for the Ph.D program in Rutgers medical school in Newark? Have you get any notifications from them? I took part in the on-site interview on 23th Feb. After the interview I haven't get any notifications till now. So I wonder if anyone applied that program? BTW, I also applied for a new program named "Quantitative Biomedicine" in Rutgers. I went to visit the school at the end of Feburary and like the program above, I haven't received any emails from them. Did anyone also applied this program?
  13. I have been accepted and told I unofficially have a TA position lined up from my POI at Rutgers in the PhD program for Applied Physiology and Kinesiology. I have not heard anything else for funding or how much to expect per month. Is there a ballpark number I can at least expect per month? I'm trying to get an idea of what I can work with but I can't find any information on that program specifically (it's new --> 2014 start)
  14. Which one should i choose for MS CS: Rutgers, New Brunswick, NJ North Carolina State University,NC Which one has better internship and job opportunities??
  15. Who all are going to Rutgers this Fall (2017) for Masters in CS ?
  16. Hi, I have an admit from Rutgers University for masters in fall 2017 (AI/ML). I looked around on linked in and looks like the alumni network of Rutgers is not very strong in the field of computer science. How will it impact my job oppotunities after MS. Should I even go there ?
  17. I got accepted to the industrial engineering M.S. programs at both Stevens Institute of Technology (SIT) and Rutgers University (RU), New Brunswick and I am looking to move to be near one of these school. (I assume that most classes at RU would take place at the Busch Campus in Piscataway.) I want to stay off-campus in a surrounding neighborhood, hopefully within 3 miles of campus. If I have to go by neighborhoods alone, which universities would offer better personal and home safety? I am not looking for the cheapest suggestion, as I am willing to pay a bit more for the comfort of safety, or the perceived better safety... I am always vigilant anyway. I will have a car, too. Not sure if house/car break & enter is more prominent some of these neighborhoods over the others?
  18. Hi, I am currently choosing between Columbia and Rutgers for Advanced Standing. Neither school will give me a financial package yet. Here is my problem: I don't think I want to be a social worker. I have a passion for higher education and helping first generation college students get equal opportunities. This is not the most social work related. (already heard many times I should have went for a masters of higher education degree). But I didn't. I've gone to Rutgers all 4 years and never lived in New York. My parents are very supportive of me going to Columbia (even though I don't know what's best for me). Rutgers uniquely has field placements that let me work with Rutgers students/higher education on their campus, while Columbia doesn't. However, I originally wanted to do everything I can to avoid going to Rutgers for another year. I know I want a more macro/administrative job with my degree, even though I don't know where my passion lies outside of higher education/college students. Should I try for Columbia? I read all those posts saying it isn't worth it and its just a name blahblahblah but I've been at RU for years and am definitely not passionate enough to be here an extra year. I am wondering if living in NY will give more more opportunities. Cost is an issue of course but I am trying to decide what's best for me without basing it off cost. Any insight? What does Columbia have that Rutgers doesn't?
  19. Can anyone aid me in my decision, I just need some information and other opinions. 1. University of Maryland, College Park. M.Eng in Systems Engineering. 2. University of Texas Dallas. MS Systems Engineering. 3. Rutgers Master of Information Technology (MIT) 4. Oklahoma State University MS MIS (Management of Information Systems) These are the schools I got into, and now I can't decide. a) Should I pursue Systems Engineering or Information Systems, being an international student I do not have a detailed idea of which is better as far as job prospects go, what I do know is that Systems is meant for engineers with experience and may be tough to find a job in. Can anyone confirm this? b)If Systems, is Maryland or Dallas the better option, Maryland is cheaper (as far as M.Eng goes anyway) c) Lastly, Rutgers, the program is appealing (and costly) and again the main confusion is should I pick this instead of Systems? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  20. Hey Guys, I remember being in undergrad and sometimes feeling so distant from my peers because I was an international student. Well, here I am again on this voyage about to feel even weirder, this time as a grad student. I thought that we should have a space where we could be able to share experiences, answer questions, give advice, or just a space where you say what makes you feel ok about yourself. Good luck everyone! Disclaimer: I worked with International Services during my undergrad but this does not make me an immigration official. Although I can give my opinion on certain situations based on past experience, I recommend contacting your school directly about these questions.
  21. Does anyone know when Rutgers University makes PhD admission decisions in Linguistics?
  22. If you fail to get admission with a fellowship from Rutgers University, do not come to this department. The department is seriously underfunded. Previously, most students could get full funding and tuition remission in their second, third and fourth year if they performed well in their course and research. This year, however, most third-year, fourth-year students lost their full funding. Many of them have GPA close to 4.0. The program director said the number of funding spots is not enough in this department and the situation may remain unchanged in several years. Students in this department have to pass a very hard qualify exam at the end of the first year. They can try twice. But only those who pass at the first attempt can get full TAships in their second year. In the year 2016, 7 out of 14 students passed in the first round. 6 are Chinese and 1 is Korean. Those who passed in the second round only get funding for one semester. If you get the admission without fellowship from the department and ask the staff about you future funding opportunity, they will tell you there is a high chance for you to be funded for three years. Don't believe it. You can hardly get any money after your second year. They will show you an optimistic future to attract you only because they need enough students to open courses and make money. Don't become their cash cow! The average graduating years in this department is 6 years. If you don't have fellowship which guarantees your funding for 5 years, you will pay your tuition and living expenditure for 5 years at least. There are only 4 fellowships students in each year. So don't come without a fellowship.
  23. Does anyone know when Rutgers generally makes its admissions decisions for its PhD programs in life sciences i.e. marine science, molecular biosci, ecology and evolution, general SEBS, etc?
  24. The Rutgers deadline says 12/1 for MS in Statistics. Does this mean 1 December 2016 or 12 January 2017?
  25. I applied to the Behavioral and Systems Neuroscience PhD at Rutgers - New Brunswick on 12/9 and was contacted by a PI over the phone was was interested in recruiting me into his lab. I came to an on-site interview with 10 other candidates, all who were applying to different labs other than the lab I would be joining. The interview went very well in my opinion, I asked specific and insightful questions and I believe I demonstrated my research experience and prowess adequately. At the end of the day, the PI told me this was the only round of interviews and that I was not competing with any other candidate for a slot in his lab, he said we would be in contact in 2 weeks time to discuss moving forward. Fast forward 1 month to March. I hadn't heard anything from him but shot him a polite email saying I haven't heard anything, but that I was wondering when I might hear a decision (I had already heard back from some other programs). No acknowledgment or response to the email. Since there are no rotations and the PIs themselves reach out to candidates, there is no 'middle-man' or 'point of contact', so it did not seem unprofessional or impolite to reach out to him after 4 weeks of no contact. Then I waited another 4 weeks and emailed the Department Chair, whom I met at the interview day and asked when I might expect to hear back. My primary concern was that I needed to know if I should renew my lease with my landlord or not since I would need to move to attend the program. It's now May 5th, my interview was 3 months ago and I haven't heard anything from anyone. My status on the website still says "No Decision" and I can't get a word from anyone in the program. Classes begin in August and I would need to move in July, which gives me less than 2 months to drastically change my life, look for apartments, quit my job, etc. I'm wondering how long I should have to wait to hear a decision about my acceptance or rejection. Not hearing anything in 3 months from the day of the interview, after it went well and was told I would hear from someone in 2 weeks, seems unusual, especially considering how most of my friends and colleagues have heard back within 3-4 weeks if they were accepted or rejected. Any thoughts or advice?
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