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Found 21 results

  1. Hi I applied for MENG in electrical engineering. I submitted my application on 12 jan 2021 and still didn't get any decision. can any one tell me how long i had to wait for an offer from university??
  2. Anyone else apply to this program, and if so have you heard anything?
  3. Seeking out International Finance and Economics (MA), Ryerson University FALL 17 STUDENTS Hi, I applied to International Finance and Economics (MA, F-17), Ryerson University. Lets gather all the applicants under this thread. Share your status! It's been more than a month and I have not yet received any communication from them (apart from GS Acknowledgement). Has anyone heard anything back even from them even in different subject? Moreover, how many students do they enroll in that course and how do i know about my application status?
  4. Hi Guys, I have been working in telecommunications as an engineer and looking to do my Masters or MEng. to be exact in Ontario. Instead of an M.Eng.in Computers etc. i am interested in Technology, Innovation, Entrepreneurship kind of a program. I have seen McMaster, Ryerson, UoT, Carleton and a few others with such a program. Please guide what would be a better choice looking at employability later on and other factors. Appreciate the help.
  5. Has anyone applied to it and waiting for the decision? Any Idea when classes start? Its so strange to be waiting for the decision for a fall semester program in August...
  6. Hello everyone. Does anyone who applied for the MASc program of the faculty of Engineering and Architectural science, recently hear some updated info from Ryerson U? And what is the admission status of RU? I feel a little anxious because of waiting. Thanks.
  7. Dear All, I am considering applying for an MPA in Canada for next year and have been reading this thread for quite a while to better inform myself. I am a Canadian citizen with a BA in Psychology, an MA in EU Studies (this was abroad) and more than 10 years of experience in international organizations. I would like to return home and work in government in either health, social or education policy. Is there a discernible difference between the Ryerson and Carleton programme's when it comes to these areas of interest? Also, what are the possibilities between moving between federal and provincial ministries or does the fact that you attend one school rather than the other assign you to a certain segment from the start (e.g. Fed govt in case of Carleton, OPS or City of Toronto in case of Ryerson)? Would be grateful for any inputs from anyone here who has attended either of these two universities or has spent a considerable amount of time researching them. Good luck for everyone applying for this year.
  8. I've gotten offers from Queen's MPA program and Ryerson MA in Public Policy and Administration. I'm leaning towards Queen's; their program is ten months and offers a co op program at the end. Ryerson is 1.5 - 2 years with field study opportunity. Queen's seems like it has a more diverse bank of courses, a lot of which stand out to me. Is anyone out there in a similar position or have experience that could shed light on how the two programs compare? Thanks!
  9. The OISE Psychology Clinic (near St. George Subway Station) is looking for a student fluent in Tagalog/Filipino and who is interested in supporting a psychology graduate student during a psychoeducational assessment. This is a great clinical opportunity for those interested in working with children/teenagers and families. Some knowledge of consent and limits to confidentiality is needed. If interested, please respond to this post. Kind regards, Tessie M.
  10. Hi, Has anyone applied at Ryerson School of Professional Communication for Fall 2018? Have tou been able to get in touch with anyone who has studied this? Just wanted a general, independent overview of the program. Thank you!
  11. Did anyone hear back yet from Carleton, Ryerson, or McGill University for the Masters in Architecture?!
  12. Hi Folks, Has anyone heard from Ryerson lately for MPAP? April 25th and I still haven't heard anything. I've been accepted into my back-up school but heart is set on Ryerson. Has anyone else not heard back? Has Ryerson given out any rejection letters? There is no decision made on my file so I'm freaking out a bit. Should I just accept that I'm not getting in? Any info/help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  13. Hey everyone! I applied to Ryerson, McGill and Carleton for the Masters in Architecture! I haven't heard back from any so I'm pretty nervous! Has anyone any idea when I should hear from them? Also has anyone heard back from them? Feel free to reply!
  14. Some individuals heard a decision by Ryerson for the same program i applied to today. However I did not hear from them at all , no email nothing. Is this a bad sign? getting very worried...
  15. Hello, Heard some individuals got acceptance letters today...however I did not receive one yet. is this a bad sign?
  16. Hi guys! I got accepted to a couple of journalism grad programs in Canada and I'm torn which one to choose. So, I desperately need input and advice to put things in perspective and hopefully, make a logical decision that I won't regret. Anyway, I got in to the Master of Journalism program in UBC, Western, Ryerson, and Carleton. What are the pros and cons of each program? Which one is better? Should I attend the one that offers me the most funding or choose the one I really want to attend? Feel free to response! I'm just desperate as deadlines to accept/decline offers are coming up. Thanks!
  17. So I've received offers so far from Queens (MPA) and Ryerson (MA -Public Policy and Admin), but still waiting to hear back from UofT and UVic. I got early acceptance to Queen's, just in the past week to Ryerson. Has anyone gotten rejections yet from UofT/Uvic? I know that UofT has already sent out at least one wave of offers. What should I expect over the next few weeks? What would you say my chances are? Does anyone have insight into the central differences between the programs I'm choosing from? Thanks!
  18. Has anyone heard anything for the graduate programs? It seems like they are exceedingly slow!
  19. Hi all, Has anyone heard anything from Carleton or Ryerson Canadian Masters of Journalism Programs? I was waitlisted for Carleton and just wondering if anyone has gotten in and what the deadline is for letting them know, or if anyone applied for Ryerson. I haven't heard anything from them yet. Any info you can share would be helpful!
  20. Hello, To those who applied to Ryerson...does your online checklist actually reflect the materials you submitted? And how long did it take for your status to update? I applied to a few programs, hand delivered the packages together; everything was updated....except for one program. You'd think since everything was delivered together, it would all be logged on the same day. Naturally, paranoia is setting in. It took about two weeks to update since I submitted my stuff.
  21. Hi everyone, I am applying to masters in philosophy programs in the next few days and to be perfectly honest, this was a recent decision. i am a philosophy major with about a 3.6 GPA... I am a bit concerned however because my first year and a random semester in my third year are very bad.....i mean.....i pretty much slacked off and got Ds and Fs... so my first question is... how bad will this effect my odds of being accepted? i retook them...hence why my GPA does not reflect those poor marks. secondly, who knows how good my letters of reference will be. my profs know me but they dont think im brilliant or anything. i could have done so much better but i obviously didnt because i didnt even think i would end up applying for an MA.... im not going to get into the good schools for MA phil...(ie. western, u of t, ubc---i am aware). I really want to move back home to toronto (right now im across the country finishing my BA)...so pretty much the only school i can apply to is ryerson.... DOES ANYONE KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THE RYERSON MA for phil??? i want to know my odds of getting in... I know they only accept about 13 people a year but i have no idea what the admissions data is, etc. im also thinking about applying to guelph and brock.... can anyone help me figure out where i should apply.... the only school i really want to go to is ryerson....i would apply to york but i am unsure of my chances of getting into the program. also, if anyone has any advice on statement of purpose....advice welcomed. any advice will be helpful!! thanks!!!
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