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Found 3 results

  1. Hi! I'm planning to apply to grad schools this year (for fall 2022 admissions). I'm a little nervous about my grad school list. I want to pursue a Ph.D. in Biological/Biomedical Engineering. Interested Research Areas - Computational Biology/Medicine, Omics, Bioinformatics, Neural Engineering. Undergrad - Electronics and Communication Engineering; GPA - 8/10 (First Class with Distinction) Masters (in my undergrad institution) - Biomedical Engineering ; GPA - 8.5/10 (recipient of Merit Scholarship) Research Experience - ~3 years (since my undergrad) ; first author of two papers (IEEE Conference and Springer Peer Reviewed Symposium). A couple of manuscripts on the way (will complete them before I apply to grad schools). I have worked in 2 labs since my Undergrad. My Dream Universities: MIT BE , JHU , DUKE , GEORGIA TECH Moderate/Safe UNC , PURDUE , PENN STATE , NC STATE (Will be giving GRE in July, hope to perform reasonably well) Am I being too ambitious?? ? Any suggestions about which schools might be a 'safe' for me? Thanks :)
  2. I applied for a large handful of graduate programs this cycle (mostly Master's programs)--15 to be precise. My last choice school (15 out of 15) keeps losing parts of my application and asking me to re-send them over and over. Now they say they never received my GRE scores from ETS, even though I've provided documentation showing the date when ETS sent the scores to the department. The school is asking me to pay to re-send the GRE scores to them a second time. At this point, since I already have several offers from much better programs, and not wanting to pay $29 to re-send my GRE scores a second time to a program I no longer have any intention of attending, is it okay for me to email them and withdraw my application before they've notified me of a decision? I would hate for them to waste any more time on reviewing my application if I'm definitely not going to be attending their Master's program. What is the nicest and most professional way to communicate this to them?
  3. Hi guys, do you recommend accepting to your one safety school you got an offer or do you apply again? what are your thoughts on compromising the standards you have or thought you had? I am in a situation where I rushed to apply out of undergrad and ended up getting 1 solid offer from a place that was my safety. however there are parts of the program which really do appeal to me (which is why I even choose it as a safety). This program is smaller, only taking three this year, is nurturing, alumni have a place in biotech and academia, is in a great location.... Is it worth staying I am in the lab I am in for another year to push another publication out/ work on apps more carefully or should I just take the offer?
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