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Found 6 results

  1. For most M.A. English programs, an academic writing sample of 15-25 pages. Would most programs be okay with 2 samples that add up to 15-25 pages? Or do they really just want one 15 page sample?
  2. Hello everyone, Just some quick background. Long story short, I went to college for undergrad full time up until my first semester senior year. Due to personal reasons, I left to take a 2 year break. I went back in Fall 2017 to finish up my requirements and graduated in December. I am planing to apply to graduate school in the next 1-2 years. The school that I am definitely interested in requires a writing sample that is 15-20 pages long from undergraduate work. I have a sample that meets the length requirement. However, it was written about 3 years ago and my writing has evolved since then. I don't have any other recent samples (the final classes that I took were in French and Math). So, I would like to edit the paper that I do have. I was considering reaching out to students in the English department at my local hometown college for assistance in editing my writing sample to make it application ready. Since it is a lengthy paper, I figured that I would likely need to pay said editor for their help. I am not a current student, So I am not eligible to use my alma mater's writing center. Has anybody ever gone this route before? Does anyone have other suggestions for help with getting my paper edited? Does anyone know what a fair price might be for someone to edit a 20 page (about 6,000 words) paper for graduate school admissions? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  3. Hi everyone! I'm new to this forum. I'm currently in the process of applying for PhD programs in political science. I'm in my senior year. My senior honors thesis will not be complete by the time I have graduate applications due. Howeer, I do have a paper that was published in an undergraduate politics journal that is pretty good. I have polished it up, and I think it will communicate my ability to write well and carry out research in the field. However, it's about 5-7 pages too long for most programs. So, I'm thinking I will have to cut it down. I was thinking of taking out the literature review section (4 pages), in addition to overall cutting. My thinking is that such a section's function is to provide context for the research. I imagine most graduate committee members will be just fine reading the paper without the literature review. Any thoughts on this? Advice? Thank you for the help!
  4. It would be great full if someone can help to review n grade my essay task.. Thanks in advance! Issue Task : Young people should be encouraged to pursue long term, realistic goals rather than seek immediate fame and recognition. Essay Having goals in ones life is as important as having the basic necessities of life.Reaching goals will keep up the moral and confidence of an individual.Thus goals being set must be achievable and realistic in nature.It should be long term plan which in-turn is made up of smaller short term goals. Attaining fame or recognition should not be the sole purpose of any goal being set. In-fact long term goals would not lead to recognition initially. Building upon a long plan with smaller chunks of goals as building block would be beneficial. Long term goals when reached are recognized for a longer time and are not transitory.Contrary ,having only short term goals can get fame immediately but only among a smaller population. Achieving short term goals which are not in sync or connected will not lead to any fruitful outcome. Companies like Facebook,Amazon etc did not flourish all of a sudden .It took a considerable amount of time to plan,design ,execute and reach success. Young people must think to achieve over a long period of time. Youngsters have time and vigor to do things in a very innovative way and they are the building blocks of any nations prosperity.Being realistic is a important factor that will also determine the success . Bringing a dead man alive is impossible and any efforts being put is of vain. Focusing on achievable results over a period of time rather immediate fame, will be beneficial. Space missions ,Multi-National companies or any other long sustained achievements were possible only by achieving short term inter-connected goals. The number of start-ups even though are increasing every year, most of them collapse drastically after few years due to lack of stability.They might initially get profit but are not able to sustain because planning for a longer run was inadequate and focused on immediate results. Achieving smaller goals boosts confidence but disjoint goals would lead to no where.Achieving smaller connected goals for a longer run will be sustainable and well known to greater population for a longer time.Thus younger generation should be encouraged to have a long term realistic goals.
  5. What kind of writing did you use for your sample? Was it a school paper, if so was it the newest thing you had written? When a school has a limit of say 20 pages Max do you send over a 19 page paper? Would a, say, 12 page paper been seen as not sufficient enough? How many used a portion of a longer paper or thesis? Last, what kind of things did you do to edit it before submission (deleting title page and class number, date, etc.). Do you keep your bibliography or get rid of it? Do you add an abstract or German Zusammenhang/Zusammenfassung?
  6. Hey all. So for those of you who have had interviews that included writing samples, how long did you have to write them? 10 minutes?...5 minutes?! ? Was there any word-count or character limit/minimum? Any subject matter you might suggest to review? I know it may sound like a lot but honestly, ANY tips would be helpful. I am terrified about the writing sample especially after knowing now that it is unavoidable so I'm trying to prepare as much as I can. I already planned on setting a timer and writing about certain things about myself or SLP in that time to get ready for it, but it would really ease my anxiety if I had a better idea of the amount of time I'd be working with or any helpful info.
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