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Found 62 results

  1. Hey guys!!!! So i have recently started my application to Tufts MALD, NYU Wagner, UChicago Harris and Brandeis. I am an international student graduated from a public university in the US this may. My plan is to work in my country until next summer and by then hopefully get accepted to any of the schools and start my MA. My GPA is 3.6 pol sci major minored in IR, my GRE is really not that great i would say average and from a developing country, i have not had any internship whilst i was in college. However, i would probably start working for the government (my country) from this November and make up that "work experience" preferred by Grad Schools. My main is concern is the "money". I got a full scholarship from my country to study in the US however, i can not get another scholarship from my government for MA again. I was previously accepted to NYU GSAS and Boston University, however i had to decline the offer because of financial reasons. This year i want to do it right, i have researched and all the schools i am applying to offer various schorlaship, grants and TA etc, and i understand that it is extremely hard and rare to get FULL Ride for MA from the schools i am applying to. Can you guys tell me what other external sources i need to consider? Ex: their website, name etc. Considering that i am an international student. Also, when i should start applying to external funding? After i get acceptance or while i am applying ? Thank you guys too much!!!!!!!
  2. The Jindal School of Management admits about 20 PhD students each fall into the school’s two PhD programs, the PhD in International Management Studies and the PhD in Management Science with concentrations in Accounting, Finance, Information Systems, Marketing, and Operations Management. Applications should be submitted by our priority deadline (to be given full consideration) of January 5, 2018. Highlights of JSOM’s PhD Program: · PhD students have access to outstanding faculty researchers, ranked number 5 worldwide in intellectual capital and research contributions (Bloomberg Business 2014 rankings, UT Dallas Top 100 Business School Rankings) · A generous funding package, which includes over the course of your program $20,000 for conference travel and research. In addition, students receive $36,000 annually in the form of research or teaching assistantships and a tuition and fee waiver. · Excellent career prospects. In recent years, students graduating from our program have secured academic placements in universities such as University of Minnesota, University of Florida, University of Texas at Austin, George Washington University, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, University of Illinois at Chicago, and University of Kansas For more information about our program, visit our website at A student run WhatsApp group is available to help you with the application process. If you need help, please join the group from your smartphone here:
  3. Hello; I'm Sleiman, from Lebanon. I've been nominated by the U.S. Embassy for 2018-2020 Fulbright Foreign Student Scholarship at the United States. I'm studying a BE in Electrical Power and Machines Engineering (150 Credits) in Lebanon. My CGPA: 3.93/4 TOEFL ibt: 100 GRE: Quantitative 161, Verbal 151, Analytical Writing 4 I need to submit 4 university selections so the the Fulbright program will run 4 applications for these universities. Finally, I'll be sent to 1 of these schools upon receiving an admission offer from them. I need to study a program in electrical engineering with concentration of energy/power. Also I might consider an Msc of Energy Systems or Energy Engineering. Please provide me with some university choices that I can apply for them according to my credentials: GPA, GRE and TOEFL scores. Thank you!
  4. IDRC - IDRA Awards

    Has anyone applied this round to either the IDRA call or the research award call? Anyone here receive an IDRC award in the past? What are the odds, what do they look for?
  5. Hi everybody! I'm Alex Solntsev from the University of Technology Sydney. Happy to join the community. I'd like to ask for your advice. We have several PhD positions with generous scholarships and excellent employment prospects upon graduation: applied optics in partnership with leading optical companies or fundamental optics co-supervised by guys regularly publishing in Nature X. PhD defense within 3 years after a bachelor degree. The trick is that the deadline (at least for industry-sponsored ones) is in a few weeks. What would be the best way to find students quickly aside from asking the collaborators? P. S. Do you have a board at Thegradcafe for inquiries like this one? Attached are the flyers. Sorry if I'm breaking any rules, happy to amend this post to comply with the forum regulations. Industry Partnered PhD.compressed.pdf Quantum Photonics PhD.compressed.pdf
  6. Register for PhD?!!

    Hi everyone,,, I'm a newbie here, & I hope this will be a great experience on the net with you... As a first post here, I'd like to seek your advice, about a critical decision I have to take these days... I'm currently working in research at a center, while also searching for PhD scholarships abroad (outside of Egypt!), & developing a PhD research plan to improve my chances at getting one. All people, except for one, are telling me I should apply next year for PhD here in Egypt, while searching for scholarships abroad, so as not to waste another year searching for scholarships, which I may or may not find! But I'm afraid to do this because this would mean that next year I will have a huge load of doing 4 things: study the PhD preparatory courses here; search for PhD scholarships abroad; work in the center, & develop a PhD research plan! I'm afraid that pressure from all this, could cause me to suffer a psychological breakdown (I already suffer from psychological problems that make me so slow in accomplishing things & very poor in managing stress & time!). Especially that I have a bad experience in this... while studying my one-year Master's preparatory courses before here, while also working in another center (though my work was less intensive), I suffered a psychological breakdown from the pressure of studying, & had to postpone taking the 2nd term courses to next year! Though my load was much less, I was only studying & working Despite my problems, I'm very ambitious. I want to get done with PhD quickly so I can focus on doing independent research later. I'm so determined on getting a scholarship abroad, because I want to experience some radical change in my life & educational/research context. But I also don't want to lag behind (I'm currently 31 years old, which is a bit late)... I don't know what to do! So do you think I should register for PhD here this year? Or should I give myself another year focusing only on finding a scholarship & developing a research plan, & if I don't find one by next year, I can register here in Egypt the year after? Or should I just get on with it this year while doing the other tasks too?
  7. Hi guys, I'm from Pakistan and am interested in pursuing a graduate policy degree abroad. Can you guys share a list of universities which are known to either give significant amount of scholarship/aid or have inexpensive base tuition rates, specifically for international students? Include universities from all over the world, but please do mention universities in the US as well. Also, is HKS known for giving aid/scholarship for its MPP program? And if so, how much? Thanks!
  8. Hey all , I need someone who is familiar with DAAD scholarship I need to know more about DAAD scholarship about the preliminary German courses prior to the scholarship , is it funded ? when students take those courses ? I am asking these questions because I am working in a full-time job and I don't know whether I should consider quitting my job during the courses or not . One more question , Do I have to pass the preliminary courses in order to get the scholarship ? or if I was selected then I am selected and the german courses will have no effect on my chances ? Thanks all
  9. Hi Everyone, So I have been accepted into a PhD program on scholarship, but was a bit curious to know if there are any external fellowships that are available to internationals in the biomedical area/ HIV research area. Particularly those that can be applied for in the first/second years of a program. Does anyone have any experience or insight into this? So far I have just been doing random google searches and haven't had much luck. HHMI was discontinued and several others have very specific requirements. Is it just a major scavenger hunt? Or am I going about it wrong? Thanks in advance.
  10. Hey! I have been accepted into the 2 year MSW program at the University of Washington. They will not be giving me any scholarship and I am concerned about the finances because I will be paying out of state tuition. I have also been accepted into NYU and they have given me a scholarship. I know UW is a really good fit for me but NYU is a good school too and they are also giving me scholarship. I was wondering if anyone had any advice on this? and if other MSW applicants of UW also did not receive scholarship?
  11. Cambridge AHRC Studentship 2017

    I haven's seen a post about AHRC Studentship, yet, so I am starting one. I've checked the results page and I saw that someone got a rejection letter from the AHRC and I was surprised because I thought that they wouldn't notify unsuccessful applicants.
  12. Hello all! I'm currently stuck deciding between the Berkeley EE M.Eng and Stanford EE MS. Several factors are: I'm going to be focusing on robotics, control, and signal processing (in that order, with just a focus in robotics if possible) Berkeley gave me a $20,000 scholarship I can take out student loans, but aren't thrilled about it Does a masters of engineering look worse in industry than a masters of science? Does Stanford really have more prestige than Berkeley when it comes to EE industry? Would I be able to make long-lasting professional connections better in one of them? Ultimately, does one have more hireability than the other? Thanks
  13. Hi folks, After browsing numerous info on funding resources for DPhil candidates at Oxford, I found that there isn't a separate thread for this year's (Fall 2017) Clarendon Scholarship discussion. So here it is. Please leave a comment if you are waiting for the result coming out (and maybe the degree you applied for) OR if you have received the scholarship. Let's get some peer support! Good luck everyone!
  14. Hello, everyone. We have reps from the Schwarzman Scholars program coming to my school later this month. According to their website, they pay for your tuition for a one year master program at Tsinghua University in Beijing. I know of Tsinghua as being a top university in China (I've heard it being compared to their version of MIT for excelling in STEM), so as far university brand, it sounds compelling, but I've never heard of this program. They have Michelle Obama and previous US Secretary of States all over their page. Any thoughts?
  15. Hi all, Does anyone know of any resources to find scholarships for grad schools? I will be in serious need of financial assistance if I go back to school next year.
  16. Can I ask for more money?

    Hi all, I've found myself in a position for which I am very grateful, but which has also made me super super anxious. I've been accepted to two Master's programs, one in my home country at my undergrad institution (in Canada) and one at a top-tier school in the UK. My undergrad institution isn't super well-renowned, but the program is generally viewed as one of the best in the field in the country. Both schools have offered me funding, along the lines of this: School A (Canada) - $30K for one year; tuition is $11K and cost of living relatively low School B (UK) - $14K for one year; tuition is $30K and cost of living very high In Canada and the US, it's pretty common (from what I gather) to straight up ask for more money for a grad program. I have no idea if this is acceptable or ever done in the UK, and would really, really appreciate any insight from anyone who has done this before (successfully or otherwise) or really anything along these lines. TLDR: Can I negotiate my grad school funding offer from a top-tier UK university? Thanks all!!!
  17. Hey guys, I am an international student who will be coming to the US this fall for a PhD in the Humanities and I need help understanding the offers I am receiving. Most of all: How much money will I actually have after taxes etc.? If Georgetown offers me 28000 for 8 months, what is the net value that I will have in my bank account? I will speak to the director of my program again next week. Do you think I can ask about that? Thanks a bunch for any insight!
  18. Hi Wassup guys! Happy Friday or (or Happy Day)! I hope everyone is enjoying their day. Its acceptance letter season and I am so glad the applying stage is over. Even more happy that I got accepted into the Fordham, Columbia, and Hunter/Bank Street Program Although I am very excited about the prospects of attending any of these programs, I am leaning towards Columbia. However, I have concerns about the costs and loans. Is there a way to leverage my financial aid packages to lower the costs? Or any other approaches to help me lower the costs and loans? Please let me know very excited to start my career with the lowest amount of loans possible
  19. Does anyone know if scholarship awards come out after the initial acceptance letter is received, or do these usually come together?
  20. MSW-- How much debt are you comfortable going into?

    Hey, everyone I was recently admitted to Simmons and Smith MSW programs, but both were entirely too expensive (around 80k in debt, taking into account both scholarships and grants). I've been pretty bummed about it and now I'm worried I won't be able to pull off going to grad school in the fall, even despite getting accepted. I have also been admitted to BC and Loyola, but haven't heard back about funding for either. I'm hopeful, but still skeptical. I have read a few threads asking how much debt is too much, etc. and it seems that the general consensus is that it's a personal preference. This has made me curious. How much are you, personally, okay with going into debt for a MSW? What is your thought process to come to that conclusion? What are the ways that you expect going into that debt will be worth it in the long run? I still realize that this will end up being a personal preference, but I think it is a worthwhile conversation. I hope somebody can bring some points to light that I hadn't previously thought of.
  21. Scholarship Sites

    Hey all. Now that applying to the schools is over, it's time to apply to scholarships for me. I see there are some sites that list a bunch and are even able to fill out your information for many of them if you pay like $15 or $20 for the month (if you just remember to cancel your subscription after). I know does this. Has anyone used sites like these or heard anything about people who have used them? What scholarship sites have you found to be easy to navigate?
  22. Hi, I need some help regarding self-introduction letter and statement of purpose. I have written my self introduction letter and sop. If someone could give a review how is it written and what could be done to improve ? If anyone is interested I could PM. Thanks in Advance
  23. Hello beautiful & intelligent people, First of all, allow me to share a backstory. I was not so lucky last admission cycle. I applied to 3 PhD programs in US and UK, and failed big time - rejected to all! This year, I'm beyond grateful. Not only that I secured a generous scholarship from my country's government to fund 4 years of my PhD study abroad, but I am also accepted in 3 great PhD programs. One of which is USC, and they offer me a generous fellowship regardless knowing that I applied with external funding secured from my home country. I'm considering of accepting this offer. However, I have to choose one out of this two offers. To break down: USC's fellowship benefits: will cover 5 years with minimum stipend $26,000 annually (I'm eligible for stipend increase) before tax, full tuition waiver, insurance (+dental!), and student fees. This 5 year funding is actually 3 years of fellowship and 2 years of TA/RA. I am also eligible to apply for other grants (summer, travel, etc). Downside: does not cover my visa fees, flights, settlement allowance, etc. Required to teach for 2 years. Home country government scholarship benefits: will cover 4 years of full tuition at my chosen PhD program, insurance (no dental), $22,950 annual stipend (not taxed). They will also pay 1 return tickets from my home country, visa ($180), application fees ($100), 1 settlement fund $3200, annual book allowance $750. In addition, on my 4th year I will receive dissertation research grant up to $9,000. They have publication incentives too (about $750 per publication for up to 2 publications). I'm not required to teach. Downside: It only covers 4 years of my study, so I still have to find funding for the 5th and remaining years. I am also restricted to work or apply for other grants during this 4 years. Most importantly, since this is a government funding, I will not have the same academic freedom as I normally have. For instance, I have to restrain myself from criticizing my government in my research (this is very hard to do in my field!), AND the contract says that the government institution granting me the scholarship has the right for copyright transfer of my dissertation (which means shared royalty if published... or worst, CENSORSHIP! *yikes!*) I am leaning toward accepting USC's fellowship and turning down my government scholarship because my academic freedom is everything to me (and I hate the idea of sharing my dissertation copyright), but since I am already on their awardee list, turning down my government scholarship means that I will be blacklisted for their future funding projects. If you were in my/similar position, what would you do? Thank you in advance for reading and sharing your thoughts in this thread
  24. Anyone who has been accepted to NYU online distance program, have you heard anything about financial aid? I am waiting to hear if I was accepted but even if I do get accepted I feel like it's out of reach if they do not offer scholarships or good financial aid packages.
  25. Dear all I was shortlisted by a DPhil program in Experimental Psychology in Oxford for 2017 entry. As I live in Asia, the admission committee allows me to do a skype interview in which the candidate would give a presentation for 7 minutes and then Q&A. However, I wonder whether it is better to go for an onsite interview even though the department is not able to support me with transportation or accommodation fee. I had a skype interview for their DPhil program in Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics and was accepted for a position for 2016 entry. But the 2016 one was not supported with any funding. Therefore, I dropped that offer and applied again this time. As an Asian student, I heard it is quite hard to get funding from Oxford, so I thought I need to be not just good but excellent in the interview which might give me better chance to be accepted and shortlisted for scholarships, including one that is from our government. Does it make sense to fly to the UK for the interview just to try if I can get top scores in the interview? Please feel free to let me know if you have any concerns or comments. Best Regards