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Found 7 results

  1. Hi People!! Undergrad Institution(s): 1. Top 35 private US university; 2. Top 25 public US university with a stats dept. with good reputations. (Transferred after freshman yr) Major(s): Statistics, Mathematics Minor(s): None GPA: 4.00 in major, 3.98 overall Type of Student: International Asian Male GRE General Test: V160, Q170, AW4.5 GRE Subject: Have taken all relevant courses (for the math subject test), not sure if I should take the exam Coursework (completed): Institution 1: Math: Calc. III (A), Probability (A), Discrete Mathematics (A) Stats: Intro. to Categorical Data Analysis (A) CS: Intro. to Comp. Sci. (A; java) Institution 2 (Undergraduate level): Math (all proof-based): Linear Algebra (A), Advanced Calc. I (A+; mathematical analysis), Probability Theory (A+, *weakly* measure-theoretic), Abstract Algebra (A+) Stats: Theoretical (Mathematical) Statistics (A+), Statistical Learning (A+), Bayesian Statistics (A), Applied Regression Analysis (A+), Computational Statistics (A) CS: Data Structure (A; in C++) Institution 2 (Graduate level): Regression Analysis (A; PhD level), Statistical Learning (A; PhD level), Linear Programming (A; master's level) Coursework (future): Undergraduate level: ODE (fall), Topology (fall), Measure Theory (spring), Convex Optimization (spring) Graduate level: Masters' Statistical Inference (spring), PhD's Probability (fall; may or may not drop it depending on the amount of measure theory needed) Research experiences: A UROP-like project in comp. bio., where I worked out a C++ program (2000-3000 lines of codes) for some structure prediction problems in biology. No letters, and no connections with stats. Honors thesis in causal inference (using a very classical statistical method instead of graphs); derived the test statistic for a hypothesis test that will be used in my thesis. Data analysis are yet to be done, but a thesis or at least a draft will be expected by the time of application. Summer research in selective inference; switched project once during the summer, so not sure if I have sufficient time to come up with any meaningful result to present. The current progress doesn't seem to be too promising whatsoever. But the work will be continued before my graduation. Research interests: Selective inference, causal inference, statistical machine learning, and interpretable learning pipelines in general. Letters of recommendation: Mentors of the two statistics research projects (I have also taken a course with each of them), expected to be strong or at least positive. (Planned) A Do-Well-In-Class letter from a PhD course instructor. Working experiences: NA, is that a big deal? Skills Languages: Python, R, C++, MATLAB, Java Teaching experience No, but planning to do something this fall. Schools: Reach: Washington, Michigan, Duke(?), Toronto(?); *completely* uncertain about my chances Match: Cornell(?), TAMU(?), UCLA(?) and programs ranked 15+ or 20+? Safety: Undecided, all programs seemed hard enough to get in Notes: At this time of the application season, I am worried about so many things, including my target schools and my chances of getting in. Much of my anxiety should be traced back to the following questions, and I will very appreciate answers to them!! How likely am I to get into any of these schools mentioned above? Are there any advices regarding school choices? How much will my international background hurt my chances of getting into PhD programs during COVID? I heard some programs are having financial issues lately. Is my math background too weak for a stats phd applicant? I know I should take measure theory earlier, but in my college it is only offered in spring semesters, which are after the application deadlines. So are there better ways to shore up my math background besides the two courses currently on my schedule (ODE & Topology) this fall? Should I find a tutoring job (which I am very interested in), prepare for the GRE math test, or take one more course (that being either complex analysis, PhD level econometrics, or PhD level probability, with estimated difficulty in that order)? Thank you guy very, very much for any help and support!
  2. Hi everyone! I'm going to apply to an MS in Statistics this Fall and I'm looking for program suggestions. Background: Applied Math major. Been working as a Data Scientist at a large tech company since graduating 2 years ago. Published research on applied ML during my undergrad. GPA 3.7, GRE 167Q 165R 5.5W Why I want to apply: Personal fulfillment and career advancement. I like stats and I didn't feel challenged during my undergrad. On the other hand, I want to move to a research-oriented position in the industry and this requires at least an MS. Concerns: $. I don't see my earnings increasing significantly after getting an MS, so I care about the price tag. I already ruled out Columbia because I find their tuition fees beyond ridiculous. (For this reason I'm also wary of Data Science programs. I see them as money grabs). I don't want to spend more than $60k for the entire program. Also part-time would be a plus, but I don't think they would offer research options. So far I have UChicago MS Stat in mind because it's theoretical and has a thesis component. I've looked into Stanford MS stat and U of Washington MS Stats but they don't seem to require a thesis. Last thing: I'm location agnostic. I'll come back to my current company after graduation. Any program recommendation?
  3. Undergrad Institution: US public university Major(s): Biology and Statistics Minor(s): None GPA: 3.16 Grad/Master's Institution: US private university Program: MPH Biostatistics GPA: 3.5 Type of Student: International Asian Female GRE General Test: Have not taken yet (planning to take late August) GRE Math Subject Test: NA Research Experience: · No published paper. · Research as part of master’s program (no thesis but presentation to faculty members and submitted a written report) · Research experience as a graduate student at the asthma center for a year – poster presentation to faculty & students Awards/Honors/Recognitions: NA Pertinent Activities or Jobs: · TA for one quarter of SAS course & one quarter of biostatistics II course (help students with lab hours, grade homework and lab assignments) · Stat consulting group (9 months) · Worked as a statistician/data manager at CRO (~3 years) · Currently working as a statistician in research hospital (~2 years) Letters of Recommendation: 2 professors from master’s institution, 1 manager from current work Coursework and grades(Math/Stat): Undergraduate Lower Division: Calculus I (A), Calculus II (A), Calculus III (B), Elementary of Probability & Statistics (A), Elements of Linear Algebra (B+) Undergraduate Upper Division: Statistical Methods in Biology (B+), Intro to Probability Theory I (A-), Intro to Probability Theory II (B+), Statistical Inference I (B), Statistical Inference II (A), Sampling Procedures Surveys (A), Intro Stochastic Processes (A), Regression (A), Adv Stat Package Data Analysis – SAS course (A), Master's/Graduate: Biostatistics I (A-), Biostatistics II (A), Biostatistics III (A), Analytical application of SAS (A), Research Data Management (A), Survival Analysis (A-), Intro Modern Nonparametric Statistics (A-), Applied multivariate analysis (A-), Survey & advance research methods (B), Advanced data Analysis (B+) Future Coursework (Fall 2021): planning to take Multivariable Calculus from nearby community college Programs Applying: I will apply to Stat/Biostat PhD programs (mostly Biostat PhD programs). Still not sure which programs, here are my tentative list: PhD Biostatistics · University of Pittsburgh School of Public Health · Vanderbilt University · Medical college of Wisconsin · Michigan State University · University of Texas Health Science Center--Houston · University of Washington · University of Michigan School of Public Health · Rollins School of Public Health · Chapel Hill School of Global Public Health · University of Pennsylvania · UCLA · University of Minnesota School of Public Health · University of Iowa College of Public Health PhD Statistics · Purdue University · North Carolina State University · UCR University of Wisconsin- Madison
  4. I know there are some discusses about choosing between these two. But they didn't match my worrying. So, I decide to launch a new topic. I regard their placement as at the same level, for although SFSU sent much more students to phd programs, its cohort is large, too. One of the pro points for me to choose CSULA is it provides non-thesis option, which is thought that would concentrate one on WS, while SFSU certainly needs a thesis for gradutation. As for academic interests, as an international student who needs time to be accustomed to work in a new way, I keep open to all theoretical philosophy areas. Neither of the two provides funding for internationals, but TA-ship seems to be available, though competitive. Any remarks or rebuttals? It seems to be necessary to decide before Apr. 15th (which is also what I learned here).
  5. Hi all! I know this is cutting it close to the deadline, but I'm really torn between two schools and I was wondering if anyone here could weigh in. I've been accepted to both Simon Fraser and Georgia State. The funding which I've been offered is nearly the exact same between the two schools (though I know that Vancouver has a higher cost of living than Atlanta). My areas of interest are moral and ethical philosophy, philosophy of law, and feminist philosophy. Anyone have any input about which would be a better fit for me? Thanks!
  6. Student Type: Senior Student. Undergrad: US News top 40 private university Major: Economics, Mathematics, International Studies GPA: 3.96 Math Courses: Cal I, II, III; Differential Equations (A), Probability (A), Stats Theory (A), Linear Algebra (A), Introduction to Proof (A) Also took Econometrics (A). GRE: V 164 Q 169 W 4.5 Letters of Recommendation: two academic recommendation letters from my econometrics professors. One that taught me econometrics and one that I TA-ed for. One professional recommendation letter may come from my previous supervisor in the state government treasury department. My Worries: Is recommendation letter from econometrics professor enough for applying to Stats master programs? My math courses were mainly taught by PhD fellows, and I was not familiar with the few math professors that taught me. Also, I was wondering whether a recommendation letter not from a directly stats-related internship helps in my application. Meanwhile, do you guys think I should take real analysis in this semester?
  7. Hey, everyone. Thanks for clicking into this thread. I have just got accepted by San Francisco Art Institute Photography MFA this year. It is a good news to hear but I am still not 100% free from the anxiety. I know this school has a rather long history and many famous alumni and alumnus, especially in photography field, like Annie Leibovitz. But it not accurate to measure the quality of school only by some individuals achievements. So I really want to get some first hand information about how do you think about the education they offer (like faculty, campus and facilities) there and experience about living in SF (I heard its a really expensive city to dwell) and how do you career go after the graduation as a photographer (or artist) Since I am an international student so it will be great if there are other international students who attended SFAI can answer my questions. I am really grateful to everyone who read my post and please give me all the information you have about this school. I really appreciate your generous help.
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