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Found 9 results

  1. Worcester State University vs. Northeastern University vs. UMass Boston for a school psychology master's program...... which to pick???!! All three are equal distance from where I will be living. NEU would be around $10,000 more a year, but great overall school reputation. Both UMB and NEU are night programs, while WSU is a true day program. Any insight would be much appreciated!
  2. Hello all! I never thought I'd make it back onto this website, but here I am. I graduate with my M.S. in Applied Behavior Analysis here in a month from a top university in my field. It's a terminal masters degree, I'd say similar to M.S. in CMHC for those unfamiliar with ABA. It pushes a scientist-practitioner model strongly. In short, I provide a therapeutical service to individuals focusing on their behavior, changing behavior and using the science of behaviorism to teach new behaviors. I have a 4.0 graduate school average. Unfortunately, while here, I didn't really get involved in research. I was working as a practitioner throughout my entire master's and didn't have the time to join labs and I superrrr regret that now. Now, I am considering applying to PhD programs in school psychology or clinical psychology with an emphasis on child psychology in the next few years and am super concerned due to this lack of research experience. Following graduation, I will be employed as a psychology assistant at a mental health facility until I pass board certification, then I will be a behavior analyst working with children on the pediatric unit and working closely with counselors and psychologists on cases - so I will have the relevant clinical experience. The only "research" experience I do have are minor empirical scientist-practitioner studies as well as a methods paper/proposal for a capstone study I was /going/ to do, but due to COVID-19 I lost access to my participants and was unable to continue. My question is: how can I get involved in relevant research while I am working as a master's-level clinician in my field, but while not enrolled in a degree program? I will be located near a few universities, if that helps. Has anyone else had this experience? How should I reach out to people to assist with research? Thanks all 😁
  3. Hello wonderful people, Was wondering if any school psychology applicants/students/etc. have any advice for a college junior interested in school psych doctoral programs, and if people think I have a decent shot at getting into doctoral programs right out of undergrad. I'm extremely passionate about both special education and school-based mental health, particularly the intersection among the two. I love schools and education, and love the idea of getting to work with teachers and administrators to make school climates better for students' mental health. I would love to work in a middle or high school and get to do a balance of psychoeducational testing as well as individual/group counseling. I'm a psych and women's, gender, & sexuality studies double major at a fairly well-regarded liberal arts school with a 3.92 GPA (3.83 in psych). I took the GRE general test in September and got a 159 on quant, 163 on verbal, and 5.5 on AW, and plan on taking the psych subject test next fall (I know I took it super early but my advisor suggested I spend one summer studying for the general test and one studying for the psych test so it was more manageable). In terms of research experience, I've completed a handful of research projects in undergrad so far, will potentially be an RA next semester while studying abroad (interviewing this week), and plan on completing a senior honors project next year. I'm also looking into summer research internships/RA positions as well. In terms of clinical/applied/non-research experience, I'm a crisis counselor for Crisis Text Line, staff the 24-hour hotline at a local domestic violence shelter, work seasonally/during the summer with individuals with special needs, teach students with special needs at a religious school, and intern with my school's Title IX office. I'm also a member of my school's chapter of Psi Chi, Alpha Lambda Delta (first-year honor society), and National Society of Leadership & Success. I'm looking at both Psy.D and PhD programs. I definitely want a doctorate so that I also have the option of practicing in a hospital/clinic/private practice/etc. and not only a school. I know about the differences between Psy.Ds and PhDs - I am interested in research and would love to do program evaluation type research while practicing in a school, but would not be interested in doing research full-time. I've found some PhD programs that are strongly weighted towards research and have thrown those out the window and am only looking at PhD programs that seem to balance research and practice fairly evenly. And as we all know, PhD programs are generally much more affordable. Sooooo...if anyone has any tips/advice about what types of experiences to get, how to be more competitive, or thoughts on if I can get into doctoral programs straight out of undergrad, please share! Thank you
  4. Hi everyone! I decided to create a thread for the peeps applying for school psychology programs for Fall 2019! What schools are you applying to? Are you going for an EdS or PhD program? How did you pick your programs? In general, how is the whole process going for you all? I hope I can get people to add on to this because it would be nice to have people to relate to haha. I am personally applying for PhD programs. My finalized list (so far) includes: Northern Arizona University, University of Memphis, University of Washington, and University of Virginia. I am excited to hear about everyone else!
  5. Hi Everyone! I noticed that a forum was started specifically for clinical psychology applicants who had heard back from schools regarding interviews. I thought it would be helpful to create one for school psychology programs as well. Even though the results section also has this, we can discuss specifically school psych programs. I applied to University of Utah, University of Virginia, James Madison University (PsyD), and UNC Chapel Hill school psych programs. These programs tend to have later deadlines so I think it's safe to assume that the programs will begin reaching out later rather than sooner? Any thoughts?
  6. Hi! So the deadline for deciding programs is the end of this week (AH) and I’m still super torn between Tufts and DU for the EdS degree. I should have posted something earlier but didn’t actually know about this forum until recently. I’m living abroad so wasn’t able to attend either interview day. I have a full ride at DU and Denver seems like a great place to live but I’m a bit wary of the program’s quality-can anyone weigh in? Or could maybe compare Tufts to DU? Thank you thank you!!
  7. I'm in the process of interviewing for different masters/specialist programs in Massachusetts and Connecticut. I have interviews at William James, Umass Amherst, Southern CT State University, Tufts, and Northeastern. Im still waiting to hear from UConn and UMass Boston. Each program has a different degree they offer (M.A., M.S., and M.Ed) along with different specialist credentials (CAGS, Ed.S and 6th year certificate). I know that for the most part the specialist credentials are the same but vary in name depending on the state, but I'm wondering if the difference in the masters degree is significant and if it effects a students career as a school psychologist. Also, if anyone has been to any of these schools and would like to comment on how they felt about the programs it would be much appreciated! Currently my top choices are Umass Amherst and Northeastern. Some questions I have about the programs are: Is the program more research focused or practical focused? Cohort size? How supportive and available is the faculty towards the students? How heavy was the workload? Do you feel the program prepared you to be a competent school psychologist? Would you recommend the program? And any other comments you'd like to make! Thank you!
  8. I applied exactly 2 weeks ago and I am going crazy waiting to hear something back! If anyone knows anything about how long it takes to hear something or anything about financial support that may be given for this specific program (stipends, assistantships, etc.) OR ANYTHING ABOUT THE PROGRAM IN GENERAL please let me know!! Thanks!!
  9. Has anyone heard back from Mizzou yet? They said midweek this week they'd be calling/emailing....
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