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Found 18 results

  1. Hi- does anyone have any suggestions for schools that have an MA in psychological science that are about a year long? Also not in California if possible? Thanks a mil everyone!
  2. Hey guys! Like I mentioned in the "Masters Applicants for Fall 2018" thread in Waiting It Out Forum, I have created a thread for BME/Bioengineering people! Even though I have not received all the results back from schools, I probably should start researching into the schools I got accepted to make a wise decision! This thread is to share and exchange information about BME/Bioengineering programs of different schools. I will try my best to gather information about schools, using all my resources (internet, friends, visiting campus) and update this thread. And... I would greatly appreciate if you do the same! I assume the topics will be about... Curriculum, School Atmosphere, Prestige, Career Services, Students, Faculty, Facilities, Research, Location, Quality of Life, Tuition, Cost of Living, etc. I'm tagging a few of people from "Masters Applicants for Fall 2018" thread to get this started. @scared @mungbean_ @BME_Engineering @lafry Current BME/Bioengineering students (grads and undergrads) are more than welcome to comment and add any relevant information for us! Thanks!
  3. Has anyone decided that they'll be attending Mercy College in this fall? I will be attending and wondering if anyone could give me some advice on how to go about finding housing nearby. I'm also open to having a roomate. Congrats and best of luck!
  4. Hi hello! I'm a first-year MA student at a Canadian university. I'm getting an early start on collecting information for schools I'd like to apply to for my PhD. Broadly, my interest is in bioethics, especially in paediatrics, global health ethics etc. but I'd really love to do more work on altruism. I did a small undergrad thesis on the subject and I'd love to revisit the topic after my MA. The thing is that I don't know about a ton of American schools beyond the big names. Does anyone have advice on where I could/should look for someone whose interests may align with mine when it comes to the study of altruism? Thanks!
  5. Hi! I'm interested in going into biotech/pharmaceuticals after I complete my PhD. I am currently looking into schools that might offer better resources or better networking for industry. Are there any that have particularly good relationships with industry and/or offer amazing support and resources? Currently, I attend UC San Diego and I understand that they have a decent relationship with the San Diego biotech community. Thanks!
  6. Hi all! I am about to apply for the Post bacc program in Communication Disorders at SUNY New Paltz. Anyone who applied before notice that the app doesnt require a letter of rec? Am I reading it wrong? Just want to be 100% sure. Any tips for writing a good statement of purpose? I have never written one before. Also, any other speech post bacc programs online that allow start in the Spring or late fall? I only noticed Northwestern but that one is too expensive. Thanks!
  7. I'm trying to compare the programs at GVSU, WMU, and Wayne State. Does anyone know anything about these programs? Any comments on pricing and location would also be helpful.
  8. I figured I'd go ahead and start this thread. I know it's a bit early, but who's ready? This will be my second cycle. I was rejected from four schools this past cycle, but according to one of my favorite songs, "You've got to lose to know how to win" (Aerosmith /\A/\). I know what I need to do this time around. I'm ready. Were you rejected this year? Or will this be your first time? What schools are you considering? Good luck everyone. A year from right now (2/24/17) we will have good news to share with each other.
  9. My list (not necessarily in this order: University of Chicago (submitted) Northwestern University (in progress) University of Wisconsin, Madison (in progress) Indiana University, Bloomington (in progress) University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (in progress) University of Pennsylvania (in progress) What about you guys?
  10. Does anyone know the way to go about transferring schools? I know it can't be easy, but there has to be something able to do for this?
  11. Hi all, So after taking two years off after completing my B.Sc. in Canada, I'm preparing to apply for graduate schools for a clinical psychology doctoral program specializing in neuropsychology. I know these sorts of programs are extremely competitive, so I will likely be applying to 18-20 schools, but thought I would post some of my application credentials and get any advice from anyone willing to give it! Education: B.Sc. with Honor's in Psychology, Minor in Biology. Completed an Honor's Thesis in my final year in cognitive neuroscience. GPA: Overall: 3.3 (first 2 years of B.Sc. were as a Biomedical Science major, which I did not enjoy, and my GPA reflects this). Major GPA: 3.8 Last 2 years/60 credits: 3.8 GRE Scores: Psychology Subject GRE: 750 (91st percentile) General GRE (taking this in the next few weeks, likely will be around 156V/160Q/5.0AW) LOR: 2 clinical neuropsychologists (Honor's thesis supervisor and current work supervisor; both on admissions committees for CN programs at 2 different schools), 1 supervisor who is also a clinical psychologist (supervisor from Developmental Psychology lab mentioned below) Experience: 4 poster presentations Honor's thesis (supervised by a clinical neuropsychologist, see LOR above) and Independent Research Project (supervised by Neuroscientist) Volunteered at 2 hospitals, 3 different research labs in my last 2 years of undergraduate studies Moved from Toronto, Canada to San Diego, California after graduating with my B.Sc. to work as a Lab Manager in a Developmental Psychology lab and then as a Research Coordinator in a Neuropsychology lab (multi-site project; still currently here - see LOR above). I guess I am worried that my GRE scores will make my applications less competitive. I feel as though my applications are well-rounded elsewhere and my time off and additional experience has helped me. I do not have any location preferences and will be applying all throughout North America. Any and all advice or insight is welcome! Also, please don't hesitate to mention any schools that you guys know of which are very reputable for CN! Some on my radar include: SDSU/UCSD Joint Doctoral Program, Drexel, Boston University, Northwestern University (Feinberg), University of Florida, University of Houston, University of Wisconsin... Thank you!!
  12. Hey everyone! I just found this forum and was hoping to gain some insight regarding the application process for MSW programs in Canada. I am currently in my last couple weeks of the BSW program at University of Northern BC (UNBC) and was wondering what most MSW programs accept as a research methods course. I have a SOCW research policy and practice course. Also, does anyone have any good advice about some good MSW programs. I have looked into UBC's program but have not heard good things. I have heard good things about U of T and York. Any suggestions and advice would be greatly appreciated Thank you!
  13. Hello everyone I'm interested in a masters in art history with a focus on postwar American and European documentary photography. Ultimately I'd like to do museum curation. I'd like to stay in a medium-to-large US city. Ideally the school would provide funding. Could you please let me know which schools I should add to or remove from this list? NYU - IFA Bryn Mawr CUNY City College of NY University of Maryland-College Park UC Riverside Tufts University Boston University U of Arizona (Tucson) U of New Mexico SUNY Stony Brook Thanks very much!
  14. I did my undergrad in philosophy and quickly learned how competitive teaching at the college level has become (overwhelming adjunct faculty, etc). Originally I wanted to teach philosophy at the college level and I have been studying for the GRE (as hard as it is for me b/c I don't remember so much of the math!). I am still in self debate mode but I have now turned my attention to online Masters degrees in Education (emphasis in science or social science) since with my current financial situation it's not practical for me to move and/or drive an hour each way to school (I have student loan debt and credit cards, etc). I have been checking out the USC Rossier school online but have read some bad reviews and it is one of the most expensive. With that said, I'd like to get some thoughts and/or new information regarding choices. •What online M. Ed programs are good (if any)? Are any worth it? If possible, I would like to avoid having to take the GRE (since it's been many years since I did all that math and studying is going to be uber time consuming - but I suppose I would do it if I felt like I needed to in order to achieve my desired outcome of getting a good job teaching K-12 somewhere). Any other thoughts/advice would be amazing. Thanks all!
  15. Hey guys! I'm new to this forum, but just signed up to learn more and get some advice. Right now I am just trying to figure out where I stand, if I'm on a good track for grad school, and what sort of schools I should begin to set my sights on. To provide some background, I am an undergrad and will begin my junior year next year at a top 20 university. I am majoring in neuroscience, and would like to attend a neuroscience grad program. I have also been flip-flopping between MD and PhD for a while now, and want to get more information on PhD programs as well as see if I would be a competitive applicant. I know I love research and could never see myself completely stepping away from it, but I'm worried I would burn out if I devoted my entire career to it. I am really interested in psychiatric and neurological disorders, such as schizophrenia and alzheimer's, specifically on the cellular level (I really enjoy tissue culture). Right now my GPA is ~3.7, with a 3.5 freshman year and a 3.9 last year (essentially an upward trend). I have not taken the GRE and could not provide any estimate for how I would score, because I really have no idea. I have a decent chuck of research experience (about 1300 hours total), but no publications yet. For my entire senior year of high school I conducted stem cell research at one of the top cancer research centers in the country. At my university I have been working in a neuroscience oriented psych lab since my freshman year, and will be completing a thesis in this lab (my project will be studying stress). Last summer I worked at a top 10 ranked research medical school conducting research on neurodegenerative diseases (it was a lot of tissue culture stuff), and had some pretty significant findings. This summer I am at a top 5 ranked research medical school conducting schizophrenia research in a genetics lab. In this research I am working with stem cells (again) and editing their genome. My PI told me today that if what I do works (and it should), then he really wants to make a paper out of it (ie there is a decent chance this work will get published). There are also no grad students in this lab at the moment, so it is a very independent project. On campus I am involved with a good variety of clubs, from the typical pre-med clubs, to club sports, and even an environmental club. I really enjoy each club I am a part of, but I don't really have much leadership experience. I also volunteer at a local community center, but it doesn't relate to science in any way. Additionally, I have some shadowing experience, but no hospital volunteering or anything like that. So my clinical experience is somewhat minimal. Anyways, sorry if it seems like I just randomly listed things. I want you guys to get a grasp of where my experience lies so I can get useful feedback. I don't really know too much about applying to graduate programs, so I really have no idea where I stand right now. So how am I doing so far? And how can I improve? What schools/programs should I begin looking into? Thanks for the help in advance!
  16. Hello all, I'm applying for a PhD in Computer Science, specifically in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Robotics. My plan is to apply to two top-tier schools (e.g., MIT, Stanford, Berkeley), three or four schools where I have a realistic chance of getting in given my credentials, and one or two safe schools. However, I'm having a though time assessing which tier of schools is the "right" one for me. At the moment I'm looking into Top 20-50 schools such as GeorgiaTech, Michigan (Ann Arbor), Washington, North Carolina (Chapel Hill), UCSD, UCLA, among others. However, I'm not sure if those ones are a little bit far-fetched for me. Anyone care to give a hand? For those interested, here is a brief summary of my credentials. If you want to take a look at my SoP, here is an old version (need to update it with info from a short internship I did this year). Thanks for any help!
  17. I've started filling out online applications to several schools, and a few of them ask for a list of other schools I'm applying to. Is this a trick question, i.e. they want to hear "No other schools! Only you, because you're the BEST." Or is it a good thing to tell them where you're applying, so they can see what level you're aiming at? Or is it purely for statistical purposes, so they can see which schools are their perceived rivals? Thanks for your input!
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