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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, has anyone heard back from Sciences Po yet?
  2. Hi all! I am graduating in December from a US university (MA International Studies and MSc Business Administration) and prospecting grad programs for admissions in August of 2021. As I gathered information about the respectability of social science degrees and universities in Europe the dual degree program launching in 2020 from LSE and SciencesPo stood out to me. It includes Double Degree in the Political Economy of Development (new for 2020 entry), with a Master's degree from the Paris School of International Affairs of Sciences Po and the MSc in Development Management of LSE’s Department of International Development. I know this is a new launch but was wondering if anyone is considering applying for the Aug 2020 cycle or have any insight into the program. I aim to pursue a career working with refugees in a human rights context (in NGOs or governmental positions) and am considering a PhD for my specified interests within this field. Any input or thoughts on this program (or others you think would be suitable) would be greatly appreciated!
  3. Anyone applying to any masters in Europe this upcoming cycle? I thought we could discuss it here! I’m applying to Science Po and IHEID.
  4. I completed my undergraduate program at Fordham University in Spring 2016. I am currently living and working in Cairo, and consequently, I am having trouble attaining my undergrad transcript in time for the Science Po application deadline on January 9th. Since it is incredibly difficult to receive mail from the United States in Egypt, my university is mailing a physical copy of my transcript from New York City to my family's home in California. My family will then scan the transcript and email it to me. The whole process will likely not be complete until after the deadline. I have contacted Science Po about this issue, but I have yet to receive a response. Does anyone have any insight into Science Po's policies and practices or advice regarding this issue? I am terrified that my application will not be considered due to circumstances that are largely beyond my control. Thanks! Jacqueline
  5. Dear All, First, I hope everyone is doing well! I am new here, and I found this forum to be very helpful for anyone envisaging graduate school. I am currently an undergraduate student majoring in Political Science at a CUNY University ( The public university of New York City). I am minoring in English, History and Philosophy and my GPA is 3.65. I have a fairly interesting life story despite my young age (21 years old). Born in a war-torn country, coming from a family which had been continually politically oppressed by the communist regime until the year of my birth, I was personnally confronted with the horrors of the civil war, and exiled in Paris, France where from the age of 10 to 13, my family and I were homeless. I have, thus, double citizenship: French and Albanian. At the age of 17, we moved to NYC, and since then I have been occupied with the writing of a book, which hopefully will be finished before my 22nd birthday. I have the American Green Card. I have won some prestigious literary awards, I have interned at the Albanian Ministry of Justice for a whole summer, and I have interned at one of the NYC Supreme Court. I would like to apply to Science Po and possibly LSE. My preference would be to go back home (Science Po Paris) for a Master and then come back to the US for Law School. My main focus would be to continue a Master in Political Science in Political Theory at L'ecole Doctorale of Science Po, or concentrate in the study of International Relations at Science Po or LSE. Can anyone enlighten me as to what is the difference between the two cited masters at Science Po? Which one is more prestigious ? Is the Master at L'Ecole Doctorale a rather good program? Also, I have heard that Science Po encourages and accepts more easily international students than French students. Will I be guaranteed acceptation more easily if I was to apply as Albanian as opposed to French even though I will be graduating with a B.A? And finally, I am extremely worried about my GPA as it does not reflect my abilities. I wonder if I can explain ( or rather would I be allowed to explain) that it was as a result of a major family issue... Will the fact that both my parents were victims of rather dangerous and life-threatening car accident, and that being the only person speaking English in the household, I needed to take care of almost everything while working two jobs (over 35h/week), being a full-time student, as well as involved in my college ' student activites ? I thank you all very much, and I hope I have not bothered you with my long comment. All inputs are very much appreciated, and do not hesitate if you have any questions. R.
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