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Found 21 results

  1. I am an international applicant to the clinical psychology Ph.D. program in the USdrag the whole impression down. I recently took the GRE general test twice and got the following scores: First one: V 159 (83%) Q 170 (96%) AW 4.5 (81%) Second one: V 164 (94%) Q169 (95%) AW 4 (57%) I am happy about my second V and Q but really concerned that the low percentile of my AW will drag the whole impression. I am applying to clinical psychology which I know is a writing heavy discipline, and the writing could be even more important for an international student. I am not sure if I should r
  2. Hi all, Is a score of 307 too low for funding consideration and/or admission? I am not great at standardized tests which is why I am debating retaking it. 5.5 Writing 153 Q 154 V My undergraduate GPA is 3.33 (3.60 in my major). Schools I am applying to: Michigan (Ford), Duke (Sanford), and Chicago (Harris). Thank you.
  3. Can someone please score my essay? This is my first attempt at trying to write the Issue Task and the Argument Task in 30 mins. Please give me some advice. Thanks for your time!! Issue Task 1.docx Argument Task 1.docx
  4. Hello lovely people, I was was wondering if there is anyone who could possibly help grade my writing according to the ETS scoring criteria. It would be much appreciated:) If anyone can, please pm me and I will send you the scoring guidelines and my writing. Thank you in advance!:)
  5. How many points did you improve your GRE score? What did you start at and what did you finish with?
  6. Hi! I'm new to the GradCafe and I'm not sure if this is where I should post this, but I thought I'd give it a shot. I'm currently studying for the GRE (taking it Aug 24th), and I wrote my first practice Issue and Argument Essays. I'm looking for someone to go over, critique, and score them. They are very rough, as this was my first go at it. I stuck to the 30 minute time limit. I would appreciate any feedback! Thank you! Mac Argument 1.docx Issue 1.docx
  7. Hi everyone, I have two questions regarding application to small M.S programs within the U.S I took the GRE test for the first time and got the following result (the GRE pdf file is attached): Verbal Reasoning 149 Quantitative Reasoning 151 Analytical Writing: 2.5 I am not from the U.S and have never studied for the GRE exam before, so my grades were not good. However, I´d like to apply to small M.S programs so I can build a decent CV before applying to PhD programs. Do you think it´s possible for me to enter any M.S program in Chemistry with those scores or would yo
  8. Hi everyone, As a math major looking to get into a quantitative-heavy graduate program (engineering/computational finance/statistics/computer science), I am determined to get a [near] perfect quantitative reasoning score on the GRE. I would be happy with a 165-167 and absolutely thrilled with a 168-170. My question is: how exactly does one achieve these scores? I am still early in my GRE experience, but it seems to me no matter how much GRE math you know, there is usually at least one or two of the 40 (or 50) questions I have to guess on or stumps me with time. Additionally, there a
  9. Hi everybody, I'm an international applicant looking at graduate programs in the U.S. I've got two sets of GRE scores available: 2015. V / Q / AW: 166 (97%) / 160 (76%) / 4.5 (82%) 2016. V / Q / AW: 167 (98%) / 159 (73%) / 5.0 (93%) My second score is higher for the verbal and analytical writing components, but unfortunately slightly slower for quantitative (which I'd most hoped to improve-- sadly wasn't able to practice as much as I'd wanted). Should I submit only the 2016 scores, which are higher for V and AW, but slightly lower for Q, or should I submit both? If I sub
  10. Hello future SLPs! I have 2 GRE scores, V154/Q163/W4.0 and V156/Q159/W4.0 Since I can submit only one of those, I am not sure which i should submit. any suggestions please?
  11. I would like to ask how long it would take to deliver to university after the test conducted ? I will deliver my result to UNI XX. If the deadline off application will be on 15th January, when should I take the test ? Case 1: Test Date: 15 December Official Result (10-15 Days, assume 15 days) : 30 December Offcial result arrived at University : When ? Thanks lot for your help, I wish u all the best with the application especially for the one who give the answer :
  12. Hi all, I'm in a bit of a panic after my analytic writing score came out today and would appreciate some advice. My previous score was 160/156/5.5 and this time I got 162/159/4.0. 5 up for overall score but 1.5 down for the writing.... I'm an international applicant applying for phd in political theory (philosophy) so I'm assuming the analytic scores will matter but I did get 5 more overall points in the second test. I've noticed that some schools do look at the best of each sections but most schools seem like they only look at the whole set. So, which score would you guys ch
  13. So I recently took the GRE and scored the following: Verbal: 164 Quantitative: 154 Writing: 6.0 I feel very confident in the verbal and writing portions, but the Quantitative score is lower than I was hoping. I am looking to apply to MPP programs at Harvard and Princeton and am wondering if a quant of 154 would be disqualifying? I took statistics and research methods courses in undergrad and got a 4.0 in each class, so I'm hoping that would overshadow the 154 score here. My Undergrad work was the following: University: Michigan State University GPA: 3.94/4
  14. I recently wrote the GRE General Test and received this score: V: 157 Q: 152 AWA: 5 I'm applying to English Literature programs in top schools (Harvard, Stanford, Berkeley, University of Chicago, UPenn, etc.). From what I've seen, my quantitative and writing marks are just fine for English programs, but my verbal reasoning should be 10 points higher (at least 166-167). Realistically, I don't know if studying would increase my verbal reasoning mark significantly enough to make a difference. I'm a very strong candidate in every other respect (I have academic publications, a very high G
  15. I took the PowerPrep practice test today and scored a 156 V and a 145 Q. I scored a 150 Q on Magoosh. I take the GRE next Thursday and I can't reschedule or else I won't be able to make the application deadlines. I'm scared to death that I won't get into graduate schools due to my poor performance so far on the GRE. No matter what I do I can't seem to boost my verbal score any higher and I'm basically hopeless concerning the math. Other than my GRE scores I'm an excellent student. I graduated with a 3.99 GPA and with highest Latin honors in addition to being a part of Phi Beta Kappa and Alpha
  16. Hi, I have a 331 in GRE with 3.5 in AWA. I want to pursue an MS degree in data science or data analytics. I'm not sure if the AWA score is good enough or will it make it difficult to get into the top US colleges (looking at the top 5). I have had good acads, good extra curricular, and have 3 years of work ex in a popular technology MNC.
  17. Moderator note: Merged two essay scoring requests into single thread. Please read both posts to see both essays. Prompt/Instruction: "The best way for a society to prepare its young people for leadership in government, industry, or other fields is by instilling in them a sense of cooperation, not competition. Write a response in which you discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the claim. In developing and supporting your position, be sure to address the most compelling reasons and/or examples that could be used to challenge your position." My
  18. I realize its a little wordy but it was my first time practicing with a timer! See attached word doc. I left errors as is since that's how they'll be graded on test day. Thanks!!! practice essays 1.docx
  19. I took the GRE today, and I absolutely flunked it. My preliminary scores were 540-610 on the quantitative portion and 710-800 on the verbal portion. I'm a master's student in political science, and I'm looking to get into a PhD program in the same. I guess that's not going to happen with those scores. I cannot believe I did so poorly . . . I'm usually very strong in math (algebra, statistics, etc.), but the GRE was really heavy on high-school geometry, stuff I haven't looked at in years (I wasn't even good at geometry in high school). What do you guys think? Am I done, or do I still have a
  20. Hello everyone, Every where I look, the management sciences (and or operations management) areas of management PHD state GRE scores in the 90th. Where are the schools that accept us, the mortals? Also, any suggestions as to good programs in that area? All the best, Felipe
  21. I took the GRE a while back and did well on it. Now I am thinking about applying to business school but I don't want to take the GMAT and go through that whole process again. I know taking the GMAT would be best but I was wondering if there was a list of schools that accept the GRE rather than the GMAT. I found a list on the ETS website but it wasn't very helpful because most of the schools were Devry and the like. Plus Most of the other schools I contacted said they shouldn't even be on that list because they only accept GMAT scores.
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