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Found 12 results

  1. Hello. I am an international applicant from S. Korea. I got all rejections except one schools among 20 this cycle. After looking all the other applicants' experiences, I think I need a masters. (BA Iranian Studies, 3 yrs experiences in defense industry, zero research experiences) At this point, I only have three options. Which one will be the best choice for my Ph.D? I would like to explore my interest in the IR field, also make a good choice for my Ph.D. during Masters. 1. MSc Social Science Research Methods(Politics) 2. MSc International Security 3. MSc International Relations Please give me a piece of advice guys. Thank you in advance!
  2. I have been accepted into four schools thus far (Korbel, Pardee, Elliott, and SIS...but threw SIS out of the running), and need different perspectives on what I should be looking for in these masters programs. Assume money is not a major factor. Have yet to hear back from Fletcher, SAIS, SIPA, and SFS. So far I have been mapping out which classes I would be taking under the respective programs, and I am quite satisfied with each of the three. The things I am looking for in a program are: Jobs with security clearance in the area Dual concentration abilities Russian Language Boren Scholarship awardee history Curriculum is policy/ case oriented rather than theoretical Professors are practitioners in their field Successful placement rate into the Intelligence Community What else should I take into consideration? Does anyone have information to offer? I have spoken with students, alumni, and professors who all love their respective schools. Thanks in advance for all those who reply. Feel free to message me if necessary. -Frosty
  3. I am confused between UNC Charlotte(CyberSecurity) and RIT(Computer Science or Computing Security). What I know, 1. UNCC is cheaper; 2. Charlotte is a bigger city with lots of Banking institutions(How will this make a difference to a Cyber Security/Computer Science student?) 3. UNCC can give assistantships only after you are in the 2nd semester; 4. RIT has plethora of jobs. Is that the case with UNCC as well? What I don't know, 1. UNCC vs RIT in terms of financial aid. - RIT has given me a 20% scholarship which can increase for the next year depending on my performance. 2. Brand Name of the University 3. Faculty support and quality of teaching 4. Job and internship opportunities 5. Competitive events that happen and scope for making connections with the industry(in Computer Science or related areas) 6. Location satisfaction and crowd 7. Campus life
  4. Hi all,My name is Adwait Nadkarni, and I am an Assistant professor in the Computer Science Department at the College of William & Mary. Before W&M, I did my MS and PhD from North Carolina State University, Raleigh. Here is my website for more info:http://www.adwaitnadkarni.com/My Research: I have multiple funded positions available at my Systems Security Research group at W&M. The primary focus of my group is the security of emerging operating platforms (e.g., mobile platforms such as Android, IoT platforms such as Google Weaveor SmartThings). Specifically, we will be evaluating the security of existing systems, modifying them to make them secure, or building novel security systems. I am looking for dedicated and creative students interested in breaking and building secure systems and protocols, starting as early as Fall 2018. Please apply to W&M Computer Science (PhD), using the following link:Apply: http://www.wm.edu/as/graduate/admission/.../index.phpThe deadline for Fall 2018 admission is March 15, 2018. About W&M: W&M is the second oldest universities in the USA, and the first of the 8 public ivies. It is located in Williamsburg, Virginia; a place with pretty good weather, and a lot of historical significance.Also, if you have any questions about MS/PhD, be it the scope, future options, or questions about my research or security research in general, feel free to contact me via email (my contact information is on my website).Regards,Adwait
  5. Hello! I'm currently an undergrad living in Texas, and am in the process of transferring to a 4 year University. I I came here for advice because I'd like to get my Masters/Undergrad in the same place if possible, and I'd like to transfer somewhere that offers a 5 year MIA program. I understand this does limit my options, especially in Texas, because if I understand correctly the Bush School is the only school that offers a 5 year MIA program in Texas. I'm looking for an accelerated program because I am using the GI Bill, and there are only so many "months" on it that you can use before it is depleted. Therefore, a more condensed program is preferable! As the title states, my real question lies between deciding on transferring to American or Tamu. I've gleaned a lot of information from these boards on MIA programs in D.C and how powerful the networking/internships can be, although I'd like to contrast it with the Bush School's reach. Would it really be worth it to move all the way to D.C for the opportunities, if the Bush school could facilitate some solid internships/opportunities as well? I understand that the Bush School is young and is nowhere near the level of SIS yet, but what is their influence like in D.C? I know that just "being there" in D.C would be of huge value for the seminars, networking, etc. Also, if I understand correctly, the D.C schools run a "consortium" in which you can be enrolled at one campus such as AU but take some of your classes at Georgetown or GW for example. This is very attractive. For what it's worth, I would be pursuing an MIA/NS&D at Tamu, and a MIR with a focus in either GGPS or USFP at AU. Additional info: 4 years Army experience as an Intelligence Analyst. 5 years total with Reserves. Transferring job to Civil Affairs (Army's diplomatic personnel) in June. Currently learning Spanish. Pursuing ROTC/Commission as (most likely) a Reserve Officer. Current location: College Station. Applied to UT and TCU as well. Side note: I'd love to go to school in DFW (TCU) but they do not offer a masters and honestly their program is not as good as A&M's. But, I'm older than most undergrads and College Station does not have as much appeal as I'm sure some of you can relate, lol. I really look forward to your replies! David
  6. I feel like I'm going crazy waiting for SSP results to be released! Is anyone else holding their breath for SSP? Last I heard from Admissions, the target time frame is mid-March!
  7. So I've received offers from Carleton and Calgary, but I'm very torn. Carleton: -Practical; Engineering focused courses -Co-Op, part of the Ottawa network -Courses are very interesting Calgary -More funding -I've heard that the faculty is tightly knit and definitely supports students -But isolated from Ottawa connections -Higher cost of living -Courses are theoretical Can anyone speak to either of these programs?
  8. Hello everyone! I feel passionate about working abroad and writing specifically in countries with conflicts. As dangerous it may sound it's appealing to me. My question for you is when you start studying or plan on applying if you think about a concrete sphere you'd like to write about. Like me. I'm wondering if there is anybody who could give information about the security provided for such journalists. Do they receive a proper armor (as body armor) or not? I'm interested in this topic and I've even checked on well proven products that are used by journalists. I looked into the data base of this company http://www.safeguardclothing.com/articles/. They hade some explanations about what civilians and journalist should wear to keep themselves safe. Anyhow, I was just wondering if there is anyone out there who had the same thoughts. Thanks and all the luck to you in your studies and future jobs. Emma
  9. Hi everybody I am applying to both Munk School of Global Affairs (U of T) and NPSIA (Carelton). I am also applying to GPSIA (U of Ottawa)...but i would say that it is my third option behind these two schools. I had a question regarding what criteria should I use to determine which program is a better overall program and why I may attend one over the other. I've already considered factors such as - My own research interest (Intelligence, Global Security) - Faculty Research (For me, Carelton wins this one) - Location - Concentrations/field designations - Tuition (20k v. 8k tuition + living expenses), - Reputation (both are stellar schools) I remain unclear on the following: - employment prospects (employment percentages) - global reputation - opportunities throughout the graduate year - co-op/internships etc. If anybody could help me out, that'd be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  10. Hi, I am beginning my application process for Fall 2017, i.e. studying for the GRE's. I am looking at narrowing down schools for where I want to apply. I am interested in focusing on International Relations with a concentration on security issues. I am really interested in potentially researching non state actors and their effects on local and global levels. I have tried googling security PHds but I haven't found much. I think Stanford is supposed to be strong, and I know MIT is great (it's actually my dream school) and I know GWU is also a great contender. However, what are other options. Do people know? If you do, could you reply? I would really appreciate any assistance people can provide me with.
  11. Hello Everyone, I was accepted to SAIS (with 1 year in Bologna) and The Elliott School of International Affairs. I will be doing Security Policy Studies if I go to GW and will be concentrating in Strategic Studies if I go to SAIS. My career objectives are to work in the intelligence or defense community (specifically the public sector) - DOD, DIA, CIA, State Department NIA, etc... The curriculum at GW seems to compliment my career aspirations better than that of SAIS. GW's Career Development Services are great. The program entails a "Tools Requirement" that allotts me the opportunity to take progressional skills courses. The career services at SAIS offers a "professional development process" that is basically an advisor helping me plan out my career goals. However, I believe SAIS is regarded as the "more rigorous" and perhaps "more prestigious" or difficult school to get into. I am also a bit turned off by having to spend a year in Bologna if I go to SAIS (not sure how much studying abroad in Europe would be beneficial to Security Studies). Where do you guys think I should go? Which program would benefit me most? Which school would make me more competetive in the job market? I also got into SIS (U.S. Foreign Policy). I was not accepted into SIPA. Any feedback would be great! Thank you!
  12. I'm interested in applying for the Symantec Research Labs Graduate Fellowship. This is a smaller program, and it awards 2 or 3 fellowships per year. The program heavily emphasizes computer security. Fortunately, my some of my research interests/experience lie at the intersection of computer security and computer systems. I haven't been able to find any advice on the Personal Statement of Interests that Symantec requires. Before I start contact past award recipients, can anyone offer any advice or relevant web pages? I'm also curious if anyone knows how many applications Symantec receives for these awards. (Now that I've made this post, perhaps the number of applications will increase a little bit...)
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