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Found 5 results

  1. I completed my undergraduate in Electrical Engineering in 2021. Since then I have been working as a researcher in a research unit in India. I also have worked as a research volunteer for two labs until now. My research interests lie in Computational Neuroscience and Brain-Computer Interface. I wanted to apply for PhD in ECE/ Biomedical/Bioengineering department in US. The schools I have shortlisted are Gatech, UC Davis, UCSD, UT Austin, UCSF-UCB joint graduate program, CMU, University of Washington, UMich, Boston University, UPitt. GPA: 3.5 Profile: 2 years of research experience working in a research unit, although not related to the research I want to pursue my PhD in. To compensate for that I remotely worked as a research volunteer for two labs (One in Donders Institute and the other in Georgia Tech) Participated in several international hackathons and came in the top 3. Completed two industrial internships in startups and one research internship in NTU Singapore during undergrad. 3 strong LORs (one from a professor who taught me in undergrad and two under whom I did my volunteer research assistantship) Completed summer schools based on Neuroscience. Unfortunately I don't have any research papers. Which colleges would I have a good chance of getting into and should I add more good schools to the list where I have a good chance based on my profile?
  2. Hi everyone, hope you all are well. I'm in a sort of precarious situation. I want to apply for MS in CS but I'm not sure which universities I should apply to. Here's the deal: I'm from India and I did my double major undergraduate (from a top tier uni FWIW) in mathematics and electronics and scored a 6.95/10. My grades in electronics courses are pathetic but math courses are fine. After working for two years in the industry, I want to get into a university that will help me get into a research program eventually possibly using my pure maths experience. Thankfully my GRE is alright q: 170, v: 160, awa: 4. And sadly no research experience other than an exploratory pure maths undergrad thesis. I have already thought of the following unis: Stony Brook, Rutgers, UM Amherst, NYU, UF, U of Virginia, NCSU and UT Dallas. Except UTD and possibly UF, you can see that all are sort of ambitious universities. If you have personal experience with any college, or any suggestions please write it down, it will be really helpful! The deadlines are fast approaching and any help is very appreciated!
  3. There are more than 4 thousand universities at united states, how to shortlist 6 to 10 universities according to academic profile? like it is not feasible to go through each website of university, is there any smart way to shortlist some universities for engineering category?
  4. I have been getting some "Your profile looks good" "Your background matches my research interest" replies followed by either some general (I perceive so. Correct me if I'm wrong) comments like "I encourage you to apply" or "I'd be happy to work with you if you get accepted" or some very few mails discussing specifics. I don't know what to classify as neutral, stock or positive. Can someone please help me out? Are these comments on profile and background at least slightly positive and specific or just formal and stock? These are from some really reputed programs or unis. So I don't believe they need to promote anything but I have been hearing such opinions. Any truth to it? I am really confused. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Hello Everyone, Sharing my profile with you: Gre: 314 (AWA: 3.5, Q165) Toefl: 94 (S: 23 R:23 L:24 W:24) Percentage: 78.4 Btech in CS Work exp: 3 years till now MS in CS (artificial intelligence and machine learning) Strong LOR and SOP I have shortlisted some universities > Safe: 1. San Jose State University (SJSU) Moderate: 1. Rutgers 2. Stoney Brooks New York, 3. Northeastern University (NEU Boston) 4. Arizona State University ASU 5. North Carolina State University NCSU 6. University of Southern California (USC) 7. University of Illinois Chicago(UIC) Ambitious: 1. TAMU 2. Penn State Please suggest some safe universities for my profile and do suggest if any changes are required in the categories (If some universities need to be dropped or can be added in the above list)
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