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Found 3 results

  1. I've been accepted into two schools and I'll be attending both their visit/recruitment weekends next month. I'm also currently in an LDR with my boyfriend of one year, and both schools are within a few hours drive from where he is attending college. I was hoping to bring my boyfriend along to both visit weekends, but am worried about a few things: I won't be bringing him to any school events unless explicitly told I can bring family/friends/partners. In this case, is it worth him even coming along? Will I be attending event after event such that I won't even get to spend time with him? I definitely don't want to be rude so will attend every scheduled event! Both schools will be housing students in pairs. Will it be rude to ask if my boyfriend can share a room with me instead? Of course, we will offer to pay for his share of expenses! Overall, will this leave a poor first impression on the school? I feel like it might be more acceptable to bring a spouse, but not so much a bf/gf? Am I wrong? Thanks!
  2. I've been fortunate enough to be accepted into several Psych MA programs, but I'm torn between two because of location and funding. One program is giving me a full ride and a stipend, but the region isn't ideal for me, and it would mean living apart from my SO (east coast vs. west coast) for two years. The other program is in a very expensive area and would require me to take out loans and accumulate student debt (I have none right now). I've wanted to live in this area however, and my SO would only be a 1.5 hr drive away. I'm excited about both programs, and either would take me in different directions (applied vs. experimental), which I'm open to. The applied program (expensive one) would help me get a job after completing the masters but the other (fully funded one) would better prepare me for a PhD program. What should I do?
  3. Hi everyone, So to keep this brief, I applied to PhD programs in health policy this year and was fortunate enough to be accepted to multiple great programs. That said, I am based in Boston - where I live with my partner - and was hoping to get admitted to my top choice program in Boston (Harvard). I was, however, waitlisted, and while they have assured me I am at the top of the wait list, they were not particularly optimistic about any movement happening this year. I am planning to revisit the programs I was admitted to to be sure they would even fit well with me, but if they do I am really caught between a rock and a hard place here. My partner is a medical student in Boston, and has no flexibility to move any time soon. Going to this program would mean moving out of our apartment, splitting up our pets from their owners, etc. I have spoken to Harvard and they said a reapplication would never be guaranteed admission, but reapplicants have been successful in the past (no idea on the frequency). In addition, there is another program in Boston that I could go to and would have a strong chance of admission based on my results this year (I did not apply there this year), but it would definitely be a drop in program quality. I guess these are my questions: (1) If I turned down the programs I was admitted to this year, would there be any chance I could apply again in the future, possibly when my partner has more flexibility? I know that this should have been taken into account this year, I was just told that advisors that I would most likely get into my top choice so it didn't seem like a huge potential problem. (2) What is the general consensus on reapplying? Assuming I don't get in off of the wait list, the program director said I was a great applicant who very well could have gotten in this year, the cards just didn't fall in my favor...so I know I am competitive, but I'm afraid I'd wait a year and then end up in the same position. (3) Would going to a lesser program really hurt my career overall? Thanks everyone!
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