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Found 17 results

  1. Can someone please help in providing me the questions that are asked on the interview and also their answers in key points? It would be a great help!
  2. Hi all! I have my first Skype interview this Wednesday with a professor that reached out to me. I didn't know about him until he sent me an email, but he thought my research was good and thought I would be a good fit in his lab. Since I am a nervous wreck like everyone else seems to be right now, I have many questions: What usually happens in Skype interviews? What should I prepare for? How should I prepare for this? What questions should I have ready to ask the professor? How should I dress? Is business causal okay? How I make myself feel and look less nervous during the interview? Any advice would be helpful! Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi everybody, I was wondering if anybody had tips or suggestions for online (Skype) interviews. I plan to brush up on my applications and the department/school, wear a formal shirt, be open about my research interests. Any other suggestions? Thanks!
  4. After a Skype interview with a professor, she said she would get back to me by the end of the week (I am assuming about a formal in person interview) but she did not get back to me then or the week after. Is it okay if I email her and ask for an update. I know it is a no but I just wish she would formally say she is not inviting me.
  5. Hi all. Looking for some wardrobe advice for a male for a Skype interview. It's with a university in texas if that makes a difference. Will an office shirt suffice? Tie or no tie? Shave or trim my beard? (Basically look like a toddler or stereotypical terrorist) thanks!
  6. I have been accepted for an on campus interview at Texas tech, but I can no longer go there in person. Is it possible that they would let me change my on campus interview to a Skype interview? If so, does a skype interview impact my chance of admission negatively? I don't want to throw away my chance simply because I can't make it in person. One more question, has anyone ever changed their interview to a later date due to conflict? thank you!
  7. I accepted an on campus interview at Texas tech, but now I can't make it in person. Is it possible that they would allow me to switch from on campus to skype? Also, do Skype interviews have any negative affects on admissions? I don't want to throw away my chance by switching to Skype if they prefer on campus interview. One more question, has anyone switched on campus interview days before? Thank you!
  8. Hi, I have been invited for a skype interview for the Ph.d. program in Chemistry at the University of South Carolina. The email came from the graduate office. I wonder what type of interview I have to face? They mention faculty member but didn't provide me any name. If anyone experienced it before, please kindly share with me. Thanks.
  9. I have just faced the skype interview for the PhD program in Chemistry. There was two persons. Only the grad woman was talking, another man was just listening our conversation. They were friendly. But it was my first interview. I never talked with any foreigners before, so it was shocking experience for me. She asked why i have chosen WSU? I answered three points. Then she asked my thesis topic and to give a summary. I Answered. Then i asked her 3 questions , she answered. The interview was not so formal. I am little bit confused about my performance. I answered them smartly. But i think i had some problem, i did not give so much emotion, and paused sometimes. Hope for the best
  10. I have just got a mail from the wayne state university ( wsu ) against my application for the PhD program in chemistry (fall 2017). They mentioned "we would like to ask you some follow-up questions via Skype" I had never faced any skype interview. What they will gonna ask me? how can i prepare myself? What is the chance of getting acceptance there? Any tips please? i am very much worried.
  11. I had an interview on Monday: a short 15-20 minute video chat (I am doing my masters in France) with a professor whose work I had mentioned in my statement of purpose. It was a nice conversation, but I was left with more questions than answers? Does it mean I have a higher chance of acceptance? Since he didn't mention my admission status, does it mean I didn't get in? My real question is: do you typically end an interview knowing whether or not you are accepted?
  12. I contacted potential supervisors and have finally received a response from one! yay! He messaged to talk tomorrow morning, so I don't have a lot of time to prepare. What should be the expectations from the phone call? How in detail with it be on research topics? How long should I expect it? These were the things I was expecting to prepare for: Be familiar with one paper that relates to your research that they wrote Have a pitch prepared to begin Have a few questions prepared for the supervisor Anything else I should be aware of?
  13. Dear lovely people who I hope can help me. I had a Skype interview for a paid PhD placement in Sweden a few weeks back and have recently been invited to come and meet the supervisor and see the department/ university/ city in person. I know that other people have been invited to do likewise so this seems like the next stage of the interview process. I will be there for over 2 days, which is quite a long time, I think, and staying with the Supervisor. I would be hugely grateful if any one can give please me advice on how to prepare for this, or some information on what I should expect, I have never done anything like this before, so any advice will be useful. Thank you so much for your help, it is very appreciated. All the best with your PhD hunt/ your PhDs. Laura
  14. So yeah, I have received only one call from the 6 schools that I applied to. My POI asked for a Skype meeting on the 4th of March, 2016. Tested the whole night on the 3rd of March 2016 to find a suitable camera for the Skype interview (Webcam is hideous). But during the interview, the POI asked me to turn off my cam, so that she can see the whole screen properly. Interview began on 4th at 4.00 PM PST. She talked to me about the weather at Oregon State University and asked about how it was at my place. I replied accordingly and I was asked to start off with my presentations. She asked me to prepare 2 presentations - one on a known topic and another on an unknown topic beforehand. I presented via screen share quite confidently. Upon completing the first presentation, she said that she really liked my presentation. She asked me to take a break if I wanted. I said that I wanted to continue. So off with the next topic and upon completion, she said that she liked the presentation of the second topic as well. Her voice sounded like she was impressed. After the presentations got over, she asked me 2 questions related to the project. The first was - "Did you enjoy preparing the presentations?", to which I replied "Yes". The second was - "Can you implement what you learnt in the form of a computer program?". I replied "Yes" again and then she went on to ask me questions about my transcript. My first 2 years were really bad during undergraduate studies. So she asked in a laughing tone - "What happened in the first 2 years? The later part of your undergraduate was really good. Were you enjoying too much?" I replied to her questions accordingly with a light mood at the same time. Then she went on to ask about if I worked anywhere and also went on to ask - "If you don't get admitted to grad school, then what are your future plans?". Once again I answered accordingly. She also asked me that if I was not working at a job, then how I would be financially supporting myself. And as usual, I answered. Upon completing the interview, which in my opinion turned out to be way better than what I was expecting, she said that once I submit my programs, she would let me know of the decision. It was more like she was asking me if it would be alright to let me know of the admission result after I have submitted the programs. So, I have submitted what she asked for and now I am waiting to hear from her. What do you guys think? Do I have any possible chance of getting an admit?
  15. Guys!! I just received a notification with a request for a Skype interview. I have been asked to prepare a presentation on two topics, none of which I know about right now. The interview is scheduled for this Friday at 4 p.m. PST. Can anyone let me know as what I should be prepared for and any pointers on what I should present?
  16. Hi GradCafe! I'm applying to an engineering masters program at an Austrian university. The school told me that they will schedule a Skype interview with me soon. I've emailed them to ask about what the interview is about, but haven't heard back from them yet. From what I've gathered, the interview is required because my bachelor's degree was on a related engineering field, and they want to gauge how compatible my degree is to their program. They'd probably want to check my general knowledge and enthusiasm for their field as well (these are just my guesses). Therefore, my question is: 1) What should I do to prepare for this interview? If you or anyone you know have ever (Skype-)interviewed for a postgraduate program in Austria/Europe, could you please share your experience? 2) What is the etiquette when interviewing with an Austrian/European professor? I've been told small talk ("How are you today?") is not recommended for Europeans. What else should I keep in mind? I really want to make a good impression to him so I could get admitted to the program. Thank you all for reading and I sincerely appreciate all I help you can give.
  17. Dear Friends, This is in regards to Cell and Molecular Biology PhD. Thank you in advance for answering my questions: Q1- If an international student gets a call for interview, how are they interviews? On Phone, on Skype or are they expected to travel to US? Q2-Do domestic students who can come for an in-person interview have an obvious advantage over international students who may only be interviewed over phone and Skype? (After all in-person interviews applicants often attend recruitment weekends, have lunch with faculty, hang out with grad students, and meet face-to-face with interviewing faculty, so get a bigger chance to make an impression on them) Q3- However if the above is true then "every time" a domestic applicant has an 'advantage' over an international phone applicant- and so the faculty MUST KNOW this by now factor the fact in that phone interviews candidates have a lesser chance of making an impression. Do you think the faculty factor these things in when comparing domestic vs international candidates? Q4- If the student himself wants to travel for an interview at his own expense what US VISA class is most appropriate to come to US for a few days for an interview? In my humble opinion, I see only the "Visitor Visa", i.e. B-1 or B-2 which 'may' be applicable, but those two categories also do not include "interview". Those two just mention "Business" or "Pleasure", so are you sure if that is the most appropriate Visa class to come to US for an interview? Q5- If indeed B-1 or B-2 are the Visa that would allow me to come to US for a school interview - can I be reimbursed some of the money (like the apprx $300-$500 that they reimburse domestic applicants?). I asked as many US visas do not allow $$ to be accepted. But can such a small reimbursement amount be accepted by an international applicant when visiting the US school on a B-1 visa? Q6- My above Q4 can be answered by answering this question - when international scientist come to US for big conferences for a few days what Visa do they come on? I believe that will be same visa that wd be appropriate for applicants coming for interviews? Q7- Similarly, if scientist who come to US for conferences get reimbursed by any US university, then it means that it is legal to get reimbursed travel expenses from US when you are on a B-1 visa. Q-8, One more question to add, is health insurance a big factor when coming down to US for an interview (they did not mention in the letter that the school will pay for my health insurance for my interview visit) Thank you for answering my questions
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