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Found 715 results

  1. I applied for SLP graduate programs and was not successful with being offered admission. I was waitlisted at one school but received an email stating their cohort was full. I'm disappointed 😕 Perhaps it's a good thing. There is a lot going on in my personal life right now. I don't have stellar grades and I did awful on the GRE (I hate the idea of retaking it-I studied a lot the first time!) Some words of encouragement and positivity would be lovely ❤️
  2. Hello! I am here to find out who will be attending CSUSM for their Master’s program in Speech-Language Pathology this fall? I will be accepting their offer of admission next week, and looking for possible roommates I was told many students in their cohort tend to get a place together!
  3. Hey guys, this is my first time on here. I was wondering if you all could give me your honest opinions on if you think I have a shot at getting into a graduate program in Speech-Language Pathology- specifically USF/UCF/FIU/FSU. My GRE scores are a 4 AWA, 149 Verbal, and 146 Quant. My GPA is a 3.48 and I only have about a month of experience. But, I have 3 great letters of recommendations from professors and I think my Statement of Intent is good. Now, I know none of what I just said sounds (is) competitive at all. But, do you think I have somewhat of a chance of getting into... something? I've heard about Nova but the tuition is really expensive. I graduate in May 2020 too. I know I should probably take a year to bring up my GRE scores and get more experience, but (for some reason), I feel like I'm on a time crunch. Ugh, this has already turned into an essay too. I just want to see what you guys think... Thanks everyone.
  4. Hello! I'm pretty new here haha and I was wondering how many schools you applied to? I start applying for Grad schools this summer/fall for the fall 2021 application cycle. I currently have 7 schools o my list (See below) and was wondering if that's a good amount to apply to? Also, if you know any info about attending these schools, the surrounding area, etc, I'd love if you would drop a comment as well! Francis Marion University University of North Carolina: Greensboro Longwood University [currently attend here for undergrad] Gallaudet University University of Maryland Radford University University of Delaware
  5. Hi everyone--I just received a graduate assistantship at WPU and will be accepting! Has anyone else committed for the Communication Disorders Fall 2020 cohort? Also, if anyone has made a facebook group (or plans to make one) please leave a link:)
  6. Hi! Has anyone decided on Rush? It is one of my top choices and I'm trying to figure out good areas to live! Any info would be super helpful!!
  7. Just wondering what people have heard about CBU's program. Any insight is helpful! thank you!!
  8. Hi all, So I am just a little bit confused about costs because I keep reading conflicting statements by other students. I have read on older forums and facebook posts that Kean is considered one of the more affordable NJ schools. However, if I am not mistaken it is on the more expensive end. Monmouth and Seton Hall are both private so they are the most expensive Then comes Kean at 66K (which puts Kean closer to private school costs than the State schools) Montclair, Willy P and Stockton are the cheapest and under 50K. Am I missing something lol?
  9. Hey everyone! Has anyone else been accepted to Florida State for the Fall 2020 online cohort? I would love to connect!
  10. Hi everyone, just had my interview with NOVA and I feel like I didn’t do very well. Super nervous. Anyone else know how long it took for them to get back regarding acceptance?
  11. Has anyone heard from University of the Pacific for the Speech Language Pathology 15 or 24 month program? The due date for the application was postponed to a later date, so I’m wondering if this has pushed back their responses to applications. The longer I wait the more I start thinking that I’m going to be declined. Has anyone heard back from them yet? Or Has anyone been in this same situation before with their school? If so, does it mean your less likely to get accepted if they contact you later in the month? Thank you in advance!
  12. Do schools reach out to you about scholarships and funding? Or are you supposed to ask them? I've been accepted into a few schools and haven't gotten any emails/letters about funding/financial aid. Is it just assumed you get no awards if they don't contact you?
  13. Has anyone heard from University of the Pacific for the Speech Language Pathology 15 or 24 month program? The due date for the application was postponed to a later date, so I’m wondering if this has pushed back their responses to applications. The longer I wait the more I start thinking that I’m going to be declined. Has anyone heard back from them yet? Or Has anyone been in this same situation before with their school? If so, does it mean your less likely to get accepted if they contact you later in the month? Thanks!
  14. Hello all! Has anyone heard anything about the University of Montana's online SLP program? I am interested in it but can not find any info on it? Is anyone in the program? Is anyone planning to apply this fall? Thanks in advance!!
  15. With the visit day canceled, I'm super upset that I won't get to go and get to know the program better. I was wondering if anyone had any insight on the program, especially if you are a current student :)
  16. Hi all! I'm currently deciding between two schools - one in my ideal location and the other in a less than ideal location, but more ideal for my bank account. I'm leaning towards accepting a spot at the University of Utah but I have some questions about tuition and graduate assistantships that I haven't been able to find answers to online. Are there any current graduate students at U of U that can provide some answers? Does U of U offer a lot of GA positions? Are they full/half/quarter semester positions? How much is tuition really - I've been seeing various numbers? Thanks!
  17. Hi everyone! I am a 4th year neuroscience major at UCLA. I am hoping to apply to a post-bacc or leveling SLP program soon after I graduate; however, I am pretty concerned that my low GPA will hinder any chance I have at getting accepted into one. My GPA is currently a 3.14 (with only about 30 units left to make any difference), I am doing better in my classes this quarter but don't think I have enough room to get it much higher than a 3.2. UCLA's neuro undergrad program is notorious for being a GPA killer, would grad programs take that into consideration? I have interned for a year at a baby sign language company where I work with typical and atypical children between the ages of 4 months and 3 years. I have a few other things on my resume such as work, volunteering as an English instructor, being part of a capstone research team & I am hopefully going to be working at the UCLA Language Lab next quarter. I also plan to shadow in the next quarter as I won't be taking any classes. The only relevant SLP courses that I've taken are (1) auditory neuroscience of speech perception and vocal communication (received an A) & (2) a comm class called science of language (currently enrolled and on track for an A). I have not taken the GRE yet. I plan to apply to Chapman's post-bacc program later this year, and the rest of my list (i.e. NYU, CSUN, CSU East Bay, SJSU, University of Redlands, University of the Pacific). Can anyone tell how I fair as an out-of-field major? Do I have a shot? Also do you have any recommendations for what I should do to compensate for my low GPA and become a more competitive applicant? Please let me know, I would so appreciate any help!
  18. I know there are already similar threads to this one, but I need help making a decision. The things I care most about are housing, transportation, cohort size/relationship, faculty relationship, and opportunities post graduation (and how MGH's extra semester affects this). If you go to either of these, please let me know how your living choice has affected your life in any way and what the majority of students choose to do. I'm not from the Boston area so I'm not familiar with neighborhoods but would love any information on them. I want to know how the cohort genuinely interacts and how this differs between schools. Does being in a more isolated area at the IHP have an affect on your life? Right now I like the layout/location of BU's campus better but MGH's academics better (but unsure about the 6th semester). Any ideas help!!
  19. Hey ya'll, Just wanted to give you all a heads up on the University of St. Augustine. This is an online program that is currently in candidacy for accreditation. First and foremost, I would like to highlight that you should always do your research on schools and ask questions about their philosophy on teaching before you apply. St. Augustine offers a 20 month curriculum with all online classes and 4 in person clinical immersions (where you fly into campus) and 1 where you return to graduate, for a total of 5 times you will visit the campus (Dallas or Austin). Here is the scope: St. Augustine is a self-taught program meaning you will be assigned to read book chapters, articles and will be given a few slides for each weeks module. There are no pre-recorded lectures, study guides or student-teacher interactions (other than the in person clinicals). With that in mind, you must be really disciplined and committed 200% into school work. Before applying make sure this learning style is adequate for yourself. As for grading, doing the work assignments will earn you a B, you must go above and beyond to earn a 100% (we are still trying to figure out what this means exactly). There are no examples on how you should turn in work and no examples will be given. If this is your learning style wonderful! Before applying keep this in mind.
  20. So I thought I'd start a thread for those of us who are considering (or have decided to attend) UMD this fall. Who's out there? What other schools are you considering? What do you like about UMD's program? What do you think will be the deciding factor for you between UMD and any other options? I'd love to chat with some of my potential future cohort members!
  21. Anyone who attends programs such as Hofstra, LIU Post, New York Medical College, LIU Brooklyn, etc. give some insight on their program? Likes/dislikes? I tried to find some info but haven't really seen much.
  22. Is apply to spring semesters of graduate school less competitive? Also for those with a GPA below 3.0 what schools did you apply to?
  23. Hi all I'm relatively new to gradcafe (and this field admittedly) and I thought I should ask for some help before going into something with no guidance and making silly errors. I'm due to graduate this fall 2019 and I was thinking of possibly taking a gap year and apply in the next grad school cycle because I feel like my application isn't strong enough and I wanted more experience-- hence me looking into becoming an SLPA. However I already have some obstacles in order to do this. First, I don't have my 25 observation hours and I know that is required. There was a course at my university that made it possible yo get them, however I had extenuating circumstances and time conflicts that hindered me in getting my hours so I know that is the first step. Additionally, this is all very new to me and I am confused as to how the rest of the licensure process in order to become an SLPA in TX works. I was looking on both ASHA and the TDLR website and they both say that a "Speech Language Pathology Supervisory Responsibility Statement Form" is to be completed by a licensed SLP in order for them to be your supervisor. I'll paste the "Supervisory Requirement" section below: "An assistant in speech-language pathology must work under the supervision of a licensed speech-language pathologist who agrees to assume responsibility for all services provided by the assistant. You must propose a supervisory relationship with a licensed speech-language pathologist and be added to your proposed supervisor’s license before supervision may begin. Applicants should submit a Speech Language Pathology Supervisory Responsibility Statement Form (PDF) completed by the licensed supervisor who agrees to accept responsibility for the services provided by the assistant. Your supervisor must have at least two years of professional experience in providing direct client services, which may include an internship year (clinical fellowship) year. Your supervisor may not supervise more than a total of four interns and/or assistants at one time, and your supervisor must not be your parent or child. Note: Supervisors must be approved by the department prior to supervising assistants." If I am understanding correctly does that mean I need to find an SLP to take me under their wing and ask if they can be my supervisor while I apply for my SLPA license? How do I go about asking that? Would this be a job or internship? For example should I be looking for job listings for SLPA's in my city? Am I allowed to apply for the job and ask the SLP if they can be my supervisor while I start the application process for my license? I am just confused about the timeline for this. Or should I reach out to any SLP's and ask outright if they can be my supervisor while I observe and get the clinical experience required for TX standards. On ASHA it states "no fewer than 25 hours of clinical observation in the area of speech-language pathology and 25 hours of clinical assisting experience in speech-language pathology" are required, so does that mean I just need an SLP to be a supervisor for me for 25 hours for the clinical assisting experience and then also obtain 25 observation hours at the same place? There are not many SLP's in my city, and I'm not quite sure what to ask them, I just don't want to sound like an idiot. I don't know if I'm making this more difficult than it needs to be, but I thought I should ask for some clarification before reaching out to anyone. Apologies if this is all over the place and any & all help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
  24. help! I graduated undergrad with a 2.5 cumulative gpa (graduated may 2019) .. does anyone have any experiences applying to schools with a gpa that low? I currently work as a manager for a speech clinic ... do you think i have any chances? i have not taken the gre yet. i hope to begin applying this year. tips?
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