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Found 562 results

  1. momoftwo

    TWU TETN Cycle 10

    Anyone applying to TWUs TETN Cycle 10 program? If so, what region are you in? What’re your stats?
  2. Hi everyone! So, I am currently an undergrad in NJ at Rutgers, who notoriously does not have a CSD major. I am a psych major and have a minor in linguistics. My current GPA is 3.866 and I have a 4.00 GPA in my CSD coursework. My experience so far includes: 1 yr research for a school psychologist; research involved creating a virtual simulation program for early career teachers in urban areas and required me to observe classrooms, 6 hours of shadowing at an early intervention and hospital setting (going to get the full 25 before applying), volunteering at the Adler Aphasia Center & a rehabilitation center and a fieldwork course with children with autism. I have yet to take the GRE but am aiming for about a 152, 152 & a 4. Currently also have 1 LOR but will get rest from 2 more from CSD professors. I wanted to know if you all found me to be competitive and had any advice on how to make myself a better applicant since I am an out of field applicant. Any comments/tips will help!
  3. Hi, Just reading a lot of posts and people saying that it took them 3-5 cycles until they finally got accepted. This is my second time applying after taking another cycle off to boost my resume. I'm really hoping the second time is the charm because I'm ready to start a career. I got accepted to Rocky Mountain University in Provo the first time but I couldn't make the finances work ($70,000 per year). So just looking for a bit of reassurance...
  4. Hey there! I am a Second Year student currently studying in Western, and I have a specialization in Psychology and a minor in Linguistics. I would really like to start building up a strong extracurricular experience, and I was thinking about volunteering at a speech clinic over the summer. I was wondering if any current SLP students/applicants can give me any tips on looking for volunteer experience of this kind? What are some other extracurricular activities that may be helpful? Thanks a ton!
  5. So to start I am a second year in undergrad and I am having horrible anxiety over if I will get into grad school. So my first year of school I was pre med and didn’t adjust to first year well at all. After my first year, my gpa was a 2.75. I switched to CSD and I have been LOVING IT!! Well I’m worried that after my first year, I’m not going to get into SLP grad schools... I’m doing much better this semester and I think I’m getting a 3.4-3.5 which will bring my overall up to a 3.0. I’m hoping by the time I graduate I’ll have a 3.4... I just am scared and stressed. and another question, I heard a lot of SLP grad schools look at the last 60 credit hours I took, does anyone have a list of those schools?
  6. LaceySpeechie

    LOR Reminders

    At a quick glance I didn't see anything recent on this topic - I've asked 3 people to write me LORs, one from outside the CSD department and two from within. The recommender from outside the department submitted her LOR in October, but the other two have yet to submit their LORs. My first deadline is coming up on December 15th with CSDCAS and it's a blue deadline, meaning (I think) that at least two LORs must be submitted by the deadline - currently I haven't got that. How can I politely remind my recommenders that I need their letters? This is the only school I'm applying to with CSDCAS, and it's by far the most expensive application-wise, and I really don't want to give them $200+ if I'm going to be disqualified due to my LORs not being in on time. Advice? I want to believe the two CSD professors know how it goes, but I'm a bit concerned. And I'm out of school (and the country) so I can't exactly stop into office hours - email is my only form of communication.
  7. Hey there! I got a 4.5 on the analytical section of the GRE but both the quantitative and verbal were under the average scores for the two. Should I be worried and retake the GRE? It would be my third time. Feedback would be helpful!!! Thanks.
  8. tconnection360


    Those that are currently in graduate school and/or just graduated. I would super appreciate details regarding the praxis! What should my focus be on? Any specific topics? thank you in advance
  9. Hi Everyone, I'm a long-time lurker, first time poster. I am about to complete my post-bacc program (I was an English major) through Cal State San Marcos (CSUSM). I am also working on applications for grad schools, and had some questions for you knowledgable folks about course equivalencies, as I am struggling with this. Sorry for the length of this post, I appreciate your reading it and any help you can provide! The CSUSM Post-Baccalaureate coursework is here, to avoid making this thread too long to read - https://www.csusm.edu/slp/programs/prep/coursedescriptions.html On CalApply, for CSULB, it says that at least 30 units in CSD are required to apply, but then provides a list of 18 classes through the department website with an equivalency chart, which amounts to significantly more than 30 units. It is accessible here - http://web.csulb.edu/colleges/chhs/departments/speech-languagepathology/student-resources/documents/2018SLPMAProgramApplicationForm_000.pdf The chart says that the course equivalencies must be one to one, but several of the classes I have taken have covered materials that fulfill multiple of the items on the chart. Does anyone know if the chart has to be 100% completed with 18 equivalent classes, or does the 30 units rule apply, thus making the CSUSM post-bacc program sufficient for me to be able to apply to CSULB? If they need all 18 classes, does anyone have any suggestions of where I can take the missing classes a-la-carte without having to apply to a full, second program? Additionally, I am looking to apply to Cal State Fullerton (CSUF). Their program description lists 12 pre-req courses, but is a bit confusing - do I only need to satisfy 8 of the 12 listed classes only to be able to matriculate, and then I can get waivers in the school for any I haven't taken, or do all 12 have to be completed by the time school starts? CSUSM's post-bacc appears to be missing these 3 from Fullerton's list - 1. Aural Rehabilitation 2. Voice & Craniofacial Disorders 3. Fluency Disorders If these courses are needed before next fall, does anyone have any recommendations where I could take them a-la-carte? Thanks in advance, and thanks for reading this long post!
  10. Hi! I would like to know ho wlong did it take for everyone to receive their GRE writing scores. Thanks!
  11. futureSLPhopefullylol

    CSDCAS Academic Update

    Can anyone clarify for me how to go about doing the "academic update" for CSDCAS?
  12. Hello, I was wondering if anyone knew anything about the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences graduate program? I seem as though they are looking for candidacy to be accredited? I am not too sure. Any info will help! Thank you!
  13. Trying to see if anyone has heard from St. Augustine! I had my interview two weeks ago and was told I should expect an update between 2-3 weeks from the admissions board via email. I thought that was a little odd due to the fact that the deadline is dec 15th. Wanted to see if anyone else is waiting to hear if they got in!
  14. hi! I wanted to ask if anyone knows of any SLP grad schools that superscore (which is where your best scores in each section of the GRE are taken). I took my GRE twice. On the second round of it, I did better in writing, but worse on the verbal and quan sections than my first one! If anyone has any schools on the top of their head that super score, please let me know!
  15. So to start I am a second year in undergrad and I am having horrible anxiety over if I will get into grad school. So my first year of school I was pre med and didn’t adjust to first year well at all. After my first year, my gpa was a 2.75. I switched to CSD and I have been LOVING IT!! Well I’m worried that after my first year, I’m not going to get into SLP grad schools... I’m doing much better this semester and I think I’m getting a 3.4-3.5 which will bring my overall up to a 3.0. I’m hoping by the time I graduate I’ll have a 3.4... I just am scared and stressed. and another question, I heard a lot of SLP grad schools look at the last 60 credit hours I took, does anyone have a list of those schools?
  16. Hi Everyone! I just want to chime in here as this application season has been very overwhelming. I am applying for the fall 2019 for grad school in speech language pathology. The road to getting here has been very long as it took me a while to get in this career path. I am currently finishing up some pre-requisites online, studying for GRE, and working on grad school applications. Is anyone else on the same boat? Also, I am 29 years old and the thought of turning 30 in grad school is sometimes a bit terrifying. However, I am determined to defy all the odds and give it a shot to get in a program. I am applying for 13 schools. Anyone else like this? Thoughts? Concerns? Thanks.
  17. Ejt5100


    Listen guys, I spent there last 4 years trying to get in to a program.. This discussion board can be disheartening, and you may feel like you'll never get in because everyone else is so impressive.. But there is hope! I have loved this field for the last 6 years. I had a tough undergrad (2.8) GPA, took the GRE's 3 times never did well despite numerous classes (V145 Q 144 W 3.5). However my experiences as an SLP-A and LOR'S were amazing! Last year was going to be my last year applying.. I'm glad I didn't give up. You shouldn't either. IT'LL HAPPEN.
  18. Hello everyone! I know that there are a few Speech@NYU threads, but I wanted to start a new one for the new applicants. I have applied for the January 2019 cohort; I submitted my application on October 2nd (the final deadline was November 12th) and am still awaiting a decision. Has anyone else applied for the January 2019 cohort? If so, have you heard anything yet? Looking forward to hearing from you all!
  19. Hi everyone! I am working on my personal statements and need some more eyes to look at them! I would be willing to help you on yours as well if you would like, I used to edit papers for people through high school and undergrad. But that being said, I have a hard time when it comes to writing them myself! I would love more opinions and what not, let me know if you are interested!!
  20. First post here because I am just so excited!! I turned in my Emerson College and NYUSteinhardt around the same time. My Emerson College application was a little quicker because my admissions counselor was almost always available via email. He would email me within half an hour and I've never had a better communication experience. Let me give a little background about myself: I am have a Bachelor's Degree in foreign languages with a concentration in Spanish. I found out about SLP/CSD around the time I had already cemented my major for the last time. My school, University of Alaska Fairbanks, did not offer a Bachelor's program in this concentration so I had to make do with what I had. Around my senior year in college during the last semester, I started kind of having a meltdown about getting into a graduate program that was actually of worth and very competitive. I had just moved to Austin and I had to take some time off from continuing my education because I had to stabilize my situation. My undergraduate GPA: 3.29 [I thought all hope was lost because of this GPA] Upper-level division classes GPA: 3.7 GRE: Verbal - 156 (Above Average) , Written - 4.5 (High) , Math - 148 (Below average) Fast forward to around October when I finished both of my applications for only two schools. I must have been ballsy to only have applied to two schools. I still have not heard from NYU yet but that is fine with me. I heard from Emerson College around 3 days ago through email, which is the normal way for them to contact you about decisions, that I did in fact make it into the program. (YAY MY DREAM PROGRAM!!) That is why I am not even waiting on NYU anymore. I kept freaking out about the fact that I was not the best student but somehow I made it into their program. Having given all this to you all, I hope it was encouraging and motivating enough to instill that numbers are not everything to a school. Trust in your abilities and what you've done and put your best foot forward. You are more than your grades and numbers. Give them the best writing sample you can and show them you want it.
  21. Ejt5100

    Emerson distance

    People who have been accepted to emerson distance. How long did it take to hear back? Also share your stats! Thanks
  22. Hi! I am retaking the GRE because I got a low AWA score and I hope to bring it up. I got good scores on Verbal and Quant so I am not focusing on those sections. I am worried that I may go down in those sections because I haven't been looking at them. Will most SLP grad schools take into account my highest scores on Verbal and Quant? Or will it hurt me if my scores drop when I retake it? Thank you!
  23. Applying for grad school has always been in the back of my mind, BUT with the time coming up to apply, I don't know if I should take a break... The thing is, my grades aren't so bad but not the strongest. I know experience also plays a huge role with acceptance but since I've been concentrating on school, I haven't had much job opportunities relating with child care or with speech. I do not have much experience, so applying and believing in myself has been pretty difficult. I am just terrified that this won't be enough to be accepted to a school. Would taking a year off to work and build my experience be a good or bad idea? I would appreciate any advice or stories anyone has to share!! help a stressful girl ouuuut 😓
  24. Hello, I am looking to hear from those who are or who have been a distance GRADUATE SLP student. What was your experience like? I personally can do the traditional on campus student experience right now, but in a year my situation could change. Therefore I am wondering if it is smarter to attend a distance program from the very beginning. Do you feel like you learned the material well? or do you wish you would have had more of the on campus research experience, and clinical involvement? Thank you for your advice.
  25. I am a senior currently applying to Masters programs for Speech-Language Pathology. I am having a hard time narrowing down my list of graduate schools. I am from Illinois, and would like to stay local. However, I have heard a lot that the midwest is a very competitive area for Masters programs. Because of this, I am applying to mostly midwest schools but also some random other locations. I think I am a competitive applicant with lots of relevant work/research/volunteering experiences, 157V, 161Q, 4.5W for the GRE, great letters of rec, good resume/personal statement. I think the worst thing I'm offering is my GPA of 3.5 since it's pretty average (I am hoping everything else will help balance me into being a good candidate). How do I narrow down from 11-12 schools to 7 or 8? I do not want to spend all the time and money to apply to so many programs.

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