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Found 573 results

  1. Ggslpa

    James Madison

    Hello all! Just wondering if anyone else was applying or has previously applied to this school??? Just looking for information about the application process and if you have any advice about the video clip.
  2. Hello, I was wondering if anyone knew anything about the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences graduate program? I seem as though they are looking for candidacy to be accredited? I am not too sure. Any info will help! Thank you!
  3. My group interview with OLLU is going to be discussing an article... has anyone had an interview like this before? Totally confused as to how this interview will be conducted or the types of questions I should be prepared for! None of my friends already in an SLP program had interviews like this and I am very nervous!
  4. draySLP1

    Group Interviews

    Hi everyone! I've seen a few posts that mention group interviews and I'm wondering what people's experiences of them have been like. I have one coming up (at Sacred Heart) and really don't know what to expect. I assumed it would be like a structured group conversation, but I've seen people mention being asked to work on projects together on the spot. Just trying to prepare and any info about what approaches schools take to this format would be helpful. Thanks!
  5. Hi everyone! I just got an email inviting me to interview at Northeastern University, which I am super excited about but I am a little confused because I did not realize they interview! I couldn't find any information on the website about an interview, and I chatted with professors/students at their ASHA table and an interview was never mentioned. Does anyone know any information regarding the interview/am I missing something?
  6. SLPapplicant2019

    NYC SLP Grad Applicants Fall 2019

    Hey Everyone, I don't think there is a topic like this yet. I'm from New York and only applied to SLP grad programs in the NY are (LIU Post and Brooklyn, Adelphi, Hofstra, Iona, St. Johns, and Molloy). Did everyone send out their applications yet? When anyone hears back from a school or gets an interview let us know!
  7. babysanta


    Has anyone had any issues with their CSDCAS GPA being calculated differently than what's on your 'official' transcript? Mine is dramatically different, for a specific reason. I started as a jazz performance major ?, did horrendously for a year, and then dropped out. After a 9-year hiatus I returned to school in my CSD program, and was offered to enact the policy of "Academic Forgiveness" which reset my GPA. This was awesome, as I started with a clean slate and didn't have to dig myself out of a GPA hole. All sunshine and flowers. After submitting my grad apps about a month ago, I realized that CSDCAS had calculated my GPA as 2.66. They included any/all attempts at courses, did not take the policy into account, and when I e-mailed them I got this response: "The reason that the GPAs are not showing similar is because we do have to include all grades in the GPA calculations that we do, so any attempt at a course will go into it. We do apologize for the inconvenience on this, the schools that you are applying to will have access to the official transcripts so if they would rather review those they absolutely can." This is fine, I suppose, but now I'm worried that my applications will be discarded as soon as they see my CSDCAS GPA. My 'official' GPA is 3.7 (a stark difference) and I'm worried that programs will breeze over this issue. Yes, they say they "look at the whole applicant" and "GPA isn't everything" but I have a feeling GPA is one of the first things they look at, and if that information is not correct then my chances of acceptance may be severely limited. I've reached out to the director of every program I've applied to, and most have been supportive and understanding, while others have not responded. I realize that this is a strange situation, but has anyone else experienced anything similar? Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Anyone know what happens if you attend a school that's a candidate for accreditation but their decision is in the middle of your study. For instance, they're not accredited yet, but are a candidate until 2020. My program will end in 2021. If they fail the review and don't obtain the accreditation, would my degree be useless? Could I take the praxis exam?
  9. Hi everyone! I got an email yesterday afternoon to interview at Pacific University on 2/15/19, and I'm super excited! Has anyone else heard back / confirmed that interview date yet? For applicants who have interviewed in prior years, what tips do you have? Thanks!
  10. Hi, I want to reach out to other older students and see how your experience of the school-finding and application process has been. I'm 47 and leaving a career in marketing to pursue SLP. Just wondering if there are others out there in similar situations, and if so, how are you doing with all of this?
  11. Hi everyone! I know there's a 2018 SLP thread that's supposed to be for Canadians already, but it was really convoluted with posts from other countries, so I thought I would make a thread that's explicitly Canadian so that we don't have to worry about sifting through everyone's posts to find what's relevant for us! Applications open up really soon and I'm sure we're all super nervous! It's really nice to have this community to be able to talk about everything SLP-related! Happy applying, friends! For myself, this is my first time applying. I'm thinking of only applying to the University of Alberta and Dalhousie, though UBC would definitely be at the top of my list if I had the prerequisites. I'm sitting at a GPA of 3.92 (3.89 for ORPAS), with a prereq GPA of 3.84. It's not perfect, but I'm hoping it'll be enough! I also have a couple years worth of heavy research experience for a developmental psycholinguist. In the other 2018 SLP thread I had mentioned that I don't have a lot of related experience to SLPs, but I'm happy to say that since posting there I've put in over 50 hours (so far) in a couple different speech clinics, working with a variety of age groups. It's been really cool!
  12. I made this thread so we can post updates as soon as we receive them about any schools in Louisiana. I'm applying to UL and LSUHSC-NO
  13. joylizzy

    Pacific University

    I received an interview from this school but I am scheduled on the 23rd instead of the 15th. Does this mean anything? Like the ones interviewed on the 15th have a higher ranking than those on the 23rd? Or is it totally random? I'm overthinking everything, I know, but I am still super excited!
  14. Audrey(SLP2B)

    2019 Acceptances

    I received an email from Arizona State University admitting me into the 2019 Speech Pathology program! I was wondering about scholarships and the PEP program. Did anyone receive any information on that as of yet? Will they be sending that information in the official letter? Any info would be appreciated! Audrey
  15. Hi all! If you want more info on how to get into grad school, what grad school is like once you're in, what to expect, etc. I follow an awesome SLPA/ slp grad students's instagram account (@thesocialspeechie) and YouTube account (the social speechie). She has a lot of really helpful videos with awesome information and is always open to answering any questions! Good luck to everyone who applied this cycle!
  16. Hello, I wanted to see what schools people recommend for graduate program in speech language pathology that look at more than just GPA and GRE. MY GPA is not competitive. My GRE scores are very low. I may retake them. I have a lot of experience. This round I applied to: NAU- summers program NOVA Chapman University Idaho State University Eastern New Mexico University .
  17. Hello everyone! Two weeks ago I received an email notifying me that I was wait listed at Hofstra for the speech pathology program. I was pretty upset because this was my first choice, but I also really liked LIU Post's program. I started looking into post more- i even met with my graduate advisor and set up my schedule, went to admitted students day, and spoke with a bunch of graduate students. Everyone I spoke to had mostly positive things to say about the program and the professors. Therefore, i was very happy with my second choice...then today i received a phone call from Hofstra telling me i was accepted into their program! Im super grateful but now I am beyond torn between the two schools. Can someone who attended/will be attending either school help me out? Why did you choose this program over another one? Thank you in advance!
  18. Has anyone heard back from case western reserve speech language pathology grad program? Their deadline was Jan 15th and I’m getting worried.
  19. I interviewed at Midwestern University in Glendale at the beginning of Feb and they said it takes about two weeks to hear back. We passed the two week mark last Friday, has anyone heard back?! This waiting is killing me!
  20. I've been reading forum after forum about people who got accepted and rejected from speech path grad schools. I'm kind of freaking out because the people who were accepted have such higher stats than me. I'm double majoring in communication sciences and disorders and psychology, have a 3.5 GPA, I am only a junior so I have not taken the GRE but on practice tests I've scored a 285 which I know isn't that great but I've been studying hard. I have over 100 volunteer hours at the children's hospital, on the board of NSSLHA, president of my school's psychology honors society, am a campus student ambassador, on the board of 3 humanitarian clubs, volunteer once a month at a center for adults with special needs as well as a center for children with special needs, I'm a psychology research assistant, I speak Arabic as well as know sign language, and occasionally volunteer at the Ronald McDonald House. I know my extracurriculars are fine but everyone seems to have a 300 on the GRE and a 3.7-4.0 GPA I feel so average. My top schools are Saint Xavier University, Midwestern, Lewis University (they're opening a new program during my application season.) and Governors State all in Illinois. Has anyone gotten into any of those schools with a similar GPA and GRE? I'm freaking out I know my GPA isn't horrible but it's also not the best...it just seems so average.
  21. I just finished applying to grad programs and the only prereq. course I need to complete is aural rehab. My school doesn't offer it, and I'm not really sure where I can take it. It needs to be online and the cheaper the better (I'm a TX resident if that helps). Where did you guys take it? How did you find schools that offer it online?
  22. LaceySpeechie

    Biology Requirement

    Has anyone taken a class to fulfill the biological sciences requirement online? If so, where did you take it, how much was it, etc.? (I'm looking for anatomy, general biology, etc. - whatever will be accepted by grad schools for the bio requirement.) I graduated from undergrad with nutrition fulfilling my bio requirement, because my program signed us up for that prior to the new ASHA guidelines, which I didn't become aware of in time to take another class prior to graduating. EDIT: I'll need to take it in the summer, although I would prefer to do it in May or June vs. throughout the entire summer.
  23. Hey guys! So I just finished applying to SLP graduate schools and was planning on getting certified as an SLPA this semester since I have my 25 observation hours completed. I was curious if anyone on here has experience working as an SLPA while also attending SLP grad school full-time? I'm nervous that it may be too much to manage. Any advice would be appreciated!
  24. momoftwo

    TWU TETN Cycle 10

    Anyone applying to TWUs TETN Cycle 10 program? If so, what region are you in? What’re your stats?
  25. MadisonMachelle

    Online Speech@NYU & Speech@Emerson

    Are the diplomas that you receive any different than the on-campus diplomas?

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