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Found 380 results

  1. I am wanting to email a thank you to my interviewers at a school following the interview I had yesterday, as I know this is good, but I am wondering if it will come off as strange if I essentially had to search for their e-mails? The people who interviewed me stated their names in the interview but I had to remember their names and search for their emails on the school's website in order to email them. Should I hold off or would it still be good to send it? I appreciate any opinions! Thanks.
  2. Hi everyone! I'm looking for some advice from people that have accepted offers already, are already attending graduate school, or have completed graduate school... How did you determine which school is the best for you (if you had options)? I am trying to visit schools, do online research, etc. but I know this is a very important decision. Some factors are obviously funding, distance, and the program's values but I am finding this overwhelming as there is so much to consider. I also believe that, to some extent, you can make the best out of it no matter which school you attend. Thoughts? Advice? Thanks to all in advance!
  3. I interviewed at Midwestern University in Glendale at the beginning of Feb and they said it takes about two weeks to hear back. We passed the two week mark last Friday, has anyone heard back?! This waiting is killing me!
  4. Hi All! So I had my interview at Chapman and was feeling confident about it until they emailed me a writing sample (I had to return within 15 minutes). I'm pretty confident with my writing, however, this was on a specific topic that I was not overly familiar with (even though I have completed 33 units of CSD classes). In addition to that, I felt like the information they were asking for was very vague. Any one else feel like this after the writing sample? Do you think a poor sample will prevent an acceptance? Thanks!
  5. I’ve looked at the forum where people post if they’ve been accepted/rejected/waitlisted/scheduled an interview. There are schools that I’ve applied to that people have gotten emails to schedule and interview but I haven’t gotten that email. Should I be worried that I’m not in the running for acceptance??
  6. My first interview is tomorrow and I'm feeling pretty overwhelmed at the idea of it. Normally I'm great with interviews but the added pressure of this being for grad school scares me half to death! I've looked up tips online and many of them were quite useful, but they were mostly generalized towards any grad program. Does anyone have advice specifically for our field, or, even more specifically, for an online/web interview? I know some people feel like not being physically present in the room with the faculty takes the edge off, but it only terrifies me more for some odd reason!
  7. Hey everyone! I got my first interview offer and I'm soooo excited!! Please feel free to post your interview offers, updates, and acceptances when they arrive! Optional info you may want to include in your post: What schools you applied to in California Schools you've received interview offers from and when they arrived Feedback on your interview and questions they asked you Any other info you want to add
  8. I've noticed a few people posting results from Longwood University on the results page so I figured it would be cool to meet potential classmates. Who else has gotten in to Longwood? Are you waiting on any other schools? I'm still waiting on the letter in the mail with more information.
  9. Sorry ahead of time because this is going to be a long post, but I'm in need of advice and a little reassurance. I graduated in May with my BA in Speech-Language Pathology. My first 2 years of college were tough, I was going through some personal things and dealing with sickness and depression and you could tell by my grades. I withdrew from all of my classes one semester but I honestly should've taken at least a year off to get back on track and motivated, but I didn't want to sit out for that long. I transferred to a different university and my last 2 years I improved A LOT, I mean I wasn't getting a 4.0, but still good grades. My first 2 years drug my GPA down a lot, but I love the field so much I'm going to try my best for grad school. I'm trying to apply to schools that look at the last 60 hours GPA and/or use a formula score (with your last 60 GPA and GRE score) like at Southeastern in Hammond, Louisiana. My GRE score is average, I got pretty bad test anxiety when I took it so I'm studying a lot right now and plan to retake it this summer and improve my score. I'm trying to make myself look better for grad school since I'm lacking in GPA, so I'm working as a Reading Interventionist at my local elementary school and I'm wanting to volunteer with something speech related for the summer. I live in a small area though so there aren't very many opportunities. I've gotten very discouraged looking at different program requirements and posts on here and considered just going into teaching, but at my job I've gotten pulled to sub so many times and dealing with that many children at once, I just don't think it is for me. Any advice on specific programs or jobs/volunteer opportunities that will help me increase my chances of getting in? Thanks in advance!
  10. Hey everyone, Any current or graduated CSD students have any information/opinions/experiences with FAU's Master's program? I've been trying to learn more about the program but their website is pretty vague and they do not have a profile on ASHA's Edfind. Any thoughts/opinions on the Grad Program would be greatly appreciated!
  11. Perhaps we could share programs we know are less competitive? Admission info for my cohort (University of Central Florida , spring 2018) just released, and 26/89 applicants were admitted -- that's a good 30% admittance rate, compared to the usual 12% of fall admission programs! For those of you in Florida, UCF is a good safety school for spring & summer admission -- fall receives 300+ applicants because, I suppose, people don't know about the other admissions cycles? Anywho, share knowledge on less competitive programs!
  12. Hi all! Does anyone know whether we need to have achieved a minimum grade in the ASHA core courses (biological science, physical science, behavioral science and statistics)? In particular, I'm applying to NYU, New York Medical College (NYMC) and TC Columbia. Does anyone know if these schools have a cutoff grade for those ASHA courses? Thanks in advance!
  13. CSDCAS Applications / Verifications

    Hey everyone , I know deadlines are here and we are all filled with anxiety but I came across a MAJOR issue ! i was unaware of the verification factor in my application I had my transcripts sent MONTHS ago so I thought that was all I needed to start . I did not know I had to pay to receive verification and just submitted my stuff this past Friday . Has anyone experienced this problem or know anyone who did their verification last minute ? I emailed most of the schools and only ONE said that it MUST be verified by the 1st ...all the others said as long as they have access to my information I am fine .
  14. Has anyone had any experience applying to University of Akron's online program? I am looking into applying for next spring's admission, but worried I am not a competitive applicant.
  15. Hey everyone! I thought it would be a great idea to have a megathread for us to discuss as results start to roll in. We can also use this thread to get input from others to help us make decisions. I also think this could be a great tool for future applicants. I received my first acceptance today () from Wayne State and couldn't believe it! Good luck everyone!
  16. I made this thread so we can post updates as soon as we receive them about any schools in Louisiana. I'm applying to UL and LSUHSC-NO
  17. Hi, I am looking for one leveling subject which I can do from overseas, online, at my local time. The subject is head and neck anatomy, which translates to anatomy of speech and hearing I think. Has anyone had experience with Longwood, USU or UM please? I quite like the idea of Longwood, but am wondering abut the workload as it seems to have so many assessment items. There might be others online that are good, so would be grateful for any advice!
  18. Hi everyone! I'm a senior SPED-General Curriculum undergrad here in the Carolinas. I'm currently doing my student teaching and unfortunately, I'm starting to realize that it is not something that I want to do. Certainly, I love working with my students with disabilities but I can't see myself long-term doing this profession. I can see with my cooperating teacher how much work she does and the amount of work she takes home (too!); to the point that she gets burned out. Also, even with my county being in the city, the pay is very low (Thanks NC.....). I'm interested in shadowing an SLP since I don't really know what it will be like anyway. On another note, I'm doubting myself if this is only because I'm starting to student teach and do the responsibilities that a SPED teacher does. It frustrates me how I thought I want to be an EC teacher and eventually realize that it isn't something that I want to do long-term. All the help that I can get will be appreciated!
  19. Chance of SLP grad school

    Hello all, So, I have a tough decision to make. I have struggled to find out what I want to do as a career then I came across SLP. I researched it and learned about it from my sister, who just passed her PRAXIS for SLP. I knew this would be something I would enjoy doing. I love the idea of it, it is very interesting to me, I love working with kids, and I would like to work in a hospital or school. However, I do not have a very good GPA and I am nervous about being screwed in life if I don't end up getting into a masters program for SLP even if I reapply and don't get in because I don't want to be reapplying for years and years. My GPA is 3.04 right now entering my spring semester as a junior, it is low due to me starting out in biology and figuring out that is not for me, I also didn't have good study habits and didn't try as hard as i could have. My first semester of this junior year I did get a 3.8 GPA and took a language development and communicative disorders class and got an A in that. My current university does not offer CSD major, so I am trying to decide if i should transfer to university of Minnesota Twin-cities and further pursue this or find something else like Athletic training which I am also considering as my other choice if I choose not to go the SLP route. Also, if I did transfer it would be 4 semesters of work to graduate with a Speech language hearing sciences degree which is the same as CSD. Is it possible for me to get into a program? I am a male by the way, so I don't know how much of an advantage that gives me in the selection process because I see there are few males in the profession. I have read posts like mine where people have gotten in with low GPA's with bolstering other things like GRE and experience but I am just nervous because I feel like that is only a couple people and that doesn't mean it would happen for me. Any help or suggestions would be great!
  20. Hey everyone, I am back again with a new question! Loans.. so I really don't want to work during grad school, so I can focus and obviously succeed. I've never applied for loans before and am a little nervous I wont get money for classes, housing and books. Anyone have any information for me?? Thanks!
  21. UCF Summer 2018 SLP

    Hey all, does anyone know what the schedule would be like should we get admitted to summer semester for graduate program? I applied to traditional track, "Summer 1" through CSDCAS. When I looked at the calendar on the UCF website, there are Sessions A-D for summer with specific dates. Does Summer 1 mean A-D, or just A? I'm not finding any info anywhere! Also, would love to be in contact with anyone else who is applying! I'm from California. If I don't get in, I'll try again for Spring! Thanks everyone!
  22. Hey everyone, I hope everyone is not going crazy with applications this year. I have decided not to apply this round.. Unless I do better on my GRE's. Anyone know of programs that do not require GRE's? feel free to message me or reply to this board! Thanks and GOOOOOOOD LUCK everyone
  23. Hi everyone! I noticed that many SLP grad schools require background checks including driving record. I had a collision car accident a year ago, and it's my only accident but I was at fault. Now I'm worried whether it could negatively impact my prospect of getting in or attending an SLP grad program. Does anyone know? Thanks in advance!
  24. Hey guys! Does anyone know of an easy online Physical Science course? I'm not very good at science and want to complete my prereq this summer, prior to starting a Master's program in Fall 2018! Any help would be very very much appreciated!
  25. I'm trying to narrow down a list of schools to apply for but I'm having a hard time figuring out which schools are reaches and which I have a decent chance of getting into. My stats break down into SLP GPA: 3.65, Cumulative GPA 3.75, GRE I haven't taken yet but I'm assuming based on my test taking ability that I would score somewhere around 150 on both sections and around a 4 on the writing. I will have completed my undergrad program in communication sciences and disorders in 3 years and am adding another year to work on 2 minors (health promotion and adapted physical activity), I have done some observations and done a lot of volunteering, but no research. I will be applying in the Fall of 2018. I'd love some advice of schools I can realistically get into.