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Found 4 results

  1. I'm an applicant from India. I currently hold a Masters in Counselling Psychology, and I'm looking to apply to MA/PhD programs in the US and Canada for Social/Personality Psychology. My main concern is some of the universities ask for a converted grade from percentages to the 4.0 GPA Scale, the conversions drastically reduce my scores to about a 3.0 average or just slightly above 3.0. However, my grades have been consistently high according to the Indian scoring system, and I have been among the top of my class throughout my undergrad and postgrad courses, as well as an Honors student in my Postgrad. How likely will the converted scores affect my chances of admissions? Some universities let me justify the low scores ( if scores are below 3.5 GPA), how do I justify the same?
  2. CALLING APPLICANTS for the Application Statement Feedback Program (ASFP)! Our goal is to provide constructive and fast feedback on research/personal statements to psychology PhD applicants, especially underrepresented minority applicants and/or those who may not be in ‘in the know’ about the application process. Last year, we were able to serve 155 applicants who identified in one or both of these ways. This year, feedback will be provided by faculty and graduate students from over 70 of the top psychology PhD programs across the country with expertise in the following subfields of psychology: developmental, cognitive, social, and clinical psychology. LEARN MORE HERE: www.asfp.io SUBMIT YOUR STATEMENT HERE: https://www.asfp.io/applicants **YOU HAVE UNTIL FRIDAY TO APPLY*** Applicants can submit their statements through the submission portal between Monday, October 4 and Friday October 8. Each accepted applicant will be matched with two editors (our team is made up of faculty members, postdocs, and PhD students) in a double-blind process. High-level feedback will be returned to applicants on Thursday, October 14, six days after the submission portal closed. The program is volunteer supported, and completely free to applicants. ASFP 2020 Report.pdf
  3. Hello, I've been lurking around here for a little while and really appreciate all the great advice you guys give. Thought I'd ask this question here because I'm in a bit of a weird situation - my Overall GPA is pretty meh (3.3 Cumulative) due to my major being Engineering for my Freshman and Sophomore Years of College, even though my Psych Gpa is a lot better (3.6). My GREs are pretty good - 162 Verbal (90th percentile) 161 Quant (78th percentile) 4.5 Analytical Writing (81st percentile) I have strong recommendations and research experience, but am unsure what level of Social/Political Psych program I could apply due given my past grades in engineering pulling down my cumulative GPA. Just wondering if anyone has experience about how much schools will overlook this sort of thing? I'm currently playing with the idea of programs like Michigan, Minnesota, or Boston University, but am not sure if I would be automatically eliminated from contention due to hidden GPA cutoffs. Hope this is an alright place to post this sort of question, I really would be grateful for thoughts from someone with more experience.
  4. Hey y'all, Currently a second-year student at UCLA, who has an overall GPA of 2.477 (2.965 Major GPA) and no research experience at my current institution. Do I have some hope in getting accepted to a Social Psych Ph.D. program (e.g., the UCs) in the future? To begin with, I don't know where to start, nor do I know if I have the right mentality to apply (and even handle the rigors of graduate school)... Ever since I transferred from a community college to UCLA, I became more anxious and lacked the confidence to ask for help from my peers. I'm even embarrassed to apply for research positions, knowing that I'll get rejected because of other applicants who have higher GPAs and are more experienced. 😕 Any tips/suggestions, and has anyone ever been in a similar situation?
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