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Found 15 results

  1. Hi guys! Im interested in understanding how societies condition, control and punish people who step outside the boxes assigned by virtue of their gender, race, orientation, caste, religion, class etc. On understanding the above, I wish to study and research on how individuals can break free of the box drawn up for them, allowing themselves to be their own true, authentic selves. I wish to get a PhD in sociology to help me achieve the above listed broad goals. Which specific research cluster areas should I be looking at? Which colleges are better suited to them? And what research interests of faculty would you suggest I look at? Also, since I don’t have a bachelors degree in sociology, what other information do you think I should know before preparing a shortlist of colleges?
  2. Hi everyone! I have my first interview this Tuesday and Wednesday and wanted to create a place where we can debrief after the interviews. We can share anything from what everyone wore to actual questions and itineraries, as well as hopes and fears post-interview. Hopefully comparing notes will help ease anxieties!
  3. Hello! I'm working to narrow down my target list of PhD programs (mix of social and developmental) with plans to apply this coming Fall. I've identified a number of professors at various schools (UK, UT Austin, UBC, Cornell, UCSC, UW Madison) conducting research in areas that align with my interests, however my true (long-term) passion is for teaching and I can't figure out how to evaluate programs' commitments to training in that area. I know all schools have some kind of teaching component, but I'd really love to end up at a program that is dedicated to teacher training excellence. I realize that research will always be a big part of any program, and that's totally fine, but I want to come out of my PhD ready to be an amazing teacher (either at Community College or small colleges, I don't need the high profile universities or research tenure positions). I would really love to hear any thoughts on this subject. I know I could just go after a Masters and technically get a teaching position, but it seems like it's so competitive now that even at the "lower" levels a PhD is needed, even if not technically required. Thanks in advance!!
  4. Hello everyone, I'm applying to graduate schools this semester, and as the dates draw nearer and nearer I've been having a lot of anxiety about the area of psychology I've chosen to study, and I'm starting to have second thoughts. Up until now, I was set on human factors or a heavily applied cognitive program. I've spent two years working as an RA in two different human factors labs, and am doing an independent study in one of the labs. However, I'm starting to realize that I really like cognitive and human factors, but I don't know if I love cognitive and human factors. Going back a few years to when I was trying to figure out which area of psychology I was interested in, I came across a description of social psychology, and thought it was really interesting. However, 1.) I heard that getting into social programs is almost on par with getting into clinical programs in terms of competitiveness, and 2.) it's important to me to work in applied research that I know will have real world applications, and I was told a lot of social psych research is more basic in nature. Anywho, this semester I'm taking a course in social psychology for fun. Within the first week I've read the first few chapters and have fallen in love. There feels like a real CLICK, and I've never felt this way in the few years I've been studying cognitive and human factors. TLDR, I'm seriously considering changing what I want to go to graduate school for, and I'm trying to figure out how to go about it. I'm also trying to figure out if there are other areas of psychology that use social, kind of like how human factors uses cognitive. Does I/O use a lot of social? What does a competitive applicant of I/O or social psych look like? Since my only experience in research thus far has been in human factors, would anyone recommend a post-bacc? Any help would be great!
  5. Hello Everyone! I am looking to apply to grad school this fall for fall 2018 admission. My undergraduate GPA is terrible (2.85 overall, 3.1 major) but from a good school (Carnegie Mellon University) and I have a lot of research experience (3.5 years as an RA in undergrad, two independent projects, one with a classmate, two symposium presentations, and 1 year employed as an RA after graduation). I took the GRE and scored 160V/153Q/5W, but I plan to take it again to shoot for higher scores in verbal and especially quantitative so I'll at least have a great GRE score on my side. Since my GPA is so low, I was going to shoot for a master's programs this time around (Villanova, Wake Forest, and William and Mary are on my list currently), but I've had a few people tell me to go for a few PhD programs as well because of my research experience. Does anyone know of any mid-tier Social Psychology PhD programs that I should look into/might have a shot at? Thanks in advance! (Just fyi, I'm interested in romantic relationships, friendships, social support, and online interactions.)
  6. Someone created this last year and I thought it was a great idea to get different perspectives and see how others were coping with their rejections! I think it will be good for us to start one this year, and begin to decompress/start thinking of plan B (or C, or D, E.. etc) after rejections come trickling in. Use the following template if it helps! School: Area/Degree: Rationalization: Comment: Coping tactics:
  7. Hello! I was wondering if anyone here has applied to/heard back from the Psychology department at Brock University in St. Catharines, Ontario. I visited back in October and was told that their "graduate applicant day" is usually held at the end of January. Here we are in the middle of January and I have not yet received an invite (nor have I seen any posts about Brock). Getting nervous!
  8. Hey everyone, I have been looking at I/O programs for about a year. In my search, I ahve started coming across some Social/Organizational Psychology programs at places like NYU, Northern Illinois University, Temple University, and Columbia. Does anyone know the main differences between I/O and S/O? Is one more suited for academic vs. applied settings? Is one more prestigious than the other? Just trying to make sure I am exploring all of my options. Thanks!
  9. Hi fellow grad cafe users! I have a bit of a difficult decision coming up as to whether attend University of Utah or remain at my current program. Unfortunately I know very little about the psych program there or even Salt Lake City in general. I'm hoping some people can shed some light on it and give me their experiences of attending or living near there. In particular, I am concerned about the match between my current research and other graduate students/faculty. I study ingroup-outgroup processes and am very much focused towards continuing this line of interest. U of U seems to be heavily focused on health and clinical psychology, is this the impression others got? I want to be sure that I have outside resources besides my advisor (e.g. other students/faculty who are interested in similar concepts or can provide input on my projects). Additionally, if anyone is in the psychology graduate program I would love just general feelings and thoughts about the program! Thanks for reading
  10. So, I just received a notice for an interview at my top choice school. And, you might find it strange that it is my top choice, as it is a Social Psych. program whereas I primarily applied to Clinical/Counseling ones. However, I have a very specific niche in what research I want to pursue and no other choice comes close to this POI in relation to common interests. With this program, it has been stated that if they don't accept you for a PhD position, you may very well be accepted for an MS one. Now, who knows, I may be accepted for a PhD position. But, if not, is there merit to accepting the MS route? Again, I'd give my right arm to study under this professor, but I worry about what comes next after earning an MS. Of course, I'd be applying for PhD programs again. But, if I were to go another year through the application tango and not get accepted to a PhD program after earning an MS, what could my options be? (i.e. what sort of job could tide me over until the next round of PhD applications and, if I don't go the PhD route, are there occupations which would accept merely an MS in Social Psych?). Finally, could one with an MS in Social Psych realistically apply for Clinical Psych PhD programs? I ask this because my application has been stated as being excellent when asked to be evaluated by local clinicians and Clinical Psych professors, with the exception that my research experience is limited to a year conducting my honors research thesis as an undergrad (whereas my strengths lie in clinical experience and exposure to my population of interest). I may be hoping that I can have my cake and eat it too, but would working under my dream professor, even if they are social psych, fill in that weak spot in my application for Clinical Psych programs? I apologize for being all over the place with my inquiries, but thank you for the help!
  11. I had a quick question. About 3 weeks ago, I had an interview with my POI -- Virginia Commonwealth University, Social Psychology, PhD. I have not heard back since. During the phone interview, she told me that I should hear back about the on campus interview that next week. Would it be appropriate at this point to contact her? I just wanted to ask if I have been removed from the pool of possible students. I'm not sure if I'm just getting worked up too soon or not. Thanks!
  12. Just wondering if there are any social psych applicants out there! Where are people applying to?? I am applying to University of Washington Yale University of Toronto Harvard University of Michigan NYU University of Virginia Northeastern
  13. Has anyone heard anything from Stanford Social Psychology?
  14. Hi all, I applied to 5 schools: --University of Oregon (Developmental Psychology PhD) --University of Virginia (Developmental Psychology PhD) --University of Hawaii at Manoa (Social Psychology PhD) --Simon Fraser University (Social/Developmental Psychology PhD) --UC Davis (Social Psychology PhD) I'm wondering, has anyone heard back from these schools yet? I'm very nervous, and I've been stressing for a bit now. I'm also a little scared of my GRE score, which I've seen a lot about here. I do have a good GPA, have 5 years of research experience, had a GTF and GRF position at my current institution, worked at a local non-profit research firm, and have a Master's that will be completed in March of this year. Do you think my chances are good? Thanks everyone for listening!
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