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Found 10 results

  1. Anyone applying for a PhD in social work? What is your story?
  2. Forum for Fall 2019 MSW Applicants to UCLA!! Post questions about the applications, stats for yourself, or notify us when you hear something from UCLA!!
  3. Hello! I've been accepted to UCLA and wait listed at UC Berkeley for the Masters in Social Welfare program beginning this Fall. I am over the moon but also a bit at a crossroads. It seems that near everyone I speak to have a strong lean toward UCB and I wonder how much of it is due to name recognition and prestige over the program itself or the potential fit it might be. UCB is the main reason I began to apply to graduate programs, but UCLA seems like it would potentially be a better fit. I am deadset on UCLA but am WELL aware that I might be thrown for a loop if I am offered admission to UC Berkeley. Do any social workers here have feedback on what you believe are some of the strongest points of draw backs to these programs? I see a lot of positives and honestly, not much draw back aside from not having too much formal experience conducting research. Thank you!
  4. Good morning all, As I haven’t been able to find a thread for this cycle’s applications for PhDs yet, figured I would get one started so we could keep each other updated as decisions start coming out over the next few months. Background: 2nd cycle applying. Experience: 162 V, 154 Q, 4.5 AW; 3 years research experience ; 3 first-author publications, 1 second-author, 1 fourth-author, 4 publications in review; 11 invited conference sessions; 2 poster sessions. UG GPA: 3.96; Grad GPA: 4.0 Research focus: behavioral health disorders and recovery; tech and digital media as predictors of substance use disorders; linguistics and implicit bias towards substance use Where applying: UPenn SP2 (social welfare); USciences (health policy) Anyone else out there applying this cycle?
  5. Hi all, I will graduate in May with an MSW and my plan is to get my LMSW, secure a job, and start applying to PhD Social Work/Welfare programs for Fall 2019 entry. I wanted to get advice on how to strengthen my application and opinions on if I have a shot at getting in. My current MSW GPA is 3.75 from a public state university. I have an undergrad 3.09 cumulative GPA and a 3.79 major (Psychology) GPA; 2-3 years of clinical experience (including internships); no research experience or publications. I'm working on my personal statement and retaking the GRE. (My first-time GRE scores were 150V, 145Q, 4.0A but I didn't study much). I'm applying to 8-10 PhD programs (my top choices are Berkley, Penn, U of Chicago, Brandeis, & Columbia) and a few researched oriented Master's programs, like University of Oxford's MSc in Evidence Based Social Intervention and Policy Analysis. From doing a little research and reading previous threads - it appears that PhD Social Work/Welfare programs aren't as competitive as other fields, for example PhD Clinical Psychology programs, but are still difficult to get into. I don't know if its imposter syndrome at play here, but I'm worried that I wouldn't be a strong applicant for PhD programs, especially with my lack research experience. Any input would be much appreciated!
  6. HI all, I earned my master's in applied sociology a few years ago from BC. I'm currently thinking about returning to school for a PhD in Sociology with a focus on social welfare, poverty/homelessness, immigration and nationalism, race/class (SES/mobility), political sociology, and mixed methods. I've been working in research for about 6-8 years (in policy think tanks, program eval, and private industry). Any suggestions on sociology programs outside of the top 10 who are accepting of students with aspirations other than the ivory tower?? Thank you in advance!
  7. Hello, Have any of you pursued licensure while also working towards your doctorate? I'm beginning my PhD program next year, but I'd also like to keep working towards my clinical licensure. I'm just curious if anyone has managed to do this successfully....
  8. So I applied to Case Western, University at Buffalo, and University of Maryland Baltimore for FALL 2017. Has anyone heard anything from any of these schools?
  9. Ahhhhh I am spending too much time trying to figure out the latest day that is considered "early February" and hoping it somehow magically means this week and that this torture will end soon.... UW is the only school I applied to and this wait is oh so distracting.... I've read 6 pages of the project I'm working on since 10am and about a million posts in here and in other forums. Super productive, I know. Did anyone else apply to UW? Or was anyone else as silly as I was to pin all their hopes to one school?
  10. Does anyone have an opinion on SBU's phd program in social welfare? I know the official ranking, but that's only part of the story. How likely is it to get a good job? What's the program like? How does the name carry compared to others?
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