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Found 20 results

  1. Hello & Welcome! This thread is for anyone looking for information on the Doctorate in Social Work (DSW) Degree and/or those looking for support and insight into the application process! Below, you will see comments with information related to: · Why a DSW? · Current Programs · Current news on accreditation, etc. Please note, the users here do not represent any universities or programs and their opinions and insights are their own. This space is meant for support and insight. Please feel free to add any information you have found helpful! Best of luck!
  2. I have created a discord server to help philosophy students and graduates cope with quarantine. Join here: https://discord.gg/QRvH2By
  3. Hi all! As many of us may still be optimistically waiting to receive invitations to interviews, I was wondering if people could post the dates of interviews they know about for certain programs. This can help folks get an idea of if they're likely to be accepted or not. e.g. University of Utah - PhD in Psychology - 2/7/20
  4. I just really need to vent. So, I’m a second year grad student and uprooted my established life to be in a new city with no friends. With my last cohort, everyone was awesome, got along well, and very social with each other. You could basically see if people wanted to do something on any given day and you would definitely get a few people to hang out. I mistakenly thought this new cohort would be the same. It’s been a year now, and I feel horribly isolated and have no real friends locally. I’m a pretty social person and down for whatever, but nobody in my cohort really wants to hang out at all. It’s awful. Yeah, I get that people are busy, so am I. But over the course of a year, I have tried to get people together to hang out, drink, play games, you name it. Of all the times I’ve suggested stuff, I’ve managed to get people in my cohort to hang out ONE TIME. And I’ve made countless suggestions over the year. Maybe I suck? I haven’t developed enough rapport? I have no clue. But it’s awful. Has anyone experienced this with their department??? Please tell me I’m not alone I’m feeling this way. #feelinghellaisolatedandsad
  5. I’ve been offered spots at SFU’s masters resource management (for which I will apply to planning stream ) and to Waterloo MA Planning. considerations: - I am interested a diversity of social justice issues, including public health equity and Indigenous rights. I’ve focused a bit already on how environmental policy intersects with health and treaty rights - I have a background in community engagement and social sciences, I think I’m more interested in the social side of things -I want to eventually be back home in BC (been in ON for 5 years) - I’might want to go on to do a PhD, I like research but want also a professional perspective - supervisor at Waterloo has a health focus; supervisor at SFU is planner in environmental impact assessment and has experience in working with co-management - costs may be better at sfu because I can live with my parents What I’m hoping to know: - people’s experience and interests in the mrm program - outcomes of people working in environmental policy - general opinions on my situation. Very anxious about this decision because it means very different things for my future and don’t know which is better. Appreciate any insight!!
  6. I just moved across country to my new school. I'm an applied math PhD student, immediately straight from undergrad. I was very involved on-campus at my undergraduate institution. I'd really like to meet more people and be involved on-campus at my new school, too. I don't have a car this year, so I'm mostly interested in joining a few student clubs/orgs. It seems like the majority of them are guided/consist of undergrads. Is it normal for grad students to join clubs whose members are mostly undergrads? I know I still look like an undergrad (still 21 y/o), but wanted to know others' experiences with student clubs. I've been trying hard the past couple days to step out of my comfort zone and talk to more people, especially since I'm aware I'm more introverted. It's mostly been hit and miss, any interactions. I'm not an international student either, so I didn't get to attend international orientation/meet and greet session. I kind of feel like I'm not having much luck, but I'm hopeful things will get better when I meet my cohort and classes start. If anyone has any advice on this topic or experienced this, I'd love to hear it.
  7. Hey everyone! It's already October (.......), I graduated from the MSW at U of T in June 2017 and remember this forum being quite the comfort during application season given how obnoxiously anxiety inducing the process was. Feel free to post about the ins and outs of your process, it's important people have an outlet (#selfcare) and a social network. I'm rooting for ALL of you, if you have any questions just inbox me :D.
  8. I'm only a month into grad school, and my boyfriend of 3 years dumped me. I feel awful. How did / do you deal with relationships / breakups during grad school? Did it affect your work?
  9. Hello, everyone, I'm a couple years into my graduate education and would like to hear your thoughts about making friends vs. meeting colleagues in grad school. I guess the distinction I am making boils down to personal/ professional. So many people I have met have talked about how the friends they made in grad school were valuable friends for life, and this sounds great. But as most will acknowledge, there is a line between personal and professional that causes trouble when crossed. Some topics aren't appropriate to discuss with work colleagues (like other work colleagues, for a glaringly obvious example). For you, where is the line? Do you confide in your fellow grad students about grad school problems--classes, professors, advisors, exams, etc.? Or do you keep this line intact and only talk about this stuff with friends and family outside the "office" that is grad school? Thanks!
  10. Hi there, This is the first time I am ever using this site, so here I go. I'm planning to apply to about 7-10 graduate schools in hopes for a phd in social/personality psych. However, my gpa is a 3.40. I have about 2-3 years of experience in research on personality. I will take the gre in a month, and I'm pretty confident in my letters of rec and my statement. Can anyone give me a realistic opinion on my chances? I know I don't have a 3.8+ but I've heard that doesn't matter much as long as you've got a good application as a whole. However, I've also heard gpa is used to weed people out. help!
  11. Hi there, I am thinking about getting my Master's in Social Work in the near future. I have my mind set on becoming a Medical Social Worker and want to work in a hospital setting (With patients and their families). If there is anyone who is also going in the "medical social worker" career, please explain how your experience is so far? (ie: how are your classes?, what are you specializing in?, etc.) Also, I am looking into the University of Maryland, School of Social Work in Baltimore. I looked up the website and it states that there are many different specializations. I don't know which one is for me? And lastly, what is the difference between macro vs micro and clinical concentrations? (You do not have to answer ALL these questions but any type of feedback or advice would work. Your help is much appreciated! Thanks!)
  12. I want to conduct research on the psychological effects new technologies like smartphones and social media has on our creativity, education, social interactions, etc. Is there a program in which I can study the effects of new technology, since the psychological research on this topic seems so scant.
  13. Cafe-ers, cafites, and connoisseurs of quality conversation! Thought it might be interesting to create a space for folks interested in pursuing domestic policy jobs/research, particularly given the general conversation here in Government Affairs tends to lean IR. Come, introduce yourself, explore specific policy interests, what you're doing/looking forward to/worried about, or predict where you feel the field is headed under the Trump administration and beyond... For me, I'll be starting my MPP program at Duke in the fall, believe the United States is due for a serious re-tooling of government's organizational structure to reflect the third-industrial-revolution economy, and think state government and action-oriented think tanks are where most innovation will take place in the next decade-plus. What about you?
  14. So I applied to Case Western, University at Buffalo, and University of Maryland Baltimore for FALL 2017. Has anyone heard anything from any of these schools?
  15. Hi, Has anyone applied to any DSW (doctor of Social Work) programs this year? Did you have an interview? Did you get your admissions results yet? Why did you pick the DSW instead of the PhD? Thanks
  16. Hey guys! Today I received an offer to come for an interview from Southern Mississippi's counseling psychology program. I am super excited since I get to meet with my desired faculty member but is it strange that I'm already hearing back after I just submitted my application last week? How long do you guys think I should wait to reply so I don't seem too desperate? I wasn't expecting to hear back from any of the schools until January so I'm still a little in shock. I figured we could use this thread to hear where everyone is getting in and for any questions we may have about the interview process!
  17. So, my undergrad GPA is a 2.93 (Psychology & Spanish), however I have reasons for that (Undiagnosed medical condition as well as I had a friend commit suicide the day before finals). I have a section to write about those reasons so I'll take advantage of that. My grad GPA is a 3.7 and it's in Social Work, specialization Child Youth and Family Services. GRE scores are average at best: 156 Verbal, 153 Quant, and 4.5 Writing. I did both my undergrad and grad at the same school; I want to get a PhD in social work, and I'm applying to that school as well as 3-4 others. I guess I was just wondering some advice that you could give me? I have 4 people who have written me letters of rec (two professors, one supervisor, one research supervisor), and I've gone over my personal statement with the dean of the PhD department at my school (she's a past professor of mine). So yeah, I guess advice/chances please? The schools are UIUC, UIC, U of Chicago, and U of Loyola. Also: I do have 2 years of research experience from my undergrad, I do have my social work internship, and I am try trying to find work while I am waiting. I have also had my writing sample looked over my a professor I had, and I know some professors I'd like to work with. So yes, chance me/give me advice please? Thank you!
  18. I though I'd start a new topic for all those who (like me) want to apply for a social psychology PhD program for the fall of 2017. I am an international applicant, broadly interested in self-regulation, especially of emotions. I would love to chat with people who are in the same situation as me. Looking forward to meeting y'all
  19. Once you get into an MSW program, do you have to maintain a certain GPA in the last semester of your undergrad? I graduate this spring in May and I'm curious if there are any requirements to keep your acceptance.
  20. Hi! Has anyone heard from PDX Applied Social and Community? I tried searching through the Results Survey for some clue as to when I'd hear back, but there isn't a single thing. On the site it says March, but I'm getting anxious. Let me know please!!
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